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پــ'ەپــولــ'ەم🙊✨🦋 (@the.kchana)
the.kchana15.02.2018 06:25:51

I Love You Eminemmmmmmmmm😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🖐🏻

Michael Haratsis (@michaelharatsis)
michaelharatsis15.02.2018 06:30:31

Eminem/Slim Shady/Rabbit is the man and the 1 & only MARSHALL MATHERS

❗️Помоги Нам❗️ (@take_me_your_money_please)
take_me_your_money_please15.02.2018 06:34:55


antonette m.d. (@bum_nette)
bum_nette15.02.2018 06:43:34


Aman Strings (@aman_strings)
aman_strings15.02.2018 06:59:03

Eminem boss

Kapusala D (@kapusala)
kapusala15.02.2018 07:09:02

@eminem  新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

Shay Hartless (@baby_._bobo)
baby_._bobo15.02.2018 07:23:49


⚘ (@92nlj92)
92nlj9215.02.2018 07:26:48


Panda22 (@panda222kill_)
panda222kill_15.02.2018 07:38:31

Thanks Eminem now I'm happy !!!!

RapStarVidz.com (@rapstarvidz)
rapstarvidz15.02.2018 07:41:56


SamahElshaikh (@samahelshaikh)
samahelshaikh15.02.2018 07:58:40

Holly crap Eminem’s a redhead!

karzm0315.02.2018 08:07:53

@leesajones11  he's old as fuck

Ricardo Costa Silva (@freecciardi)
freecciardi15.02.2018 08:09:13

Marshall matters doutrina hebraica circuncisão @nizarhabibi  @diogo.sousa99  @ruifonseca17  @duarte_cruz 

🔱e.   maria🔱 (@_e_l_i_s_k_a_1_5)
_e_l_i_s_k_a_1_515.02.2018 08:27:19


Jesssyyy🌮 (@jessspanaro)
jessspanaro15.02.2018 08:28:27

omg stop i love you

WIDDY (@therealwiddy)
therealwiddy15.02.2018 08:31:18

I was born listening to eminem literally pops only listen to eminem and biggie growing up. Eminem is my mothers favorite rapper and she hates rap. We use to sit and watch the whole vidoe of Stan as a kid as if it was movie. With that being said I love eminem and would love to hear em hop on a old school boombap shit. I refuse to shit on one bad album. Specially when he gave us so so so many classic. I wanna hear a slick rick and eminem or even avenue em and rakim. Ahhh man a eminem an rakim record will be bananas.

Sofia (@sofiandrada3)
sofiandrada315.02.2018 08:58:20


晨哲 (@molinbrozla)
molinbrozla15.02.2018 09:37:39

I love you always lol🍀stan

Sonam Sherpa (@unknown2silence)
unknown2silence15.02.2018 09:42:33


Eminem Fan Page💥 (@eminemstanslimshady)
eminemstanslimshady15.02.2018 09:55:41


Tam-Shari (@sharisheis)
sharisheis15.02.2018 10:15:17


Patricia Martins (@patricia_c_martins)
patricia_c_martins15.02.2018 10:20:06

Just be my valentine

Ana Paula (@aninhaa_17)
aninhaa_1715.02.2018 10:28:53


Aude Isorce ☾ (@audeisorce)
audeisorce15.02.2018 11:08:22

Listen to my acoustic cover of River ! 🎸🙏🏼

Carl Roe (@carlroe)
carlroe15.02.2018 11:15:20

It’s okay to be happy, bro

justine Hayden (@justinehayden1)
justinehayden115.02.2018 11:18:21

@kingro_ii  if you listen to it in the end theres a line that mentions how it ended in abortion..

helan__515.02.2018 11:26:47


Somreek Chatterjee (@s.o.m.r.e.e.k)
s.o.m.r.e.e.k15.02.2018 11:36:32

@stitched._with_love..just  see this..👌..I think you will understand..☺

❄🔥 (@__t.ob.1__)
__t.ob.1__15.02.2018 12:04:20

Eminem oh my God

Amanda Cox (@acaxxx)
acaxxx15.02.2018 12:16:12

This 💙

Paola❥DeLaCruz (@paola.delacruz4)
paola.delacruz415.02.2018 12:17:06

I love you.

