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Delvin Jackson (@d3lvinj)
d3lvinj07.12.2017 01:00:25

Love you pops! You're still the king @c.t.ali.fletcher  !

Deshawn Thomas (@dewitt.__thomas)
dewitt.__thomas07.12.2017 01:11:36

You're a fighter and that means ISYMFS

Vinnie (@vinnief67)
vinnief6707.12.2017 01:17:04

Propper soldier x

flourishforlife07.12.2017 01:22:47

Sir. King C.T. Fletcher. You're the one that push my fat lazy ass off the couch. Watching your videos gave me the push to go to the gym and fuck up some shit!!!! I have your voice in my head telling me "Get Your Punk Ass Up Boyyyyy You're Not Done Yet, Push This Shit"!!! I don't know any man on the earth face death so many times like you did. I must come see you next year on my vacation time and visit iconic gym on the west coast. I'm praying for you Popo. You have a new adopted son in NYC. I Love You Man You Have Changed My Life @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Human_Bingz (@human_bingz)
human_bingz07.12.2017 01:39:04

Thank God, you won, again. Your strength and resilience is immeasurable! There is no question you are here for a reason, especially for the special ones like seeing @supermanjr95  kick ass! God bless, CT 🙏💪 ISYMFS

Samson C.T Fletcher (@supermanjr95)
supermanjr9507.12.2017 01:40:46

@human_bingz  Thank you my brother🙏🏼. God bless you

TUBBY (@whyh8te)
whyh8te07.12.2017 01:47:16


Demetrius Wright II (@turbospeed4)
turbospeed407.12.2017 02:04:17


Jody (@iamtheoneandonlyjody)
iamtheoneandonlyjody07.12.2017 02:18:19

😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘X a trillion

"I am..." (@man_vs_house)
man_vs_house07.12.2017 02:41:00

Great souls inhabit you. Thanks for being that vehicle. We appreciate the example.

mdog_8907.12.2017 02:52:02

You are still mfking ct fletcher no matter what they say 💪💪your videos pump me up before i go to the gym @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Craig Frankis (@ct_frankis)
ct_frankis07.12.2017 03:09:51

You are still ct mfking fletcher and they better believe that

Tiger (@sidharrth_chhabra)
sidharrth_chhabra07.12.2017 03:19:00

CT doesnt and will never look fucked up. He will always be a fuckin lion. Ur the man, pops

aa (@danny.5555)
danny.555507.12.2017 03:28:21

کاکا سیاه

"El Rey Leon" (@sheddrickwilson)
sheddrickwilson07.12.2017 03:34:39

Praying for you in Arkansas CT!

June / LRIII (@_kidjuice__)
_kidjuice__07.12.2017 03:34:52

@ashton501  @leroythelobster  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Kinney Muscle (@kinneymuscle)
kinneymuscle07.12.2017 03:41:19


Paul Watts (@paul_watts1)
paul_watts107.12.2017 04:02:39

Looking healthy C.T, my first ever comment but has to be said health is more important than being huge. Got your boy to take the lead now while you get ur self better 💪🏻👊🏻 @c.t.ali.fletcher  @supermanjr95 

Ahmed A. (@stun76er)
stun76er07.12.2017 04:04:33

@mealone7777  @alasiri_abdulrahman  صار سلك 💔

A.HaMelech (@nycscholar)
nycscholar07.12.2017 04:04:43

Salute KING

Dj Ghuman   |X-FUSION| (@djghuman)
djghuman07.12.2017 04:08:26

@c.t.ali.fletcher  💪💪💪

Filos Olsen (@filosolsen)
filosolsen07.12.2017 04:26:08

Fuck what every one thinks C.T in my eye's your a fighter and a inspiration take care and I'll be praying for u😎

Alex NiJu (@cortesbernalemp)
cortesbernalemp07.12.2017 04:29:33

Respect ✊🏻💪🏻👊🏻 C.T. Best of the best ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

Bradley Limon (@ssbradleeey)
ssbradleeey07.12.2017 04:44:11

Love ya pops

NLB (@favdlydell)
favdlydell07.12.2017 04:52:16

Big ups to big homie c.t.! Stay strong!

