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Louita Potgieter (@louitap)
louitap22.11.2017 09:29:54

Vir jou en jou volgende verhouding 😌😌😌😌😂😂😂 @grobler_pieter 

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman22.11.2017 11:50:13

This 👏🏽👏🏽

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman22.11.2017 11:50:33

@zenpakuu  Of course we do but do blame it on our period or that we are just being emotional is a step too far

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman22.11.2017 11:51:01

@avian.vazquez  Maybe as a guy you don’t understand

avian vazquez (@avian.vazquez)
avian.vazquez22.11.2017 12:29:31

@eleslyman  yeah I’m a dude I don’t understand equal rights for women I’m such a horrible human being

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman22.11.2017 12:35:38

@avian.vazquez  That’s not what I’m saying. The fact that you criticize a video about women standing up for themselves without understanding the experience first hand is something you shouldn’t be judging.

Piercings by Rachel Ballard (@piercingsbyrachel)
piercingsbyrachel22.11.2017 12:48:31


OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi22.11.2017 13:24:22

@avian.vazquez  you being a dude has nothing to do with your understanding of basic human rights, it's your lack of empathy and willing to fight for something that doesn't affect you...which does make you a bad person, a good person fight for causes that don't benefit them.

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi22.11.2017 13:27:32

@zenpakuu  the point is that moodswings don't have anything to do with gender, is your point that "you guys" don't have moodswings?

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi22.11.2017 13:32:26

@expand_your_horizons_  and why is it an issue that ppl are different? Maybe a proper upbringing would teach ppl to accept someone that is different from oneself, like their emotions? Stereotypes don't justify ignorance and judgement.

Reed🍏 (@zenpakuu)
zenpakuu22.11.2017 13:37:32

@real_bambi  we don't really. We're just chill. And the video JUST said you have frequent mood swings

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi22.11.2017 13:40:21

@serenawilson  If you think words don't oppresse then your extremely ignorant. It's like saying words don't hurt emotionally when it's a fact that verbal abuse causes psychological effects, positive aswell as negative. The fact that you can't understand that not everything will affect or hurt you as a woman is not universal for other women, and that you don't understand neither accept that someone don't share your opinions, show how immature and oppressive you are as a person. A woman that feels offended by this doesn't need to calm down bc you don't see the issue.

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 (@serenawilson)
serenawilson22.11.2017 13:50:21

@real_bambi  women are stronger than that. Saying someone’s “crazy” and getting traumatized by it is so weak minded. We are strong and empowered and constantly tell us we are oppressed does not help.

Sara (@priyasaraa)
priyasaraa22.11.2017 14:05:23

@saminamerica  good

Katrina Garcia (@expand_your_horizons_)
expand_your_horizons_22.11.2017 14:13:12

@real_bambi  there's nothing wrong with expressing an emotion so long as it's appropriate, and not dramatic. However in any social environment, it requires for a person exercise rational communication skills if they want to come a resolution with any issue, let alone to even have a proper level of communication in the first place.

🕊     حنظل  شہباز (@hiinzal)
hiinzal22.11.2017 14:14:12

@_aisha.shahid  literally what we were talking about yesterday

Aisha (@_aisha.shahid)
_aisha.shahid22.11.2017 14:16:40

@hiinzal  These retarded men will never get it ..!

ⓣⓐⓝⓨⓐ (@tanyamarie.ee)
tanyamarie.ee22.11.2017 15:03:55

I live with my dad and bros so I relate to this.

GBaby 😈 (@gusher._)
gusher._22.11.2017 16:19:04


Millie (@millieeebobs)
millieeebobs22.11.2017 16:50:51


ᴀғsʜin coʀʟeoɴe (@afch.1978)
afch.197822.11.2017 17:12:22


avian vazquez (@avian.vazquez)
avian.vazquez22.11.2017 17:21:35

@real_bambi  first of all I was being sarcastic if you know what that means equal rights is a good thing but now it gets into feminism, and feminism now is different that it was before

paaras.zhangmo22.11.2017 19:41:13

love cara @abby_cook_123 

Abby Cook (@abby_cook_123)
abby_cook_12322.11.2017 19:52:07

Everyone needs to see this @paaras.zhangmo 

Leonora (@leonoraggg)
leonoraggg22.11.2017 20:19:19

i admit I'm emotional , it keeps my boyfriend away from me.But i'm not crazy!i love him.Perhaps I'm doomed not to be understood. 😢