Leqel (@leqelofficial)
leqelofficial15.02.2018 12:26:13

Amazing! #artist  #singer 

Vlad_blurryface (@vlad_blurryface)
vlad_blurryface15.02.2018 12:50:03

@territima  кнш

Mr. Kalate (@kalate1996.private)
kalate1996.private15.02.2018 13:51:57


Mandeep singh (@mandeesingh2804)
mandeesingh280415.02.2018 15:44:01

Eminem if u respect ur fans so plz plz plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz visit india bhopal

Ana Carolina Pires (@anacarolpirez)
anacarolpirez15.02.2018 15:46:41

Amazing song and video

anvitaraunsgaard15.02.2018 16:06:00


bryannaa.2415.02.2018 16:12:29

@the_baer_has_no_care  omg

Amy DiRuzza (@amyt0501)
amyt050115.02.2018 16:38:27

Fantastic ❤️

Agustina Feyling (@agustinafeyling)
agustinafeyling15.02.2018 17:06:21

Te amo

17_XXXTENTACION_17 (@1714_scoot_squad)
1714_scoot_squad15.02.2018 17:34:08

That’s how I feel fuck love

Live In united kingdom🇬🇧 (@samm_v_a)
samm_v_a15.02.2018 18:11:39

Yes was unhappy for me as well i've finished relationship with my girlfrend she broke me in valentin day😐

thirteen (@smetyanka)
smetyanka15.02.2018 18:24:04

Awesome 💙

Mariano Ricci (@riccimariano.a)
riccimariano.a15.02.2018 19:33:57

@karlitatomy  🙌

Joe_Lizotte (@joe_lizotte)
joe_lizotte15.02.2018 20:30:17

Same stupid shit come on forreal get with it

Farkhod (@999_gang)
999_gang15.02.2018 21:25:21


mahdi dalvand (@_mahdi.dalvand_)
_mahdi.dalvand_15.02.2018 23:05:31

@rezabignut  fuck the bignut

Amy Fox (@amy.fox.100)
amy.fox.10015.02.2018 23:34:26

Yeah I get it... love is deeper than the surface & when you've been hurt that deeply throughout your life you become numb.

Tiahna Mills (@tmxlls)
tmxlls15.02.2018 23:49:21


Walter (@handsomeandelicious)
handsomeandelicious16.02.2018 00:04:17

You are not who you say you are. It's so obvious.

⭐️Angie Marie ⭐️ (@angiemarie707)
angiemarie70716.02.2018 00:27:59

Love your work Em!

D🐥 (@twiy.rc)
twiy.rc16.02.2018 00:33:15

You’re soo clever

Jaide Barrenechea (@j_barra24)
j_barra2416.02.2018 00:42:28

@tmxlls  love it

Sheila Wilkinson (@sheena23007)
sheena2300716.02.2018 01:21:11


Preety (@its__preety)
its__preety16.02.2018 02:12:52

Omg❤️❤️i love you❤️

seagirlcreations16.02.2018 04:04:03

@amy.fox.100  for sure, every time

👑.Marshall.👑✌🏿Hip Pop Artist (@marshall_ali_313)
marshall_ali_31316.02.2018 05:30:20

Mian wtf going on here

Kristian Waldbaum (@kristian_niklas_waldbaum)
kristian_niklas_waldbaum16.02.2018 06:47:07


Khashayar (@kash_askari)
kash_askari16.02.2018 07:39:14


Heydar:------:karaj 👈 (@heydar8100)
heydar810016.02.2018 07:42:12

👍 👍 👍

Leesa  Jones (@leesajones11)
leesajones1116.02.2018 08:00:28

@karzm03  ok lol sure

karzm0316.02.2018 08:09:03

@leesajones11  and he sucks now, more than ever

нургуяна гпбышева (@gpbysheva)
gpbysheva16.02.2018 08:12:17

Классно выглядит

нургуяна гпбышева (@gpbysheva)
gpbysheva16.02.2018 08:12:39

Черные волосы и борода ему идут

Leesa  Jones (@leesajones11)
leesajones1116.02.2018 08:15:10

@karzm03  everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

karzm0316.02.2018 08:18:29

@leesajones11  nah it's literally a fact, if you listen to his first album all the way up to his new ones you can tell that he sucks

karzm0316.02.2018 08:19:34

@leesajones11  after the Marshall Mathers LP he sucked

Jack Of Clubs♣️ (@gunnar.exe)
gunnar.exe16.02.2018 08:19:47

Yo ed sheeran

Leesa  Jones (@leesajones11)
leesajones1116.02.2018 08:55:37

@karzm03  a fact 😂😂😂😂 your opinion can not be a fact. Pretty sure he's still rich and living a great life despite what your tiny input about him is. Lol not sure if you are 14 but 44 isn't old. You are pretty entertaining though with your verbiage so thx for that lol

