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Hola.... I am all set for my maiden Tata Marathon. Never in my dream did I ever think I will ever run this Marathon. All credit to my wife, mom and my son:) #tmm #tmm2018 #tatamarathon #mumbai #2018 #2018goals #running #fitness #run #marathon #fitfam #justrun #marathontraining #runners #runnersofinstagram #marathoner #instarunners #runnerfriends #creative #runningman
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Yeni, güzel panolar 🤗🤗🤗
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Interior goals 💒 @frankspeckham #InteriorPhotography
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Whoa...Teach us your ways, @kayceericeofficial! 🔥🔥🔥😍😩
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After having some conversations this week with clients frustrated at not being where they wanted to be yet, in terms of success. Here’s what I know or sure: 💕 You are a beautiful work in progress. You are always evolving and so is your message: so take the time to shift, grow and be OK with working on this all the time. 💕 There is no such thing as overnight success. Show up every single day in some capacity (social, email, fostering relationships, sharing your message, etc.) and have a marketing strategy that works solely for YOU (not anyone else). 💕 Clients come from the most unusual places. Do you ever find that? It’s not that amazing pitch you crafted or sales page you worked on until 2am (although yes, you also need to have these things in place too!). It’s a random conversation, a message you just wanted to share or an impromptu livestream that you did. 💕 You need to simplify it. Make it easy - not only for your customers to find your offers (this is crucial!) but also for you to automate areas of your business so you can focus on, and in, your area of expertise.
In the Media Darling Membership we cover everything above👆: writing amazing sales pages, automating areas of your business, Uber confidence building, having an amazing community who have got your back, creating a bespoke social media strategy that works for you only, nailing your message, optimising your online presence, learning how to marry up social and Email to grow fast, how to feature in the media and how to show up daily to get consistent clients.

Because it’s all about working on your business, daily.

If you want to know more, check out the link in bio (and for you chance to win a FREE month join the FB community 👆!) @media.darling
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I.D.S.C. - Istituto Cardinal Callegari - Padova - 2003
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Sabato 20 Gennaio riapre finalmente il Cinema Fulgor, tanto caro a Federico Fellini.
I nuovi interni sono opera dello scenografo italiano e premio Oscar Dante Ferretti e sono valsi persino una entusiasta segnalazione da parte del The New York Times che ha inserito il Fulgor tra le mete da non perdere per il turismo nel 2018.
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Luster is a company that provides unique high-tech experiences that will bring your party or event to a whole new level! Check out their Flip-Disc Mosaic Display Hashtag Mosaics at luster.cc⠀

#Luster #HashtagPrinter #WeLoveSmall
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Pirate themed painting this afternoon! Lots of pirate stamps! 💀 #painting #pirates #fun #activities #creative #playtime
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