Armen Abdalian – Dad rock and stogies
"You can't look at the glass half full or half empty if it's overflowing." #inspiration #freewill #indeterminism
21.05.2014 23:17:53
I don't care how essential Yanni is, I'm not gonna drop $17.99. #Lo-Fi Filter #No jokes about irony please
03.01.2014 00:36:41
Ees a wittle baybee
09.07.2013 00:17:55
And she does have one.
10.06.2013 12:23:28
"First Come, First Served."
07.05.2013 00:55:21
Unfortunate Circumstances. New Fragrance Josh Alcalde. #FeelTheBurn #YouBurninYet?
29.04.2013 00:44:13
I accidentally see Guy Pearce.
20.04.2013 22:05:48
This man has the largest forehead I've ever seen.
@TheAbyss @HarnessThePowerWithin.
14.04.2013 22:07:47
My name is Armen and I'll be auditioning for the role of Jeff Buckley and/or Edward Furlong from Terminator 2.

I need a haircut.
09.04.2013 16:08:25
Too chill @smurf
04.04.2013 15:08:32
Rogerrrr @gracersssss
01.04.2013 19:30:04
I have so many questions in regards to this picture. Wait, what's her secret? Is that mullet natural? That's quite literally the most impossible sweater vest I've ever seen. I sincerely hope she was a stand-in for Growing Pains. @theoreticalmullets
28.03.2013 19:41:48
Look at that glorious face
25.03.2013 21:28:21
"Excuse me sir, this.....this is Thanks." - Winston Churchill
25.03.2013 00:01:25
Tortas is the most unapologetically nostalgic place. @Tortas
15.03.2013 23:40:36
Been on my shelf for years. Better late then never. #catch-22
11.03.2013 13:01:58
My grandpa sculpted Obama out of clay while watching CNN.....
07.03.2013 17:17:17
Currently reading
07.03.2013 14:25:38