Leesa  Jones (@leesajones11)
leesajones1116.02.2018 08:56:43

@karzm03  what is it that you are doing with your life besides criticising and judging others?????

Mïla Maths-ers (@_.rul0s._)
_.rul0s._16.02.2018 09:06:47

River, the best🌴💕

🔥 X.O 🔥 (@_sixxgod)
_sixxgod16.02.2018 09:50:50


karzm0316.02.2018 10:42:56

@leesajones11  no 44 isn't that old but Eminem is literally old

ed 2020 (@evitadatsi)
evitadatsi16.02.2018 10:47:21

You're unhappy valentin's day? Why?

Dalila (@dalilas205)
dalilas20516.02.2018 10:54:45


Brittani (@detroitb4e84)
detroitb4e8416.02.2018 11:15:08

That was AMAZEBALLS 😶 That guy looks like an acquaintance from south Warren, “Castro”🤷🏼‍♀️ but I believe it’s Eric Hatter.
Looks like Marshall has clearly changed and was manipulated in a situation where the only good thing that came out of it was his beautiful, intelligent, daughter. Thank God for holy water🙌

Hail (@haileyvicino)
haileyvicino16.02.2018 11:48:41

Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

07714367797 (@basam6808)
basam680816.02.2018 12:20:11

عزال قضب😠🏡 مسكن وحد نشاق 👍👎Ⓜ

👞Jay👟 (@aye_jsoul)
aye_jsoul16.02.2018 12:22:17


Kendall T (@kendalltmusic)
kendalltmusic16.02.2018 12:28:13


LIL LF •RealRap Banca• 🇪🇬 (@lf_091)
lf_09116.02.2018 13:04:03


Sophie Meza. (@_mezasophh)
_mezasophh16.02.2018 13:05:17


KOOROSH KILLER (@koorosh_killer)
koorosh_killer16.02.2018 13:21:19

Man its better than walk on the water but y you made a dislove video is it about suzan? If is it about her im so sorry cuase im ur biggest fan😔🙁😔🙁

🌟🌊marina🌊🌟 (@marina_anchordoqui)
marina_anchordoqui16.02.2018 13:28:54


Joshua Sawian (@gameboi.08)
gameboi.0816.02.2018 13:35:15

@lovewithyouractions  umm a boy so I’m not dependent on a boyfriend 😂😂

Antonia Toni Heath (@tonimontanaaa17)
tonimontanaaa1716.02.2018 13:37:30

Sooooo feeling the brunette bae

Brandy Nicole Baxter 💋💄👠 (@miss_vain_)
miss_vain_16.02.2018 13:39:07


Akhilesh Kumar Pandey (@akhilesh.k.pandey)
akhilesh.k.pandey16.02.2018 13:54:15


Burak Göztepe (@burak.goztep)
burak.goztep16.02.2018 13:56:53


Hayley James (@haylz357)
haylz35716.02.2018 14:08:09

I agree no trust = no relationship the chorus is spot on but I love the ‘before I bit into ur forbidden fruit’ line :) delivered awesomely hehe

pedrAm (@kenzzzzs)
kenzzzzs16.02.2018 14:27:28


🌟🌊marina🌊🌟 (@marina_anchordoqui)
marina_anchordoqui16.02.2018 15:02:47


Marcelo s (@marcelossmedicated)
marcelossmedicated16.02.2018 15:10:06


JOHPA BLACK'ZTREET (@johpablackztreet)
johpablackztreet16.02.2018 17:07:31

Kax Bah

CigMaster (@ciglovers)
ciglovers16.02.2018 17:09:23


standloo16.02.2018 17:15:12

Ok fuck

shadows (@whispersintheh2o)
whispersintheh2o16.02.2018 17:38:28

I feel ya bro. Word for word!

