I was excited to join students and teachers from Greenville (SC) County Schools recently as they marked the end of their Summer Reading Camp 2017 with... - Serafina C.R.C. (@serafinacrc)

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victoriatwilliams (@victoriatwilliams)
victoriatwilliams02.08.2017 14:50:47

This is awesome!

Gabbie Capps (@mrsgabbiecapps)
mrsgabbiecapps02.08.2017 17:22:12

We loved having you join us! The kids were so excited to meet a real author and read the books!

Carrie Trotter (@teacher_trotter)
teacher_trotter06.08.2017 08:02:59

I'm jealous. Too bad I wasn't a student in that summer reading program. Way to go Greenville County - what an awesome opportunity!!

Serafina C.R.C. (@serafinacrc)
serafinacrc07.09.2017 09:31:19

@mrsgabbiecapps  Thank you! It was a blast 😁

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