Misty  Easler (@actormistyeasler)
actormistyeasler07.12.2017 04:53:20

@c.t.ali.fletcher  We all Love and are Praying for you and your families strength & healing

Ashish vyas. (@iamashishvyaas)
iamashishvyaas07.12.2017 04:59:40

CT is best mahn

James Peterson (@jamespeterson895)
jamespeterson89507.12.2017 05:27:18

Your an amazing person, hope you are well 🔥❤

Alfred Henderson (@housekatt1)
housekatt107.12.2017 05:28:04

Don't worry about what people think about you losing weight? Do what you have to so you can stay on this earth longer for your family Mr. Fletcher because when your gone they will move on to the next mother f##k 

Tree_Mend_Us (@tree_mend_us)
tree_mend_us07.12.2017 05:47:50

C.T. we love you. A true inspiration to myselfand my health. If you havent already, you should write a book on your life and training. Id be honored to give it a read and hope one day, we meet for lunch and hanging with the iron addicts. U a badd mutha fucka!÷]

strongy danger stanford (@asn_beast_unleashed)
asn_beast_unleashed07.12.2017 05:50:25

You are amazing @c.t.ali.fletcher 

JTMac (@jtmac_)
jtmac_07.12.2017 05:55:05

Wishing you well, and praying for you brother!

Bradford Goodman (@bradfordgoodman)
bradfordgoodman07.12.2017 06:15:55

God bless you all

Toros Gabriel (@torosgabor)
torosgabor07.12.2017 06:30:33

Respect CT never give up !

Nicks (@nicks828)
nicks82807.12.2017 06:32:47


Batuhan Ünver (@unver__batuhan)
unver__batuhan07.12.2017 06:47:45


Steven Young (@syoung529)
syoung52907.12.2017 07:20:36

You're still an inspiration to me, sir

Shanae Creasey-Parks (@creaseyparksshanae)
creaseyparksshanae07.12.2017 07:21:35

You’re still the greatest! Fuck what everybody else is saying!!! You’re still an inspiration and still kicking ass! Keep kicking death ass ❤️

Sean (@sean_michael85)
sean_michael8507.12.2017 07:26:39

Make a shirt that say’s “rerack your fucken weights” lol

Brian J. Pride (@tidal_whave)
tidal_whave07.12.2017 07:41:42

@c.t.ali.fletcher  Fu*k Death!! Command that mudafuka to leave.

Wayne Da Pinoyboy Crear (@pinoyboy1968)
pinoyboy196807.12.2017 07:58:15

You are still standing..and you will prevail. You are a positive influence on me with my pursuit of physical fitness.

Wayne Da Pinoyboy Crear (@pinoyboy1968)
pinoyboy196807.12.2017 07:58:34

Tell Death to fuck off

sobhi (@sobhihalabi1)
sobhihalabi107.12.2017 08:12:49

is your journey's over ??? @sharbelbayeh  fuckk No!!

Владислав  Байко (@v_l_a_d_i_s_l_a_v_16)
v_l_a_d_i_s_l_a_v_1607.12.2017 08:20:58

@c.t.ali.fletcher  GOD BLESS YOU💪

Serega Bagdasaryan (@seregashark)
seregashark07.12.2017 08:33:03

check my deadlift🔥

cajunway5007.12.2017 08:35:11

But it’s still your MFin set - and we stand with you - keep doin what you do!

🔥🔥🐐The Young Music God🐐🔥🔥 (@kingjaytotheworld)
kingjaytotheworld07.12.2017 08:37:41

Fuck em💪💪💪💪.....you will always be a warrior in our eyesp

David G. Montano “DasekOne” (@davidgmontano)
davidgmontano07.12.2017 08:40:03

@c.t.ali.fletcher  Legends Never Die and still mother fucking C.T. Fletcher! Another amazing story to add to your book of Life. #prayers🙏 

Moses (@canes78)
canes7807.12.2017 08:45:07

@c.t.ali.fletcher  don't ever stop that muthafucka keep pushing. You inspire daily. Prayers for you King!

Ivana Ivusic (@ivanaivusic)
ivanaivusic07.12.2017 08:49:05

You the man CT

CALI SQUAD INK (@lewisfamilymoney)
lewisfamilymoney07.12.2017 08:52:49

CT helps me to get up off my ass, stop acting like a bitch, get in that gym, & rule some fuckin iron! Btw.. it's still yo mutha fuckin set!

Danny Stern (@mindright33)
mindright3307.12.2017 09:10:51

Because he woke up to live another day! Blessings CT.

