Where it all began and the latest in @laurenblakelybooks ‘ series of standalones (series in that the characters interconnect but standalone in that th... - Ryan S (@sweetredreader)


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Books and Shit (@paperbackprincess702)
paperbackprincess70223.10.2017 13:13:50

Such a great series!!!!

Inkslinger PR (@inkslingerpr)
inkslingerpr23.10.2017 14:48:08

😍😍😍😍 Thank you! 💛

Marie Lanco (@marielancobooks)
marielancobooks23.10.2017 15:26:33

I'm reading it right now too! 🐈

Viri (@virilareal)
virilareal26.10.2017 14:37:56

I loved Spencer's Book ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ryan S (@sweetredreader)
sweetredreader26.10.2017 21:53:47

@virilareal  Nick is my fave (Mister O) followed closely by Patrick (Hard Wood), but I really do love the whole series and all the guys and gals 😊

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