The Body Love Conference was so much fun today! We hope everyone that attended had an amazing time and we can't wait to see you next year! #bodyloveco... - Esperanza Dance Project (@esperanzadanceproject)

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Savannah Sevy (@common_nag)
common_nag07.06.2015 00:43:18

You guys did great! It was beautiful, fantastic work.

Veronica Pasamante (@vnassssty)
vnassssty07.06.2015 18:03:30

where can we get these pictures? :)

peacemutwiri07.06.2015 18:04:51

I took them all on my phone. I can text them to you if you would like 😊

Veronica Pasamante (@vnassssty)
vnassssty07.06.2015 18:05:04

yes please!

Isabelle Rubio🌙 (@quasi_human)
quasi_human08.06.2015 17:37:19

I want them too!! @peacemutwiri 

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