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#MercedesBenz 🇩🇪, the luxury unit of #Daimler AG , recently learned the price of...
#MercedesBenz 🇩🇪, the luxury unit of #Daimler AG , recently learned the price of crossing #Beijing. Earlier this month the #German car maker was attacked by state media after posting an anodyne #DalaiLama quote on Instagram. The company quickly and abjectly apologized to the #Chinese government. It then went further, promising “no support, assistance, aid or help to anyone who intentionally subverts or attempts to subvert China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” This public humiliation has prompted many companies to ask: How much is it worth to stay in #China’s markets? Gone are the days when China bided its time, as counseled by #DengXiaoping. In exchange for continued access to Chinese markets, Beijing increasingly expects Western companies to engage in self-censorship, accept government control over information, and even punish their own workers for offending China. Few companies have been willing to stand up for themselves when singled out. In January the American hotel giant #Marriott 🇺🇸 caved in to pressure and temporarily shut down its websites in China. Its offense? An online questionnaire listed #Tibet,#Taiwan,#Macau and #HongKong as independent countries. After changing the website, the company’s CEO publicly stated that Marriott “respects and supports Chinese sovereignty and its territorial integrity.” Delta Air Lines , Qantas, Zara and Audi are also fellow travelers in China’s geopolitical strategy. Perhaps most concerning, China has taken a particular interest in changing the fundamental way Western technology companies function. #Facebook , banned in China since 2009, has worked on a “targeted censorship” tool during its bid to re-enter the country. Apple recently agreed to a partnership with a Chinese internet service company after new laws required it, and Apple said it will move Chinese user data from the U.S. to China. Apple says it will comply with legally valid requests for user data from the Chinese government when it has access to the data, as it does in the U.S. Some Western corporate leaders argue that running away from China makes no sense. “We believe in engaging with governments even when we disagree,” #Apple CEO.
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