⏪ Rewind 23 years... @mclaren unveiled a radical “pin nose” and “mini wing” for the 1995 season - its first car to be powered by a Mercedes engine. He... - FORMULA 1® (@f1)

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Jurjanbeenen (@jurjanb)
jurjanb13.02.2018 09:07:50


Jurjanbeenen (@jurjanb)
jurjanb13.02.2018 09:07:55


☣Rohit Damle☣ (@karizma8055)
karizma805513.02.2018 09:07:56

1st viewer

agu (@agu_jaque)
agu_jaque13.02.2018 09:08:05


j_emaviwe13.02.2018 09:08:15

T wing

😱😱 (@_eth_palmz_)
_eth_palmz_13.02.2018 09:08:48

Atleast thats better than the 'X wing'

Amaan Purewal (@amaanpurewal)
amaanpurewal13.02.2018 09:08:53

💪💪 let's race on

Stories Dicas/Tips📲CeliStories (@celisfabricia)
celisfabricia13.02.2018 09:10:55


Franco pantu (@franco_pantu)
franco_pantu13.02.2018 09:12:09

Y el Mercedes de Fangio no era un f1???

Perceval Wolff (@perceval.wolff)
perceval.wolff13.02.2018 09:13:02

so cute! XD

Frederico Cavalcante:. (@frger1)
frger113.02.2018 09:15:30

@franco_pantu  First McLaren powered by Mercedes

Frederico Cavalcante:. (@frger1)
frger113.02.2018 09:15:51

Mansell didnt fit in

Sergio Luis Rodrigues Alves (@sergio.ra1)
sergio.ra113.02.2018 09:17:04

Who was the driver in this pict?

private_rx2 (@private_rx2)
private_rx213.02.2018 09:17:45


sean_phillips6713.02.2018 09:18:24


Kalle (@kalle.engstrom)
kalle.engstrom13.02.2018 09:19:29

@sergio.ra1  Looks like Jan Magnussen🇩🇰

Zoltan Inkeller (@zoltan.23)
zoltan.2313.02.2018 09:23:52

@sergio.ra1  Jan Magnussen

Zoltan Inkeller (@zoltan.23)
zoltan.2313.02.2018 09:24:41

@kalle.engstrom  yes you were right :)

Maik Spudich (@spudima)
spudima13.02.2018 09:26:23

Sauber already had Mercedes engine in 93 and 94

Lee Miles (@milesy_7)
milesy_713.02.2018 09:26:46

Can't believe we weren't competitive with that fridge freezer attached to the front @leepickeringpt 

Lee Pickering - Lift with LP (@leepickeringpt)
leepickeringpt13.02.2018 09:34:14

@milesy_7  wasn't Blundell behind the wheel too? 😂😂

Tegar Hidayatullah (@tegar_hidayatullah)
tegar_hidayatullah13.02.2018 09:34:18

And another victorious years started from that time until 2013

Carlos Ferreira (@carlos_ferre1ra)
carlos_ferre1ra13.02.2018 09:34:24

That car was ugly like 10 people with scythes fighting each other at the exact place and time of a collision between 2 trains.

Chris Waters (@c_wat3rs)
c_wat3rs13.02.2018 09:34:47

This is what F1 was all about, innovative and surprising designs that didn't have to be approved or declined, to show which manufacture was at the top

Il numero uno dei numeri uno (@iln.1dein.1)
iln.1dein.113.02.2018 09:36:06

bella macchina

TJ (@tjglendinho)
tjglendinho13.02.2018 09:36:32

The minardi behind was a beauty

Sravan Eettisseri (@sravan_eettisseri)
sravan_eettisseri13.02.2018 09:38:02

hid e ous

Scratch & Sniff Panties (@_mujun)
_mujun13.02.2018 09:39:15

the mini wing...ITS SO CUTE

Chris Gleason (@glease1)
glease113.02.2018 09:46:27

Miss those colours

Clécio Oliveira (@cleciooliveira9)
cleciooliveira913.02.2018 09:54:12

Who's driver on board ?

Guilherme Puerari (@guilherme.pjesus)
guilherme.pjesus13.02.2018 09:55:17

@spudima  first McLaren powered mercedes

Frank Tezza Vieira (@franktezza)
franktezza13.02.2018 09:56:53

Saudade dessa McLaren

Jordan Pearce (@jordanpearce1992)
jordanpearce199213.02.2018 09:59:12

Remember grid girls?

