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⭐️HERO⭐️ N. Fork Matilija Creek, Wheeler Gorge, Ojai, Ca. Thomas Fire 🔥 fighter/survivor. #redemption #renewal #thomasfire #gandydancer #photoart #toddgriese #gandydancerpress #trees #spirituallines #life #peace #love
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Divine Remedy Presents....
(Gifted Empirical Master Spiritualist)

WEEKLY WORKSHOP!!! An experience for those looking to acquire tools that will help you on a journey of mindfulness, awareness and helping you to discover your hidden💎G.E.M.S💎

Hosted by: @tha_peaceofmind & @colinechelle

We will be offering our
"Harmonic Healing" Package %50 off for those who attend the monthly "Bonding by the Bonfire. The package includes: ☀Near Infared Therapy which is one of the most effective ways to naturally detox and increase blood circulation throughout the body releasing blockages! 🙏Guided Meditations to help bring our clients to a centered and balanced state, alleviating the mind of stresses and increasing mental clarity and focus. 🙌Chakra balancing which works to identify various chakras in the body that are not fully operational so that we may help to heal traumas related to those areas and increase the vibrancy and energy within. 💎Crystal Healing - We help you identify the crystals that will aid in alleviating traumas and bringing forth the healing powers within these various stones so that you may elevate your consciousness and raise your vibrational frequency. 🔊Sound Therapy - We use various sound frequencies to help clear the aura of negative energy and bring negative traumas to the surface so they can be healed and resolved. 👌Kundalini Yoga which incorporates specific movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. 😇Reiki Healing is a light touch method that reduces stress, removes negative build up of energy, relaxes the body and increases the natural healing ability throughout entire body.

Join us now and live the life fit for a King and Queen! 👑🌟👑 Photo by: @tha_peaceofmind
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Sống thành thật và hết lòng thì chẳng hối tiếc gì cả. Hãy bên những người mình yêu thật nhiều, dành thời gian cho họ và yêu thương họ
Sẽ tốt ổn cả thôi vì mỗi người đều có trái tim để biết để cảm nhận mà
Sẽ ổn thôi!
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