FASHION EGYPT (@fashionegmagazine)
fashionegmagazine23.11.2017 00:04:43


Karla Ale Tejada (@kaletejada)
kaletejada23.11.2017 01:17:03


Madeleine Coates (@madeleinecxo)
madeleinecxo23.11.2017 01:20:46

@george_kelly_77  🖕🏼

Neo Mautsa | One And Only (@da_smart_savage)
da_smart_savage23.11.2017 08:51:25

I agree with this. Women are not crazy they are just human. The reason men think women are crazy is because we just don’t understand how they get their point across. Women are more open to expressing their opinions emotionally whereas men do it in an isolated way.(in most cases)

Dagmarka (@dagma)
dagma23.11.2017 11:06:09

@fey__fey  @jazzy040889  👌

Harald Franck (@haraldfranck)
haraldfranck23.11.2017 11:11:58

Nah, they crazy

jazzy 🌸 (@jazzyy.89)
jazzyy.8923.11.2017 11:26:49

@dagma  😅👍🏻

💋VERAMEAT (@verameat)
verameat23.11.2017 11:37:59


Kara (@kara_vice)
kara_vice23.11.2017 19:13:17


Di Hutchinson (@dihutchy)
dihutchy24.11.2017 05:37:17

God I cry watching Spongebob....It won’t be the first or last time 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Mathieu Dagorne (@dagornemathieu)
dagornemathieu24.11.2017 07:29:24

Bull shit again

Faith (@himynameisfaith_)
himynameisfaith_24.11.2017 09:24:12


✨💜Buddha In Heels💜✨ (@buddhainheels)
buddhainheels24.11.2017 13:13:34


فرح (@farahashrraf)
farahashrraf24.11.2017 13:46:43


Shiloh Green (@shilohcgreen)
shilohcgreen24.11.2017 14:26:42


grand_maester24.11.2017 17:35:06

Don't listen to this shit. We all know what the truth is

E-my-low (@emiloec)
emiloec24.11.2017 19:37:49

@_aisha.shahid  we not retarded.... Maybe when u stop callin men out our names we will finally understand yall

Owen Berg (@ob_lufc)
ob_lufc24.11.2017 21:08:45

Well whether it’s the period or not, women still get worked up about things all the time so whether it’s that or not they are its crazy and overemotional about things, whether period affects it or not.

켄지 🇰🇷🇺🇸♒️ (@sohnmks)
sohnmks24.11.2017 22:03:08

I AGREE. every time i go on about something people automatically ask, “are you on your period?”

rosie (@rebadat)
rebadat25.11.2017 00:39:09

@yabadat  Steve Harvey is the fucking worst.

🦖☘️🍏🍾🔫💚 (@margotcsp)
margotcsp25.11.2017 11:44:42


annaareuben25.11.2017 12:12:32

@margotpaisner  ;))

Aisha (@_aisha.shahid)
_aisha.shahid25.11.2017 15:23:18

@thebackpack_actor  No you will never

E-my-low (@emiloec)
emiloec25.11.2017 15:24:22

@_aisha.shahid  it's not tht deep nor important to debate.

Aisha (@_aisha.shahid)
_aisha.shahid25.11.2017 15:26:18

@thebackpack_actor  exactly

💎Reign💎 (@thequeenisreigning)
thequeenisreigning25.11.2017 17:16:05

Who's the guy with the man bun. I like him.

Erika Serna Y. (@e.serna12)
e.serna1225.11.2017 19:31:23

@felipe_echavarria  please watch!

Jenna Alise (@jenalise86)
jenalise8625.11.2017 22:43:48


sskpann26.11.2017 00:05:33

@grand_maester  wdym tf

Ruby Kazmi (@rubykazmi)
rubykazmi26.11.2017 02:57:00


Evan Guedel (@evanguedel)
evanguedel26.11.2017 03:29:45

My girlfriend that I love definitely acts more crazy/emotional when she is either on her “.” or hungry and that is facts

maxineschultz26.11.2017 04:46:05


Benson Waititu (@ben_waititu)
ben_waititu26.11.2017 10:37:21

Omg the next thing their going to say is calling women, women, is insulting to women

Ri Na ◻️ (@rrinart)
rrinart26.11.2017 11:15:03

@tuckif  !!!! Hihi

Micka Tuckif (@tuckif)
tuckif26.11.2017 11:16:58

@rrinart  mmh que veut dire ce tag? 🤔

D.G.K Toronto (@motta_gatho)
motta_gatho26.11.2017 14:41:38

This is amazing, I love arguing ( passionate communication ) with my girl, she ALWAYS shows me a perspective I could have never seen without her, love u baby ❤ #teamcheeku 

Arman Kavoosi (@armanissm)
armanissm26.11.2017 19:17:39


Aryans Weren't White 🤦‍♂️ (@funkasized)
funkasized27.11.2017 06:38:23

Ahh that dude that loos like jaden smith i wanna smack the shit out him

Curtis Jones (@mr.yeslawd)
mr.yeslawd27.11.2017 07:10:29

@thealmontefilms  Bro Have You Seen This??!!