Angelo (@angelodagloria)
angelodagloria13.02.2018 10:00:01

@cleciooliveira9  Jan Magnussen

Alber Cerqueira (@albercerqueira)
albercerqueira13.02.2018 10:00:29

Lindo carro !!!

Alexander Mejias (@jander1291)
jander129113.02.2018 10:04:32

@angelodagloria  aint berger. He was with ferrari since 1993. That should be Mark Blundel or Nigel Mansell i cant really tell. Denis firmed Nigel for that season but the car was already made and he doesnt fitted in it.

mArv (@marvalcao17)
marvalcao1713.02.2018 10:08:32

@tegar_hidayatullah  no, since 1997

Kevin Williams (@kevin_wishiam)
kevin_wishiam13.02.2018 10:08:44

@jordanpearce1992  No, because I watch F1 for the racing, not the shallow adverts

Ayrton Senna Live (@ayrtonsennalive)
ayrtonsennalive13.02.2018 10:10:58


AirStriker (@therealairstriker)
therealairstriker13.02.2018 10:11:46

Which engines did McLaren use in 93' and 94'?

Nikolai Hartmann (@nikolai.hartmann)
nikolai.hartmann13.02.2018 10:17:45

@therealairstriker  A Ford V8 in '93 and a Peugeot V10 in '94.

Gary Campbell (@gary.campbell.16718)
gary.campbell.1671813.02.2018 10:17:57

Blundell replaced mansell to team up with Mika the flying fin

Franz J Reck (@franzreck)
franzreck13.02.2018 10:20:40

That was the year that Nigel couldn’t fit in the car when it was first developed....

#IA32 (@ivan_aguirre_32)
ivan_aguirre_3213.02.2018 10:21:47

A T-Wing!

Erick Mata (@mataerick)
mataerick13.02.2018 10:25:02

Olha que foda @rodrigo_mata__ 

David Tapia (@_.davidtapia._)
_.davidtapia._13.02.2018 10:27:14

Que empiece esto ya...🙏🙏

Formula 1 (@formeme_1)
formeme_113.02.2018 10:27:55

@ivan_aguirre_32  they used it before it was cool

Tobi (@der_wahre_tobi)
der_wahre_tobi13.02.2018 10:27:56

Begin of long success Story

M • A • T • T (@mattxiri)
mattxiri13.02.2018 10:33:12

Almost like it serves the purpose of t-wing. Cool

Popo Hartono (@hartonopopo)
hartonopopo13.02.2018 10:33:37

👈👈👈👈 Furniture

Jonathan Yim (@jonyim94)
jonyim9413.02.2018 10:34:13

Using T wings before it was cool

🇳🇱 Stephan Van Lunenburg 🚴 (@the_glenn_newland)
the_glenn_newland13.02.2018 10:34:54

about new F1 designes. NEW LOGO STILL SUCKS !!

Daniel Toar (@arnhein_toar)
arnhein_toar13.02.2018 10:46:00

the og t-wing

Erik Magnussen (@erikmagnussen64)
erikmagnussen6413.02.2018 10:48:00

So Nice memory❤️

mike_nice80 (@mike_nice80)
mike_nice8013.02.2018 10:50:22

Formula 1 needs to go back in time and remember where it came from

Hedley Thorne (@thorneh504)
thorneh50413.02.2018 10:56:41

Complex front wing design haha

André Ropelato (@andreropelatoz)
andreropelatoz13.02.2018 10:58:37

Bom tempos em que a F1 ERA legal

Patitah (@patiitah_reloaded)
patiitah_reloaded13.02.2018 11:13:40


Davide (@zolf_)
zolf_13.02.2018 11:16:07

Most iconic car of the 90s, in my opinion. Last Mansell's seat too.

Tóth Máté 🇭🇺 (@tothmate99)
tothmate9913.02.2018 11:16:40

@therealairstriker  In '93 they use a Ford V8 . In '94 a V10 Peugeot

Lucas Jeha (@lucasjeha)
lucasjeha13.02.2018 11:28:02

Bring back tobacco sponsors!

Víctor Rodriguez ™ (@vic.rodrgz__)
vic.rodrgz__13.02.2018 11:30:16

charlieeee @carlos_152502 

McLaren 675LT FTW!!!! (@675lt_ftw)
675lt_ftw13.02.2018 11:34:41

The first t-wing??

