There wasn't a wet nose, wagging tail, or puppy kisses to greet me when I got home.... dang, saying goodbye is so freaking hard!!!! I thought doing a ... - Shana Bartling (@fitnesswife_glutenfreelife)

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Mr Hudson (@mrhudsonexplores)
mrhudsonexplores23.10.2017 20:27:49


Christine Newell (@muggs_momma)
muggs_momma23.10.2017 21:05:10

Cried for 3 days solid when we had to put our Rottweiler down. Just let the tears flow.

Shana Bartling (@fitnesswife_glutenfreelife)
fitnesswife_glutenfreelife24.10.2017 10:41:10

@muggs_momma  it is just so hard! Every time I walk in the door, I expect to see him.

Christine Newell (@muggs_momma)
muggs_momma24.10.2017 19:31:28

@fitnesswife_glutenfreelife  wish I could hug you. Will a digital hug help?