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Still catching up on holiday cards and found this one from @LandonWexler! He’s a journalism student at @SyracuseU so we sent him an #RSDistinction suit to help with his broadcasting game. Glad you like it buddy – the @SeacrestStyle and @Macys teams are always happy to help :)
17.01.2018 17:00:02
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Happy bday to one of the most thoughtful and inspiring people I had the pleasure of meeting, @MichelleObama!
17.01.2018 14:02:26
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@Ricky_Martin twice in one week! Good to see you bro - can’t wait to watch you on #ACSVersace.
17.01.2018 12:29:10
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Worked out using dish towels and paper plates because apparently abs are made in the kitchen. #kellyandryan
17.01.2018 10:45:55
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In a surprising twist... #googleartsandculture
16.01.2018 10:03:38
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Throwing it way back to 2013 when @RyanFoundation ambassador @SelenaGomez made a surprise visit to @LevineChildrens! Her encouraging thought of the day was, “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen and maybe it will.” #SeacrestStudios
11.01.2018 16:37:59
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Congrats on the baby boy and girl @Sisanie and Michael! As the bet winner, Tio Ryan is excused from confetti clean-up.
10.01.2018 10:56:57
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Dim the lights...here we go. #AmericanIdol premieres Sunday, March 11 on ABC!
08.01.2018 19:52:23
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Two Georgia boys reppin’ @georgiafootball from @AmericanIdol press day. Good luck tonight! #GoDawgs #SicEm
08.01.2018 19:21:39
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Another #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet in the books. Thanks for tuning in!
07.01.2018 20:56:18
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And that’s a wrap - thanks to the @SeacrestStyle team for the custom #RSDistinction tux! @macys #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 20:07:45
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The last time I saw @mariahcarey she was hitting the high notes in low temps. Good luck tonight dahling :) #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 19:32:57
The host with the most. Good luck tonight @sethmeyers! #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 19:22:55
@justintimberlake is bringing hot change back #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 19:04:32
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Hey @nickjonas! Long time - haven’t seen you since last year. #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 18:53:39
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Meryl Streep and her special guest Ai-jen Poo, the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Your #TimesUp voices are being heard tonight. #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 18:43:46
That moment when @kellyclarkson sees Meryl Streep and freaks out. Good to see you KC :) #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet
07.01.2018 18:20:31
#GoldenGlobes essentials.
07.01.2018 17:49:29
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Last minute cram sesh before we’re live from the #ERedCarpet at 6p ET / 3p PT! #GoldenGlobes
07.01.2018 17:23:35