Mike Shinoda – Linkin Park, Fort Minor. Snapchat: MikeShinodaLive
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So fun hanging with @mrjoehahn at the mall. What do you guys think of my new hair color?
17.01.2018 20:15:16
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I made less than a dozen of these shirts for friends and I to wear while we were on tour last year. Happy MLK Day. Stand up for what you believe in.
15.01.2018 17:59:41
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What a show. If you’re in L.A, go see @intoactionus. To see some of the art, check my Instagram story.
13.01.2018 01:07:34
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As tempting as it is to post #Fuck2017 and leave it at that, I realized what a cop-out that would be for me. It’s weird to think back and say: “yep, that was unquestionably the worst year of my life.” We teach our kids: it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. If we lose, we focus on our love of playing. We ask ourselves what we can do better next time. And if we’re really doing it right, we honor the winners—even if we lose.

For all my friends who had a great year—congrats, and all my love. I sincerely hope next year is even better.

Looking past the obvious tragedies in my own life, this year wasn’t without things to be grateful for. We made lots of new friends. We finished and released a self-produced album that I love—our 5th album to debut at #1 on the Billboard top 200. We played a lot of great shows. I had countless warm and unforgettable moments with my wife, children, and friends. In the streets and online, I watched a great upswell of fellow minorities and “outsiders”—people who demanded to be heard, whose actions I hope only build over time.
And yes, 2017 was the worst. But I play for the love of playing. Let’s go up from here. I can’t say I won’t fall down, lose, or make mistakes. My only responsibility is to get back up, work harder, and try again.

Have a fun and safe night. See you tomorrow.

31.12.2017 20:50:23
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Strange and sometimes inspiring times we live in, folks. @annashinoda and I were driving home and saw this in the sky: @SpaceX #Falcon9 rocket launch—with 10 satellites as cargo. Beautiful show, @elonmusk
23.12.2017 00:09:13
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You requested, I’ll be there. LIVE Tomorrow at 12:30 PST press play on our new album #OneMoreLightLive and we’ll listen to it together, live on instagram. Watch my profile at that time for the live link.
14.12.2017 22:29:54
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13.12.2017 19:39:28
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Look what I found in my jacket pocket.
12.12.2017 15:25:53
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Oh hey, didn’t see you there.
06.12.2017 22:30:50
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New customs. 1 of 1 // @Vans X Mike Shinoda and kids.
04.12.2017 01:36:50
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Back home tomorrow; back to work and back to reality. Gotta get some sleep, I’ll be driving about 7 hours. It’s been a much-needed break. Grateful for my family and friends—from the beach to the snow and back again ❤️🙏🏽🍁🍻🍗❄️🌈🤙🏽
26.11.2017 01:29:07
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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃❤️
23.11.2017 22:02:05
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Dudes fishing. #HappyThanksgiving
22.11.2017 17:43:56
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Had an epic Instagram Story tonight—almost dodged security and made it through the show. Oh well. More importantly, thank you to the fans for this award. We love you too. #MakeChesterProud #TwoDudesWithNoSocialMedia @amas #amas2017
19.11.2017 22:59:02
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This is so important.
14.11.2017 20:54:04
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Happy Birthday (again) @annashinoda
12.11.2017 03:58:45
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Work by @takashipom brings me a lot of joy, you guys. #complexcon
04.11.2017 21:38:19
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Twitter just reposted their rules--ICYMI, you can confidentially report a user who is posting about self harm, and Twitter will reach out to the user with help.
Maybe not for use with a close friend (you probably want to reach out to that person directly), but more useful for someone you don't know but are concerned about.

Of course, this isn't going to "solve" the problems of self harm, depression, or suicide. But it's good to know there are options out there.
#fuckdepression #makechesterproud
03.11.2017 12:46:55
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I can't believe last night even happened. I feel like I got hit by a car, but it was worth it. 😂😭😷#MakeChesterProud (Photos by Randall Michelson) Link to the whole show in my bio.
30.10.2017 22:06:02
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For all the things you saw onstage, there were a plethora of complexities at work to make them happen. Our crew is incredible, and when I say "Linkin Park Family," they are some of the people I'm talking about.

Our production manager Jim and I were saying that the linchpin in the show--the guy who helped hold everything together on the stage that night--was our monitor engineer, Kevin (aka Tater). He's the guy that made sure each artist could hear themselves and each other, that every mic on every drum, every guitar, every voice was there when you needed it, that each artist could just focus on what they needed to do. With three dozen artists coming on and off stage, that is no easy feat. We love you, Tater! MVP! ❤️🔥🙏🏽🤘🏽
30.10.2017 13:55:36