Duccmatic (@duccmatic7578)
duccmatic757807.12.2017 09:11:59


Rise Up Fightwear-Bjj/MMA/FiT (@riseupfightwear)
riseupfightwear07.12.2017 09:12:06

Many prayers of strength and healing to you CT! You continue to inspire even through your own battle, you are truly a legend! Thank you! 👊😎

Daman Miles "Titan" (@fitness_titan)
fitness_titan07.12.2017 09:27:47

Still praying for my mafucka

preewilliams (@preewilliams)
preewilliams07.12.2017 09:42:51

🙏🏾 Up

D. James (@ondemanned216)
ondemanned21607.12.2017 09:45:35

Still an inspiration to me!! Fuck what they talking about!!! Stay strong out here!!!

Lucius-Mugambi Akin-Reed (@lou_vega_tha_chef)
lou_vega_tha_chef07.12.2017 09:46:21

Enjoy your family and your life @c.t.ali.fletcher  . You have nothing to prove to anyone! Much love and respect! God bless you!

innocent Opusunju (@iam_kratos)
iam_kratos07.12.2017 10:09:42

You're my mentor and inspiration in all aspect of life no matter what, love always pops.

mas.khos.1360201707.12.2017 10:33:09


Br0theR3ck (@br0ther3ck)
br0ther3ck07.12.2017 10:37:46

Praying for you 🙏🏾💪🏾 @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Birungi Baskin (@birungibaskin)
birungibaskin07.12.2017 10:42:34

Godbless u man u inspire me to do that last rep

_fresh3307.12.2017 10:58:00

Prayers up keep your head up and stay positive CT don’t let the haters and bad comments get to you God speed

stallionaire08 (@stallionaire08)
stallionaire0807.12.2017 11:23:45

Stay positive... Cause u still ct fletcher!!!! @c.t.ali.fletcher  my full unconditional iron affiliated blood is with you man!!!!! Every time i see you i see my dad....

stallionaire08 (@stallionaire08)
stallionaire0807.12.2017 11:23:57

#isymfs  too

Yatta/151 (@pottagoalz_fly_yatta)
pottagoalz_fly_yatta07.12.2017 11:48:38


James Allen Aka Godsson (@james_godsson_)
james_godsson_07.12.2017 11:50:02

Hang in there ct I almost most my life to sickle cell and septis last year you got this .!!

savage_azzbull (@savage_azzbull)
savage_azzbull07.12.2017 12:05:10


Johnny Perez (@johnnyboi79)
johnnyboi7907.12.2017 12:11:40

Can’t leave us yet CT It’s still you muthafucking set!!!

mdh (@mdh323)
mdh32307.12.2017 12:43:36

Keep fighting the good fight C.T. we all love you 💪💪💪💪💪

Kyle Stahlman (@k.stahlman)
k.stahlman07.12.2017 12:46:22

@legendary_payne  thanks I appreciate that so much.

Marcus (@geaux_marcus)
geaux_marcus07.12.2017 13:40:16

#isymfs  UNC!

nemean_lion_07.12.2017 13:52:21

Keep fighting C.T we here to listen anytime.

NLZ (@nlz_7)
nlz_707.12.2017 14:16:09

@c.t.ali.fletcher  OG nothing can change who you are and the raw motivation you give you always 💯 #ISYMFS 

Louie Serrano (@inkvaultlouie)
inkvaultlouie07.12.2017 14:45:53

Like OL’ George Lopez once said “Fuck Them Putos”

One of The Ones (@onenickrubio)
onenickrubio07.12.2017 14:47:21

1 day at a time, we love ya OG

Carlisle (@cbravo2010)
cbravo201007.12.2017 15:38:55


Kim Andre (@its_nice._kimbozlice)
its_nice._kimbozlice07.12.2017 16:21:46

Take it easy C.T. ! To early to hit the dirt just now, man!

Sean Smith (@seansmitheve)
seansmitheve07.12.2017 16:37:27

@c.t.ali.fletcher  Im a dad of 4 work 6 days a week and lift 6 days a week you have motivated me since your 1st video to push myself to get the fuck up and do shit every day.. Stay strong and i hope and pray you get your heart soon 💪💪

John Cornish III (@moneytalkguy)
moneytalkguy07.12.2017 16:40:54

Inspiration 💪🏿📈 #isymfs  so get off that couch 🛋

jamespoullard (@jamespoullard0977)
jamespoullard097707.12.2017 16:44:45


Rahzillah Ausar (@rahzillah_inc)
rahzillah_inc07.12.2017 17:20:05

U are loved brother. Peace and Blessings Always @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Superman (@04_mustang_gt)
04_mustang_gt07.12.2017 17:34:46

CT you the man bro! Keep you head, and lift!! Until next bro!

