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This is the bottom line and ultimate betrayal of your friends, family, public officials, justice system and entire community.
Thank you to the very few of you who stand with us and are not afraid to use your voice to help seek justice and demand justice be served. If it were your child Iโ€™d do the same for you. #notallcopsaregood#untilithappenstoyou#metoo#justiceforzoey#rachaeldenhollander#metoomsu
21.01.2018 10:07:50
What a beautiful woman with such an amazing voice. She spoke for all of us when she said all of that & more.
The truth will set you free and bring on so much abundance. That's what it did for me- Speak it even if your voice shakes- Say it even if your afraid of what could happen. You need to live and BE your truth!
Serve yourself before you try and serve the world. Always have your cup so full at all times and whatever is overflowing can be for others๐Ÿ’š
Make time for yourself, connect with your inner knowing & do the things that scare you the most like standing in the face of whatever has disrespected you, hurt you, or doesn't sit right.

You HAVE to release that energy from you in order to rise and become stronger. It's not about keeping your feelings to yourself! Speak your truth! No apologizes. Women say sorry for everything, as long as your not dis honoring someone else, LADIES stop being sorry for everything... what about YOU!? Fuck hiding- Fuck being half ass- Fuck surface level- Fuck playing it safe- Fuck pleasing others- Fuck abusers- Fuck NOT being YOURSELF- FUCK holding back - Fuck staying quiet - Fuck the FAKE-

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08.01.2018 15:03:29
โ€œUntil it happens to you, you donโ€™t know how it feels.โ€ -Lady Gaga #gay #metoo #survivor #love #hope #peace #strength #ladygaga #gayboy #gayguy #gaymen #gays #gaytwink #gayguys #speakout #untilithappenstoyou #assault
29.12.2017 12:27:09
This is my truth, so screw it to whoever thinks these words, my words are ridiculous, #metoo #untilithappenstoyou #endrapeeducate
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If you feel inclined to share, know this #theoaktreeproject #courage
25.12.2017 00:22:54
Over the moon that my latest words are up on @herviewfromhome today! Check the link in my profile and I would love to hear your thoughts!
13.12.2017 17:09:05
When you're depressed but still festive ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜” #untilithappenstoyou #2year
08.12.2017 16:47:15
#wishfulwednesday ๐Ÿ˜” so a birthday withOut You (when at midnite u were the 1st to call me), a 1st thanksgiving without hearing you...(inviting me to go eat your moms delicious turkey) I would look at my ๐Ÿ“ฑ wishing your picture would come on screen just to hear you... but hate the reality that it wasnt gonna happen... I couldnt even mention your name during those days... how i MISS YOU only my Heart & my thoughts know๐Ÿ’” ๐Ÿ˜ข #iwillnevergetoveryou #quelloroporti #shewasindipensable #tilwemeetagain #icantwaittohugyouagain #cryisallicando #theressomuchiwishicouldtellyou #tumehacestantafalta #youdontknowhowitfeels #untilithappenstoyou #alovedonesdeathisnojoke
06.12.2017 21:38:04
When I woke this morning and realized that the "Silence Breakers" were named Person of the Year 2017, I was amazed and ecstatic. Sexual assault and sexual harassment are topics that need to be talked about and brought to light. Far too many people are victims of this and yet, the topic is typically considered taboo, brushed under the rug, and people are silenced.

In early 2013, I was assaulted by someone I thought I could trust. I was blindsided; I didn't see it coming. I was humiliated and terrified but I was more scared of how I would be viewed so I kept silent. The months following were some of my darkest. I experienced depression. Getting out of bed for class/work, plastering a smile on my face, and pretending I was okay was torture. I kept myself busy and then retreated to my apartment and isolated myself. I pushed people away because I didn't know how to talk about my experience. It was months before I could even begin to talk about it and even today, I still have trouble. It's easy to say what you would or wouldn't do in that situation but until it happens to you, you don't really know what you would do. It changes your perspective on many things.

The fact that this is such a rampant issue in society today is horrifying but it's empowering and encouraging to see the men and women come forward and tell their stories and to realize we're not all alone. I hope the awareness of this topic and the people coming forward can bring change. We need to end sexual assault and harassment.
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06.12.2017 12:25:17
I love to dance and skate so let's put them together :)! #skate #rollerskating #moxi #dance #dancing #untilithappenstoyou #love #life #practicing
03.12.2017 21:29:42
I saw this post and wanted to address it without associating it with the person

The numerous claims that have just come to light and are flooding the media, interrupting your daily entertainment and lives are NOTHING compared to actual cases. The majority of #SexualAssault cases go unreported.
Prepare yourselves, it's just getting started. And I am HERE for the #MeToo male campaign about to pop off!! Prayerfully what is taking place now empowers EVERY woman, man and child to find the strength to exercise their voice and be counted amongst the HUMAN BEINGS that have been violated.

What if someone questioned the validity of YOUR mother, wife, daughter, sister? #UntilItHappensToYou or hits your household/bloodline is it not news/attention worthy?

Issuing a statement through your team of IM SORRY IF ..NOW LETS MOVE ON- is not enough

People who knew abt it are #AccessoriesToTheCrime ( #Sandusky) they are just as GUILTY for not reporting it in some way.
I'm here for this all day! #kNOwMore #OBR #OneBillionRising #LetYourLightShine #BreachTheSecret
29.11.2017 10:29:00
People can be so confused at times, just give them a taste of their own medicine, be patient. #tablesturn #rememberthat #tasteyourownmedicine #youwillneverunderstand #untilithappenstoyou
24.11.2017 18:39:41
This man went to file a report about sexual assault to the police. Idk him (apparently he's a celebrity). But I found the fact that reporter asked asked him questions right after he filed a report disturbing. The man was probably drained after having to file a report and this is something he deserved privacy on. What mainly got to me though was the caption and comments. They're evidence and examples of rape culture in our society. Whether the caption meant to or not, it makes it sound like either a man can't get raped, or it should be shocking when he is. This is part of the reason men don't come forward. It makes rape in general sound like something that only happens to weak people and re- enforces the idea that women are weak: "not only women and children but!" The comments come from a place of ignorance, but that doesn't mean they aren't hurtful to victims. Some claim it couldn't happen to a man and others talk about how they would have fought back. It didn't happen to them now did it? So I guess you wouldn't know. Others asked why he waited so long to come forward if it happened? Comments like these are probably a big factor. #rapecutlure #victimofthesystem #consentculture #endrapeculture #creatingconsentculture #untilithappenstoyou
10.11.2017 23:07:39