Tyra Banks – TyTy is back on ANTM, baby. Tuesday’s at 8/7c on VH1! 💛
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I’m bringing back the legendary #TyOver’s, and these girls are giving me next level! Don’t miss @antmvh1 on Tuesday!
21.01.2018 09:40:53
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PROUD WOMAN, and I’m proud of all the women stepping into the light from the shadows. 💛✊🏽
20.01.2018 16:06:18
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Throwing back that Thursday… And those cornrows.
18.01.2018 21:22:24
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Just being a golden goddess on #ANTM last night.
Fierce dress by: @juliaclancey
That hair: @kiyahwright1
That makeup: @valentefrazierartistry
That stylist: @jstylela
17.01.2018 14:00:15
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Meet my 💛 beautiful 💛 final 15 girls before @antmvh1 tonight! (And check the return of the na-an-na’s!!! 🎶)
16.01.2018 19:33:25
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Throwin’ that side eye shade if you don’t watch @antmvh1 tonight!
16.01.2018 13:17:03
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We all get to dream because of YOU. And don’t worry #MLK, your dreams came true and will continue to come true. We will get through this, and the strength of your legacy will make sure of it!
15.01.2018 15:19:11
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Now this is what I call a good wig day!
#ANTM is all new tomorrow on @vh1!
15.01.2018 10:45:34
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‪To me, race is not a trend. My skin is not a trend; your skin is not a trend. We are who we are, so we should not go in and out of fashion. My booty, her booty, your booty, should not be cool today and cold tomorrow. It should just be. ‬#MySkinIsNotATrend
12.01.2018 16:51:21
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Sharing secrets with @j_corden! ✨Fierce look by @marcbouwer
12.01.2018 15:11:39
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Shine bright like gold, everywhere you go! ✨ #TyraOnCorden tonight.

Outfit: @marcbouwer
11.01.2018 21:41:52
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Light. Angle. Action. 💛 Maybe my fiercest look on #ANTM this week?
11.01.2018 13:29:50
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Bossy. Not b***hy. #ANTM
09.01.2018 21:19:41
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Before we even go on air, I want to thank all of my #tygers for watching @antmvh1 tonight! Y’all my babies and the definition of next level fierce! I 💛 ALL OF YOU! #ANTMtonight
09.01.2018 18:01:53
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Pointing at the LEGEND @hodakotb! Tomorrow you can point yourself at the TV and watch the season premiere of @antmvh1!
08.01.2018 18:35:18
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‪Bloop. We both give good gif. 💛 @neneleakes! So much fun at @bravowwhl!
08.01.2018 00:06:35
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From thick thighs, to next level fierce smize, what’s it take to survive?

#ANTMin2days on @vh1
07.01.2018 13:48:52
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Feels like I never left. You ready for Tuesday? #ANTMin3days
06.01.2018 08:00:39
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My friend TyTy has a show and she’s like the boss and stuff and she’s back. I think it’s a show about models and stuff but TyTy doesn’t just care about their pictures and stuff, she cares about who they are as people, too. I think it comes on this month like on January 9th and stuff on a network I think is called BH1 or maybe it’s with a V. But I heard it’s gonna be really good but maybe I should be for real with you and say I know it’s gonna be good because TyTy gave me sneak peek and stuff.
Ok. Bye Bye. 💛
05.01.2018 16:06:16
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These are the four that matter. Let’s go girls. #ANTMin5days on @vh1
04.01.2018 12:30:30