Limbo (@thealmontefilms)
thealmontefilms27.11.2017 08:49:56

@mr.yeslawd  of course! They made this last year but relaunched

Curtis Jones (@mr.yeslawd)
mr.yeslawd27.11.2017 08:53:11

Oohh Okay I Thought This Was Brand Spankin’ New For A Sec Lmaoo

Thalzberg (@thalia.bjn)
thalia.bjn27.11.2017 11:04:23


grand_maester27.11.2017 16:50:15

@funkasized  isn't the Smith family the worst? I don't get why society doesn't shut them down for being douche bags, seriously. I dislike everyone of them

Juls 🍍 (@juls_merenda)
juls_merenda27.11.2017 19:49:16

slay cara honey I️ literally love u💋

Yugen SEA (@yugsean)
yugsean28.11.2017 14:33:16

Tratando de justificar y normalizar los problemas emocionales? En vez de tratarlos? Mal va la sociedad con tanto sentimentalismo

Rosario (@rochiberges)
rochiberges28.11.2017 16:18:00


The K¡D (@darkkdizzy)
darkkdizzy28.11.2017 21:08:56

Then stop yelling, doing them hand gestures and talking shit when you disagree with us!! Otherwise we'll keep assuming either you're crazy or it's that time of the month!! You can't speak Chinese and expect a British to understand what you're saying!!! C'mon now! THINK!!!

Brian McCauley (@mrbrianmania)
mrbrianmania28.11.2017 23:05:42

Maybe if someone is critiquing your point you could idk use it to revise your point like have an open mind

laurengooderson (@laurengooderson)
laurengooderson29.11.2017 16:28:46


sina.j (@sina.jj.a)
sina.jj.a01.12.2017 21:09:29

So technically your agreeing that your crazyy ،؟

Erim (@tanehowl)
tanehowl01.12.2017 22:43:35

@sina.jj.a  No? They literally just said just because they disagree doesn't mean they are crazy. That's just you thinking the world revolves around you and your frail sensitive ego

Erim (@tanehowl)
tanehowl01.12.2017 22:47:03

@meliabottoms  Why are you getting worked up over that? Like Jesus Christ, maybe women shouldn't have these roles if there's people like you getting worked up over that. Women generally are more emotional and nurturing, that's just fact. That's better than being an insensitive b*tch. You should be glad he even said THAT, shows he thinks women have an important role. Please don't rant angrily if you reply ;)

sina.j (@sina.jj.a)
sina.jj.a01.12.2017 23:04:54

@tanehowl  don’t get offended now , I didn’t say your part of that , you a have a whole new category for yourself🐱!?

Erim (@tanehowl)
tanehowl01.12.2017 23:42:43

@sina.jj.a  What is there to be offended about? 😂 There you go, small brain getting defensive.

Victor Hugo Escalante Corral (@victorhugoescalant)
victorhugoescalant02.12.2017 02:20:58


Ben Langdale (@ben.langdale)
ben.langdale02.12.2017 11:24:59

Lol but science says otherwise... 😂

Ben Langdale (@ben.langdale)
ben.langdale02.12.2017 11:25:32

Hormones are an actual thing my dear. Don't discourage science bc you want people to believe your fake reality

Willa Sandman (@upperthighcramp)
upperthighcramp03.12.2017 13:39:16

@captkirk27  but in my case, I'm actually crazy 😘

🐷 (@alicearbury)
alicearbury05.12.2017 03:42:32

@jesse_b1994  take note please.

🙈🙉🙊 prōtos metaxỳ ísōn 😒😐🐘 (@babar_elephant_king)
babar_elephant_king05.12.2017 05:20:29

In simple terms, feminist theory is a theory on women’s rights and gender equality. It involves the study of women’s roles in society which include their rights, privileges, interests, and concerns. It serves as an extension to feminism which evaluates the rightful place of women in the society.

