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Make your life simpler by taking care of yourself.  When you do that you create better habits that focus on your mindset, health and spirituality.  It helps to find peace within you. The simplest things are the ones that bring so much joy. Don’t complicate it or stress about things that are out of your control.  Use that energy to continue improving. Experience life on the simpler side and keep Vib’n!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 🙌🏽 @Vibn_
21.01.2018 21:31:09
Rose Quartz Yoni eggs available!! Click the link in my bio💫👑
21.01.2018 21:35:55
Mandala literally means "circle". When we define mandala in energetic terms, it deals with a visual aid that pulls in the human consciousness. Mandalas are so effective in meditation. The circular, often concentric design of Mandalas tends to visually magnetize consciousness and awareness, allowing focus to draw inward - which is a wanted result in meditation. Check our Mandala Collection, #yoga#yogapants #yogaposes#meditation #awareness
21.01.2018 21:36:48
🖤 We have big news!!! We are anti poverty league, @alisaking81 @lisaxgonzalez.
As we shared a few months ago we had another great year in our blanket drive thanks to all of you. Due to our success you’ve helped take one of our dreams and turn it into a realty. Both of us being female we believe very strongly in helping women. We believe just because there are less fortunate women in the world that doesn’t make her any less of a woman. She deserves to feel as beautiful and strong as the next woman. With that said... For the entire month of February we will be collecting feminine hygiene products & donations at rubes tattoo. @rubestattoos
Products such as
Kotex, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, body wash & wipes, shampoo & conditioner
Condoms, etc. we will also accept cash donations which we will go purchase products. we will be posting a full detailed flier February 1st Thank you once again for all your continued support and turning our dreams Into reality. We love all of you🖤xoxox🖤 .
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21.01.2018 21:36:29
“Staying over your own emotional center of gravity ... means owning your feelings, listening to them, and being responsive without being reactive, taking emotions seriously without taking them personally.” - Emily Nagoski, Ph.D [Didn’t make the photo: Step 1. Name your feelings. I am... I feel...] #today #truthbetold #thisismyyoga #yogaworksbaltimore
21.01.2018 15:50:58
February, heart disease awareness month, is almost here! As many of you know, I’ve partnered with Colin’s Kids to help raise #CHD awareness. Our first event is coming up on Feb 5th in NYC at @booksofwonder UWS. We would love to see you there! Please share with any who may be interested! #heartmonth #awareness #events #hlhs #heartwarrior #kids #pediatriccardiology #waterinmay @colinskids #colinskids #bookstore #bookevent #halfaheart #paneldiscussion #writer #writersofinstagram #writers #writerslife #writerscommunity #doctor #mother #mothersofinstagram #yabook #yaauthor #yanovel
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Divine Remedy Presents....
(Gifted Empirical Master Spiritualist)

WEEKLY WORKSHOP!!! An experience for those looking to acquire tools that will help you on a journey of mindfulness, awareness and helping you to discover your hidden💎G.E.M.S💎

Hosted by: @tha_peaceofmind & @colinechelle

We will be offering our
"Harmonic Healing" Package %50 off for those who attend the monthly "Bonding by the Bonfire. The package includes: ☀Near Infared Therapy which is one of the most effective ways to naturally detox and increase blood circulation throughout the body releasing blockages! 🙏Guided Meditations to help bring our clients to a centered and balanced state, alleviating the mind of stresses and increasing mental clarity and focus. 🙌Chakra balancing which works to identify various chakras in the body that are not fully operational so that we may help to heal traumas related to those areas and increase the vibrancy and energy within. 💎Crystal Healing - We help you identify the crystals that will aid in alleviating traumas and bringing forth the healing powers within these various stones so that you may elevate your consciousness and raise your vibrational frequency. 🔊Sound Therapy - We use various sound frequencies to help clear the aura of negative energy and bring negative traumas to the surface so they can be healed and resolved. 👌Kundalini Yoga which incorporates specific movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. 😇Reiki Healing is a light touch method that reduces stress, removes negative build up of energy, relaxes the body and increases the natural healing ability throughout entire body.

Join us now and live the life fit for a King and Queen! 👑🌟👑 Photo by: @tha_peaceofmind
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21.01.2018 21:34:31
How ARE you? Often asked but rarely heard...are the answers to this ostensibly flip phrase. Ask different questions. Listen up. Tune in. #selfcare #mentalhealthmatters #mindfulness #awareness #vipassana #sundayfunday #nourishingintelligence
21.01.2018 21:34:08