🎬YouTuber🎥 (@gs_bond_art_)
gs_bond_art_13.02.2018 11:36:18

😏Magnífic perfect 👏👏👏👏👍

Carlos (@carlos_152502)
carlos_15250213.02.2018 11:43:21

@vic.rodrgz__  Kepassssssa

Víctor Rodriguez ™ (@vic.rodrgz__)
vic.rodrgz__13.02.2018 11:47:40


Carlos (@carlos_152502)
carlos_15250213.02.2018 11:47:59

@vic.rodrgz__  Siiii Corre

Víctor Rodriguez ™ (@vic.rodrgz__)
vic.rodrgz__13.02.2018 11:49:02

va , voy @carlos_152502 

Rick Nelson (@randomrick)
randomrick13.02.2018 11:50:30

@mark_blundell_f1  was this bitch fun to drive

ricardocau_76 (@ricardocau_76)
ricardocau_7613.02.2018 12:00:38

Beautiful McLaren!!!

Bruno Oliveira (@bruno.oliveira.enc)
bruno.oliveira.enc13.02.2018 12:17:33


Chris Frays (@chrisfrays)
chrisfrays13.02.2018 12:23:34

Totally loved this double wings! 💯💯💯🏁🏁🏁

Chris Frays (@chrisfrays)
chrisfrays13.02.2018 12:23:50

@zolf_  true that! It was epic.

😎 (@x_maxi.mus)
x_maxi.mus13.02.2018 12:37:40

do u really have to show that cigarette brands.. it's disgusting

Sándor Mészáros (@mesa155)
mesa15513.02.2018 12:38:44

It was a crap car

Sándor Mészáros (@mesa155)
mesa15513.02.2018 12:40:55

@x_maxi.mus  Better than watching black western hero cowboys which is a simple lie. Some people deny their history and try to put their head to sand

M Raihan Syaqeelang (@mraihansyqlng)
mraihansyqlng13.02.2018 12:48:48

@x_maxi.mus  the livery its nice by the way

😎 (@x_maxi.mus)
x_maxi.mus13.02.2018 12:52:30

@mesa155  America is built on that kind of shit.. they have no history and no super heroes.. so they created them to hypnotize citizens.. but Clint Eastwood was so cute and iconic when that cigarette in his mouth..

😎 (@x_maxi.mus)
x_maxi.mus13.02.2018 12:54:43

we are living in America coca cola it's wunderbar..

😎 (@x_maxi.mus)
x_maxi.mus13.02.2018 12:55:47


Özgür Yılmaz (@indomitableagile)
indomitableagile13.02.2018 13:42:52

🔝 🔝 💯 🔝 🔝

Agustín (@j_ullon)
j_ullon13.02.2018 14:16:15

Looks like Schumi's Benneton, champion of 94 and 95

David.arkl (@dst_david)
dst_david13.02.2018 14:28:47


mr___Avashalk (@mr.____.avashalk)
mr.____.avashalk13.02.2018 14:35:05


Pezz (@perrymcnulty)
perrymcnulty13.02.2018 14:57:38


David Clark (@motorsportclark)
motorsportclark13.02.2018 15:21:34

Minardi in the background 🙆‍♂️

Marcelo Soalb (@marcelosoalb)
marcelosoalb13.02.2018 15:43:57

Eu acho esse carro lindo.

Alain Zarinelli (@azarinelli)
azarinelli13.02.2018 16:08:19

Neat capture 👋

James (@plaaardagram)
plaaardagram13.02.2018 16:16:07


Logan Boxall (@logan_boxall)
logan_boxall13.02.2018 16:22:30

Btw the photo is £220 I know this because I got a email because I’m a member

Carlos Alberto Morini (@carlos.morini66)
carlos.morini6613.02.2018 16:41:30


Ellen Rabasca Hays (@ellen.r.hays.7)
ellen.r.hays.713.02.2018 16:43:17

I remember that change...quite radical for the time!

Nivea Barros (@niveampbarros)
niveampbarros13.02.2018 17:21:16


Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 18:03:02

Esse motor era Peugeot?