Katu Klan (kentyríōn) (@lucifer_spellbinder)
lucifer_spellbinder05.12.2017 05:36:24

@babar_elephant_king  Key areas of focus within feminist theory include discrimination and exclusion on the basis of sex and gender, objectification, structural and economic inequality, power and oppression, and gender roles and stereotypes, among others. Themes explored in feminism include discrimination, objectification (especially sexual objectification), oppression, patriarchy, stereotyping, art history and contemporary art, and aesthetics. isnt that the same

🙈🙉🙊 prōtos metaxỳ ísōn 😒😐🐘 (@babar_elephant_king)
babar_elephant_king05.12.2017 05:50:08

@hezbot75  although all feminists strive for gender equality, there are various ways to approach this theory, including liberal feminism, socialist feminism and radical feminism - its best understood as both an intellectual and a normative project. feminist theory provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world. the goals of this are: 1 to encourage a wide range of research into feminist theory, and 2) to encourage dialogue between women and men) from different countries around the world. hopefully, this will result in new connections, new ideas, and new information about feminist theory and women's movements. feminist theory has mostly three parts: 1) various fields within feminist theory; 2) different national / ethnic feminisms; and 3) individual feminists. all of these parts are updated and expanded regularly.

🙈🙉🙊 prōtos metaxỳ ísōn 😒😐🐘 (@babar_elephant_king)
babar_elephant_king05.12.2017 05:53:13

@hezbot75  feminist theories first began as an attempt to explain women’s oppression globally, following a grand theoretical approach akin to Marxism, the questions and emphases in the field have undergone some major shifts, while many theorists do focus on the question of how gender inequality manifests in institutions such as the workplace, home, armed forces, economy, or public sphere, others explore the range of practices that have come to be defined as masculine or feminine and how gender is constituted in relation to other social relations. Feminist theories can thus be used to explain how institutions operate with normative gendered assumptions and selectively reward or punish gendered practices.

🙈🙉🙊 prōtos metaxỳ ísōn 😒😐🐘 (@babar_elephant_king)
babar_elephant_king05.12.2017 05:55:10

@hezbot75  contemporary feminists look beyond the national level or location to focus on the effects of transnational economic, political, and cultural linkages on shaping gender.

Katu Klan (kentyríōn) (@lucifer_spellbinder)
lucifer_spellbinder05.12.2017 06:15:45

@babar_elephant_king  Homemaking is a mainly American term for the management of a home, otherwise known as housework, housekeeping, or household management. It is the act of overseeing the organizational, day-to-day operations of a house or estate, and the managing of other domestic concerns. A person in charge of the homemaking, who is not employed outside the home, is in the U.S. and Canada often called a homemaker, a term for a housewife or a househusband. The term "homemaker", however, may also refer to a social worker who manages a household during the incapacity of the housewife or househusband.

Katu Klan (kentyríōn) (@lucifer_spellbinder)
lucifer_spellbinder05.12.2017 06:20:46

@babar_elephant_king  home-making is a profession, just like any other, with its own set of knowledge, skills and abilities that must be learned if you want to be successful in the endeavor. in reality, however, too many women and men have never had the opportunity to acquire these essential life skills, causing them and their families to struggle both financially and psychologically as a result. Whether we like it or not, the condition of our home environments can have a significant impact on our mental and/or physical well-being.

Katu Klan (kentyríōn) (@lucifer_spellbinder)
lucifer_spellbinder05.12.2017 06:23:36

@babar_elephant_king  https://www.congress.gov/113/bills/hr803/BILLS-113hr803enr.pdf - under the workforce innovation and opportunity act, displaced homemakers are considered dislocated workers.

Anondi King (@anondi)
anondi05.12.2017 21:05:57


🕵🔊🐉 Dragon of the west •沖縄• (@derriansanakadirtyd)
derriansanakadirtyd05.12.2017 21:26:47

@anondi  what

🇱🇰🕯🇬🇧 Janine 💎 (@starjanine1)
starjanine106.12.2017 01:51:34


minettedebruyn2710.12.2017 15:26:24


dannie A (@wonderlustdannie)
wonderlustdannie10.12.2017 17:57:28

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ listen to women !

claire kern (@cekern)
cekern10.12.2017 19:42:48


Nadja Banmann (@nadushkita)
nadushkita11.12.2017 00:49:36


💜💜💜 (@rebecx.r)
rebecx.r11.12.2017 08:01:11


Nicole Flores (@colflores)
colflores11.12.2017 09:15:38


Jacob Quigley (@jacob.quigley8)
jacob.quigley811.12.2017 12:11:03

@rebecx.r  phahahaha social justice warriors

CHRISTINA (@christinax20)
christinax2011.12.2017 21:30:17


CHRISTINA (@christinax20)
christinax2011.12.2017 21:30:32

@tony102_  am I crazy hmmmm

Ninti💖 (@nintimarie)
nintimarie12.12.2017 08:35:19

@hennooo95  🤔😅

Hendrik (@hennooo95)
hennooo9512.12.2017 09:33:33

@nintimarie  😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kim Naraine (@kimnaraine)
kimnaraine12.12.2017 13:37:48


