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So this is happening πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ see you this summer with @falloutboy. Dates TBA!
19.01.2018 13:07:52
Alternative rock lovers, don't get all broken up over @DisashiSoul's new song "Breaking Slow". πŸ’”πŸ˜­ Watch the lyric video at DisashiSoul.com/music (link in @DisashiSoul's bio)
05.07.2017 14:16:37
40 seconds of Gym Class! At The Disco #deathofabachelor #cover #panicatthedisco
19.02.2017 18:01:09
"Psycho Crazy" ! Watch the video for @DisashiSoul's freestyle over Jay-Z' s "Picasso Baby" NOW at GymClassHeroes.com #SnapChatVeteran
22.11.2016 12:52:49
Take a summer trip on @DisashiSoul's new video for "Scarborough Fair" - YouTube.com/DisashiSoul - Watch the video and subscribe!
20.07.2016 13:00:14
Happy 4th Of July! Express your FREEDOM today by rocking out to @DisashiSoul 's new single "Take It Or Leave It" by 1983 - Get your copy at 1983music.bandcamp.com
And keep rockin' all summer!
04.07.2015 14:59:10
@TravieMcCoy just dropped his latest single "Golden (feat. Sia)" and it's FRESH! Go listen to it on traviemccoy.com and keep an eye on your boy, new music/album coming from him soon. Grab it on iTunes or listen on Spotify
15.06.2015 11:21:34
Travie just did a little freestyle over @iamtovelo's β€œHabits”! Check it out on @Complex (link at www.traviemccoy.com)
28.01.2015 12:54:22
It's here! Everyone kick off your holiday season with @DisashiSoul's brand new video for "3 In The Morning" YouTube.com/NewSchoolVideos
And have a happy Thanksgiving!
27.11.2014 11:44:47
Facelift for the fam! Decaydance Records is now @DCD2Records and @newpoliticsrock & @lolomusic have been added to the roster. Everyone go checkout their music, especially LOLO's fresh new video for her single "Hit and Run" on @rollingstone!
12.06.2014 12:08:57
Everyone go check out @Travielazarus' new song "Keep On Keeping On" featuring our friend @BrendonUrie from @PanicAtTheDisco! The video is premiering now on Idolator. When you're done watching, grab it on iTunes.
24.03.2014 10:34:13
Keep your ears open on 9/9 at 9am EST, there's a new @travielazarus song featuring Jason Mraz called "Rough Water" coming your way on On Air with Ryan Seacrest and iTunes!
06.09.2013 13:24:20
Follow your boys!
14.12.2012 04:16:18
Doing musics with our longtime friend & engineer & producer, Doug White @watchmenstudios.
05.12.2012 21:11:39
Yokosuka, Japan! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
21.08.2012 17:55:39
Tokyo, Japan! #summersonic2012
19.08.2012 01:51:28
Osaka, Japan! #summersonic2012
19.08.2012 01:49:38
Quezon City - Manila, Philippines πŸ’“
16.08.2012 10:52:16
These photos and more mattmcginley.tumblr.com
16.08.2012 07:31:24
Seoul, South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡·
14.08.2012 13:50:06