Jeronimo Lund (@jerolund)
jerolund13.02.2018 18:24:29

Wasn’t Benetton 92/93 the first pin noise?

alvarogs8513.02.2018 18:28:27


Alan do Espirito Santo (@alanmclarenbr)
alanmclarenbr13.02.2018 18:54:33

@kennedysoares1  tá no texto (e no bico do carro rsrsrs), primeiro ano de Mercedes

Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 19:15:58

@alanmclarenbr  verdade, mercedes

Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 19:17:05

@alanmclarenbr  ceguinho eu

Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 19:17:07

@alanmclarenbr  ceguinho eu

Alan do Espirito Santo (@alanmclarenbr)
alanmclarenbr13.02.2018 19:18:15

@kennedysoares1  é que lembrar de Peugeot na McLaren ainda dói mais que Honda. Pelo menos os japoneses tem história na equipe rs

Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 19:22:49

@alanmclarenbr  agora que lembro que foi só um ano na mclaren em 94

Kennedy Soares (@kennedysoares1)
kennedysoares113.02.2018 19:22:50

@alanmclarenbr  agora que lembro que foi só um ano na mclaren em 94

Sonny Haryadi (@sonny.haryadi.7)
sonny.haryadi.713.02.2018 20:26:39

First T-wing

Eduardo Salles Pimenta Filho (@lordsalles)
lordsalles13.02.2018 20:43:25


Angga Sukma (@angga__sukma)
angga__sukma13.02.2018 21:24:00

There is a small wing?

KnuckleBuddy Pat. No.9,873,194 (@knucklebuddy)
knucklebuddy13.02.2018 21:32:37


Lingga Julifar Ekatama (@linggglinggg)
linggglinggg13.02.2018 23:15:22

Happy Valentine's Day :-)

Paul Stewart (@racingstewart)
racingstewart14.02.2018 03:54:21

Who’s driving/testing...Jan Magnusen? 🤔

Centurion Battery (@centurionbattery)
centurionbattery14.02.2018 04:29:43


Gustavo S. Stocchero (@gustavostocchero)
gustavostocchero14.02.2018 06:15:24

Car number 7 it was @nigelmansell  awful year for the Lionheart @mclaren  @f1 

stu calder (@3star1980)
3star198014.02.2018 06:44:33

That car was a dog

Chris Farr (@chrisfarr54)
chrisfarr5414.02.2018 07:08:23

Benetton clone !

Gaz Tolton (@gaztolton)
gaztolton14.02.2018 09:39:14

I hope they go back to@this  colour scheme

John Yabrifa photography (@jyabrifa_photography)
jyabrifa_photography14.02.2018 10:17:36

Remember poor old Nigel Mansell was too big for the car... they did away with the T-wing after the Spanish GP if I remember correctly

Dane Baird (@thegreatdaneno.1)
thegreatdaneno.114.02.2018 11:24:47

Looks like the t wing

Andrew Angus (@andyangus91)
andyangus9114.02.2018 12:08:16

Loved this car

Logan Vasters (@starscreamer028)
starscreamer02814.02.2018 13:03:53

Ugliest McLaren ever driver @kevinmagnussen  father Jan 👌👍

Sándor Mészáros (@mesa155)
mesa15515.02.2018 03:18:41

@jerolund  Liberty guys doesn't know F1 history...

Adam Jarvis (@jarvtattooart)
jarvtattooart15.02.2018 21:06:08

@jerolund  no that was know as the shark nose. This has a much more sharper profile

Adam Jarvis (@jarvtattooart)
jarvtattooart15.02.2018 21:10:08

Such a minimalist front wing. Literally two planes. This car was a pig though not as bad as the McLaren Peugeot the year before. The Minardi in the background was almost as good

Dennis Alif Setiawan (@dennisalifs)
dennisalifs16.02.2018 02:07:31

ugliest mclaren

Igor Tavares Fonseca (@igortavaresfonseca)
igortavaresfonseca16.02.2018 21:32:58

@peterwitterick  that would be the '96 model.

Juarez Júnior da Silva (@juarezjr1978)
juarezjr197817.02.2018 09:17:20

Design still actual.

KSG (@constant_in)
constant_in17.02.2018 09:22:45

Pin nose is nothing in comparison to halo this year...

Marc Colomé (@marc.colome)
marc.colome17.02.2018 18:46:33


Beppe (@beppefumy72)
beppefumy7218.02.2018 09:15:20

...che bella

Charles Dantas (@charlesdantas1970)
charlesdantas197019.02.2018 14:14:26

Esse carro era ruim

Victor Targino (@vtargino)
vtargino19.02.2018 20:04:14


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