Laurel Ulland (@laurelulland)
laurelulland12.12.2017 14:01:13


ZARA MAHMOOOOOD🍚 (@zaram_priv_)
zaram_priv_13.12.2017 15:18:13


Emma Jarvis (@emmajarvis_)
emmajarvis_14.12.2017 06:58:35


zrajne14.12.2017 08:27:35


Jonathan William Devon Lukey (@jonathanlukey)
jonathanlukey14.12.2017 08:55:11

Ya but you've never met my ex ...

Marina (@marinaaa.c)
marinaaa.c15.12.2017 08:04:12


claudbod (@claudbod)
claudbod15.12.2017 13:28:00

@a_bizzle_  where is that guy with the man bun😍🙌🏻 how do we find him

Farah Chatila (@farahchh)
farahchh15.12.2017 19:37:32

@salimghalayini  ntebih 3a halak.

Berta García (@bxrtoops)
bxrtoops18.12.2017 10:15:53

this is important

┋Grace Watson ┋ (@grac3watson)
grac3watson18.12.2017 23:10:14


ICB (@ilacbrenna)
ilacbrenna19.12.2017 01:36:27

@leololocatelli  non solo nella cultura pop.

Kitty Purren (@kittypurren)
kittypurren23.12.2017 16:01:34

@clark_10  🤔

k a y l a🌻💓 | s p a m  a c c ! (@b.abyduck)
b.abyduck26.12.2017 20:02:40

i love this

Colton (@c0ltonp0w3rs)
c0ltonp0w3rs27.12.2017 21:00:15

Why is it everyone wants to be a victim, so what if someone says if your on your period. Sex slavery is at an all time high but you want to bitch about this

maranda ♡ (@ok.maranda)
ok.maranda31.12.2017 00:33:31


CD | mb (@chiara.antcl)
chiara.antcl06.01.2018 14:15:42

Girl power 👊🏼👊🏼❤️👏🏼 @caradelevingne 

kavya (@kavberry)
kavberry06.01.2018 23:02:21


Deniz Sürmeli (@denizsurmelii)
denizsurmelii07.01.2018 16:15:34

@omeryzb  baştaki kadın gomis değil mi lan

ᗰae.ᒪee【ツ】 (@phoebe_leeym)
phoebe_leeym13.01.2018 05:56:30


Emily Maria Simoncini (@emily_simoncini)
emily_simoncini13.01.2018 06:22:33

@anniies_world  look

♔Erin Smith♔ (@esm0oth)
esm0oth13.01.2018 08:18:02


Kamu Grugier-Hill (@kamugrugierhill)
kamugrugierhill13.01.2018 08:35:43

@esm0oth  you’re crazy lmao

Dani  Fontaine (@danifontaine)
danifontaine13.01.2018 15:17:51


sam🐜a gilmore 🦎🌞🔮‎سامانثا (@samantha0erinna)
samantha0erinna13.01.2018 17:53:48


Rupert (@nebularhypothesis)
nebularhypothesis14.01.2018 02:56:39


kkpress (@kkpress)
kkpress25.01.2018 14:47:48


Diala Karawani (@dialawhatevez)
dialawhatevez31.01.2018 19:21:25

@justacoolusername  shufe lvideo... wlaw zy shu ana bfkr blzbt... ente the other girl who blames her p

Ilaria_Morgana (@morgana_crea)
morgana_crea03.02.2018 14:03:26


J.K. (@jennak0184)
jennak018404.02.2018 02:33:43

Embrace the cray! F everyone else

Polly Friend 👽 (@pollyfriend)
pollyfriend04.02.2018 03:50:14

@_marney_x  watch

Islandsweety11 💜 (@islandlady11)
islandlady1110.02.2018 11:29:33


Puriste Skincare (@puristeskincare)
puristeskincare13.02.2018 22:12:26


Talita Motta Beneli (@talitamottab)
talitamottab15.02.2018 12:39:13

Need to share this..but there isn't enough space for repost app in my mobile

Lokeshwar (@olly_chaudhary)
olly_chaudhary18.02.2018 04:45:54

People who disrespect women are half mind cow dung

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