Dawson W (@dman3777)
dman377716.02.2018 19:57:56

Deep mann very deep !!!

SiMoNnE <3 (@simonne0722)
simonne072216.02.2018 20:56:34

God loves you.

Allstar Ale (@redjoker_01_)
redjoker_01_16.02.2018 22:18:23

Fire 🔥 video @eminem 

SOUNDS FROM A WAR ZONE ⚠️🕊🎹 (@soundsfromawarzone)
soundsfromawarzone17.02.2018 00:01:55

This song should have been released as a single, and the rest of Revival shouldn’t have been out AT ALL! You need HIP HOP beats! Please dig for artists who you inspired them to make music like myself. Also, the mastering of your vocals is very odd and not comfortable for the ears, it’s way above the mix and feels like a freestyle in literally every song! Check my SoundCloud link on bio

Big Red Beats (@_big_red_21)
_big_red_2117.02.2018 01:29:52

Check out my page for 🔥🔥

Anthony (@anthonymartinez234)
anthonymartinez23417.02.2018 01:32:57


Nicks (@nicks828)
nicks82817.02.2018 01:43:21

God loves you

realistcult17.02.2018 02:58:37

I like it how you don’t make it sound like it’s all one sided and she did everything wrong well done!

Milad (@milaadofficial)
milaadofficial17.02.2018 03:32:36


Rosa Guidi (@rosacheguida)
rosacheguida17.02.2018 05:21:09

Madonna.... sempre tragico @gore.it 

Tism(AKA天少) (@aka_tism)
aka_tism17.02.2018 05:22:24

我是你的中国粉丝,i want to become a rapper ,像你一样。最大的梦想就是可以和您合作以后。

sashapivot17.02.2018 06:24:14

Incroyable.Vous aidez beaucoup de gens grâce à votre énergie, intelligence et amour.Merci Eminem.😍😚😚😚💜💛💚💙💖

Mark (@msheen11)
msheen1117.02.2018 06:54:50

Love ya Em

Տաթևիկ Մկրտչյան (@1990.tatevik)
1990.tatevik17.02.2018 08:07:02


nonnyworldwidestar17.02.2018 08:18:09


bruno_mars_lover_7717.02.2018 08:48:25

I can't understand why u're unhappy. Everything which happened in ur life passed. You deserve a really good life. Everything will be the best. Don't think about past. Smile Em Smile!!☺❤

$penT_BoY (@spent_boy)
spent_boy17.02.2018 08:49:49

I wanna send a fan letter where should i post i mean adress

🎵Daily-Song👑 (@spotifymaster)
spotifymaster17.02.2018 10:02:12

⬅️🎵You must see our daily song list 🎵

B&B Shopping (@bnbshoppingcom)
bnbshoppingcom17.02.2018 11:54:09

Join the draw! Look at the Story! FREE Dresses !!!

임창범 (@limumnem)
limumnem17.02.2018 13:58:18

You know why? Two both the man they not fucking gay so always fight without woman it can not and never get closer or make a peace to one nation without a lady boss this the fact the woman your Jung , Jung eun’s sister is the master key to peace to one country so do not bother us and just let us do ourself to reunify we are not your kids fuck off please just help us do not worry if you worry it affects to us like when you raise your baby you know all but why to us bother us I call the police to capture you all presidents bully you guys are not real father you guys all raping all my country all my people all my civilians huh? Please stop doing illegals I respect you all so I speak English Even though Korean born Korean what shame for me speaking English huh? Please then go sleep babies bye bye

Gomis.joseph (@gomis.joseph)
gomis.joseph17.02.2018 16:25:59

You’re such an inspiration for us all, keep on shining EM.

M-E-L-L-Y (@melly.h.1986)
melly.h.198617.02.2018 17:00:38

I'm not a Fan. But i like your soul.... ❤

Christina (@christina_gough)
christina_gough17.02.2018 17:51:40

Men, when, never again. Single and mingle. See the world. Do what you want all the time. Feel and believe. Eat cheese with wonky knees. And show us your teeth and give a smile. That is what the World needs..Cheese, smiles and wonky knees 👍

Debbie Smith khoury (@debbie_smith_khoury)
debbie_smith_khoury17.02.2018 17:58:05

I cant love either...we'd be a perfect couple lol

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