With an EPA-estimated 38 MPG highway, #ChevySpark goes from point A to point anywhere.* - chevrolet (@chevrolet)


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tvp.03510.10.2017 12:21:00


tvp.03510.10.2017 12:21:01


tvp.03510.10.2017 12:21:04


Руслан (@bezrukov_man)
bezrukov_man10.10.2017 12:21:36


Brendon Sloan (@skooter_lit116)
skooter_lit11610.10.2017 12:25:49

I love my 2017 Spark LT! Best little car ever!!

arminkhp10.10.2017 12:31:10

The car and driver got 34 in the city.probably it is 42 in the highway thanks to CVT

mohammad jumaa       محمد جمعة (@mohamad_jomaa)
mohamad_jomaa10.10.2017 12:39:15

I wanna buy one just to LS Swap it

Majnoon (@ahmad_seifi)
ahmad_seifi10.10.2017 12:41:28


Leon Delles Official (@leondelles)
leondelles10.10.2017 12:55:42


Doha Joseph (@dohajoseph)
dohajoseph10.10.2017 13:01:29


I BIMS EINZ NOTSCHGA 😂😂 (@notschga__bam)
notschga__bam10.10.2017 13:24:34


Carolina Pizarro (@capizlei)
capizlei10.10.2017 13:37:40


yaghy zekuelz (@yaghyzekuelz_)
yaghyzekuelz_10.10.2017 13:42:39

nice car

original account (@_murat.b_)
_murat.b_10.10.2017 13:46:30


Gábor Vőfény (@gabor.vofeny.7)
gabor.vofeny.710.10.2017 13:47:41

Jó lenne ha a Chevrolet vissza jönne Európába!!!

drowssy81810.10.2017 13:59:58

I love chevy

lohva (@_lauralohva)
_lauralohva10.10.2017 14:02:54

Is this V8?

ali karimi (@ali_karimi1354)
ali_karimi135410.10.2017 14:09:53


Ugurkadirkaya (@ugurkadirkaya)
ugurkadirkaya10.10.2017 14:18:26


Ibra Puzailov.😈 (@maicon_p.i.x_23)
maicon_p.i.x_2310.10.2017 14:30:16


Ibra Puzailov.😈 (@maicon_p.i.x_23)
maicon_p.i.x_2310.10.2017 14:30:20


Blair Wooten (@traveling_man_55)
traveling_man_5510.10.2017 14:32:01

Chevy is all I buy..

Samu (@cofothebest)
cofothebest10.10.2017 14:43:27

Perché non vendete queste meravigliose auto in Italia

Ian Catron🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 (@ian_catron)
ian_catron10.10.2017 14:57:19

I've owned a '94 Metro before, and it didn't fail to give me reliability. Now I can trust the same from the Spark. Thanks, @chevrolet  ❤️👍🏻

Marcus A. Bergagård (@mabergis)
mabergis10.10.2017 14:57:57

My mom loves her Pink Spark

Uluç (@uluj_)
uluj_10.10.2017 15:15:50

Put a v8 and a supercharger and then ill buy it

michael.tijara10.10.2017 16:31:33


Katie Reich (@kreich22)
kreich2210.10.2017 17:05:23

I love my spark!

Marcus Vinicius Ramos Barbosa (@marcusvinicius1047)
marcusvinicius104710.10.2017 17:14:30

Ele tem um pouco do designer do #ChevySonic 

Jose Andres (@josemartinez08)
josemartinez0810.10.2017 17:36:02

Este 😄 @katherine26m 

hujkooookjbg10.10.2017 17:52:23

very good 😊😊

anar (@kerimov.42)
kerimov.4210.10.2017 17:53:05


abolfazl (@poorzareiabolfazl)
poorzareiabolfazl10.10.2017 18:27:53


minwoo Kim (@_kim_minwoo_)
_kim_minwoo_10.10.2017 19:04:15

Daewoo daewoo daewoo

Rully (@rully.ardyansyah)
rully.ardyansyah10.10.2017 19:07:30

I love this Spark!

18 years old. (@thisisjack44)
thisisjack4410.10.2017 19:14:09

@_lauralohva  ...try 4 cylinder

Noah Ortega (@fazetug)
fazetug10.10.2017 20:33:51

I want it but dam it’s kinda to slow for me, I wanna go for the sonic premier 5 door manual

andy (@andy_ohioboy)
andy_ohioboy10.10.2017 20:39:11

Why does any body care go buy a duramax or a corvette

Joseph Lima (@josslima)
josslima10.10.2017 22:01:21

Kia Picanto. 🙊🙊

Adisorn Puithong (@ton_adisorn_puithong)
ton_adisorn_puithong10.10.2017 22:46:36

Welcome to thailand

carlos ayres penna (@caaype)
caaype10.10.2017 22:59:32

kia picanto

Adam RANADA Ranville (@ranada_official)
ranada_official11.10.2017 00:28:06

Does this drive on oxygen?

