Just wanting to give a quick shoutout to @enchantedbookbox for an amazing rep period. It was really great working with you. If you guys don’t know the... - Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)

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ℓarissa | ℙNW ⇢ Hufflepuff ϟ (@thehookandtale)
thehookandtale17.10.2017 13:05:00

I entered!!! So excited!

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks17.10.2017 13:14:54

@thehookandtale  oh yayyyy!!! Goodluck 💜

🇦🇺 Neneh | Twenty | 5/30 📚✨ (@fantasybooksrus)
fantasybooksrus17.10.2017 15:55:18

Love this shot 😍😍😍

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks17.10.2017 16:01:26

@fantasybooksrus  thanks love 😚💜

Sarah (SJ) 🦋 (@thebooktweeter)
thebooktweeter17.10.2017 16:21:32

Beautiful pic lovely 😍

Christina | 🏳️‍🌈 (@christinareads_)
christinareads_17.10.2017 22:55:45

You definitely made me love enchantedbookbox more!! You were a great rep and made me excited for the boxes I was getting!

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks18.10.2017 09:12:44

@thebooktweeter  thank you 😚💜

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks18.10.2017 09:12:53

@christinareads__  awww thanks love 😚💜

Jannie||Dawn Court (@booklingcritics)
booklingcritics18.10.2017 13:46:53

I love these boxes sooo much

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks18.10.2017 13:52:07

@booklingcritics  I know! Kailey does such an amazing job!

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