강윤미 (@kangyunmi35)
kangyunmi3511.10.2017 04:11:46

색상 예쁘네

saber007 (@saberhamzehee)
saberhamzehee11.10.2017 07:35:40

رنگش خیلی زیباست

Cindy Ch Ramirez (@cindyrmrz)
cindyrmrz11.10.2017 08:31:03

Me encanta perfecto para mi 😂 @juan_ortigoza 

denia.sparks.it11.10.2017 10:22:49


#Ali# (@insta_ali_chidey)
insta_ali_chidey11.10.2017 12:36:20


Mehmet Balkan (@mehmet_blkn)
mehmet_blkn11.10.2017 14:57:06


Antawan (@anthonyy.pinto)
anthonyy.pinto11.10.2017 18:00:27

Can we see some electronic sedans

Mathieu Cossette (@silver_the_miniature_schnauzer)

It seems lowered????

Mathieu Cossette (@silver_the_miniature_schnauzer)

I have one in salsa red... A 2016 with 27 900 km! I love it but hate that I don't have a CD player!!!!!!!!!! Handling is surprising!! Great! Imagine if you lower it and add better tires!

Ricky (@rickythakur1)
rickythakur111.10.2017 23:03:29

Pls stay in india.

i_a.912.10.2017 08:52:03

Why did you stop issuing Caprice? We are under the Arabian Gulf and demand the issuance of Caprice again💔💔

layla Al-otaibi (@laylaalotaibi)
laylaalotaibi12.10.2017 11:28:22

@chevrolet  hello my car is 2016 suburban didn't work today and I charged it's battery and went to AC Delco shop to check the battery. They said it's fine and I should visit Chevrolet to find the problem and fix it. Now it's two days off for them and still can't fix the problem. What are the probabilities of this situation?

🎃🎃🐥 (@maisa_alrawi)
maisa_alrawi12.10.2017 14:29:19

ب50 ورقه تبيعون

eunjin jacobs (@yangeunjin07181985)
yangeunjin0718198512.10.2017 16:52:54

dont love me.

FLOR SORESSI (@florsoressi)
florsoressi12.10.2017 18:43:21


Holea Holea (@holea.h)
holea.h13.10.2017 08:20:48


Safaur (@juankiiesru)
juankiiesru14.10.2017 05:31:47

Opel karl

☆Rigel Higinbotham☆ (@rigelr)
rigelr14.10.2017 16:12:59

@jacquiehiginbotham  small, hatchback...😊

•T!NA RaZaGh! • (@tina.razaghi)
tina.razaghi16.10.2017 15:04:53


Ryan, AJH / Rebecca/SugarPlum. (@2017chevytraverse1lt)
2017chevytraverse1lt18.10.2017 22:36:32


niccar202119.10.2017 12:40:59

@laylaalotaibi  here’s a solution BUY A FORD

Mithradad Behbehani (@mithraiism)
mithraiism22.10.2017 20:09:45


Annabel (@annaluvme2)
annaluvme222.10.2017 20:59:35


Sandra Cardoso (@sandraa.cardoso)
sandraa.cardoso03.11.2017 07:21:18

Porquê vcs tiraram a Zafira de linha ????

hajar (@hajarsharafi)
hajarsharafi19.11.2017 12:14:41

Plz price?

enukegu evidence (@enukeguevidence)
enukeguevidence03.12.2017 05:20:25

Very sprty

Bored ✖ (@xsomix)
xsomix06.12.2017 14:39:45

سبارك حصري يا اللون 💙😴

2018 jordan (@jordan38379)
jordan3837926.12.2017 16:03:10

2017 or 3016 chevy Spark

Marisa Thiel (@marisathiel)
marisathiel07.01.2018 14:07:43

my 2016 always has problems but i love it anyways

dwayneforyou (@dwayneforyou)
dwayneforyou16.01.2018 20:34:36

@laylaalotaibi  buy a Toyota.

CeltaClubeES (@celtaclubeesoficial)
celtaclubeesoficial20.01.2018 09:16:04

Brother in law 👌🏾😍😎😎 Celta Br 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

victor manuel martinez gonzale (@victormanuel2766)
victormanuel276613.02.2018 21:44:53

Es mas lindo el de 2011

kieran (@kieran_turley233)
kieran_turley23324.02.2018 07:17:12

1.4l eco tech ?

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