Nico Fab (@nicofab79)
nicofab7907.12.2017 18:13:30

Living Legend 💪🏾

Deidesheimer (@__bigray__)
__bigray__07.12.2017 18:16:08

Its still your set !!!

Chris Colón (@seattlesubsonic)
seattlesubsonic07.12.2017 18:25:52

If I could only accomplished half of what you’ve done throughout your life @c.t.ali.fletcher  💪🏽 We’re all rooting for your health so hang in there champ! #GOAT  🐐 we ain’t through with you yet damn it!!!

krizx07.12.2017 19:09:48


gfhicks207.12.2017 19:34:35


MYB.™ Performance & Apparel (@manningyourbodyperformance)
manningyourbodyperformance07.12.2017 20:10:58


Jake (@takeontheworldfitness)
takeontheworldfitness07.12.2017 20:53:17

Keep your head up and spirits high CT ... you got an army of fucking support behind you.

Bruce Smith II (@b2inc1973)
b2inc197307.12.2017 21:46:12

May God continue to breathe his wonderful glory and spirit in you!.. God isn't finish with yet my brother!.. God bless you and stay blessed! @c.t.ali.fletcher 

loveyourself1st (@miss.iamdivine)
miss.iamdivine07.12.2017 22:06:27

who cares what people say! keep doing u! your my mentor 4 life!

Tj Page (@tj.page.927)
tj.page.92707.12.2017 22:40:53

CT. You are awesome I first found out about you from a mutual friend the Comanche warrior tim Johnson since then I have followed you an I haven't really wanted it bad enough an have been battling with my mind my inner demons but I have listened to your enough an remember all the thing big tim has told me I let him down so many times. Well not anymore thank you for what you do god has his hand on you sir .

Yadira Rivera-Cartagena (@yaya070111)
yaya07011107.12.2017 22:51:18


NR (@ne.r4)
ne.r407.12.2017 23:06:34

Its only rest time. Your set aint over old man👊🏼

Ad Johnson (@smokey0717)
smokey071707.12.2017 23:13:19

Couldn't of said it any better

Gregory Sealey (@oneaboveall83)
oneaboveall8308.12.2017 01:33:44

Hopefully one day I will meet you Mr. Flecher and shake your head and tell you if it wasnt for you I would have never gone back in the gym and pick up them weights once again. You see I have scoliosis and I had stoped training but now after watching you and seeing what you went through I now am back in the gym and I am bigger and stronger than ever. Thank You! @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Paul Kevorkian (@paul_a_kevork)
paul_a_kevork08.12.2017 03:20:26

You da man CT!!💪🙂🙏

The $h££p in VVolves €lothing© (@mikeasy408)
mikeasy40808.12.2017 04:00:43


brett sandeman (@thebeastmasterproject)
thebeastmasterproject08.12.2017 06:12:57

Your words are the true inspiration I use to push forward! Thank you!! Stay strong champion!!

David Dunne (@david1989dunne)
david1989dunne08.12.2017 06:25:45

God is good all the time CT stay strong God bless always

j🇻🇨🇬🇩 (@therealjonnyambrose)
therealjonnyambrose08.12.2017 06:27:25

Hey...I hope you make a speedy recovery @c.t.ali.fletcher  Sending best wishes from London!

Terry Simon (@sixfootover13)
sixfootover1308.12.2017 06:47:09

We love you man. So get your ass off that fucking sofa cause ISYMFS

Dr. LMN, PharmD (@longitude561)
longitude56108.12.2017 08:01:31

You're the father and motivator to so many out there whether you know it or not. I definitely needed that push making it through my doctorate program. Love ya pops

George Mejia (@mrg5150)
mrg515008.12.2017 08:19:27


Human_Bingz (@human_bingz)
human_bingz08.12.2017 09:09:03

@supermanjr95  Thank you. God Bless you too, man! Keep it up!!

🔞😬😎🏋🏽♈️ (@sha89sha)
sha89sha08.12.2017 11:43:09

Isymfs loads more in the tank brother💪🏽👊🏽

Haven Drake Maltry (@havenmaltry)
havenmaltry08.12.2017 13:11:10

Keep fighting CT!! Been watching you since before you were fAmous! Much love from Asheville, NC! @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Samantha Somers (@samantha.s14_)
samantha.s14_08.12.2017 13:43:59


$t@n (@_stan502)
_stan50208.12.2017 14:25:22

fuck death

LC (@fittwobefine)
fittwobefine08.12.2017 15:27:45

My wife and i have alot love.for you.. are true motivation to us.. and we wish u speedy recovery lol i think u will met your match if no wife...peace and blessing to un ur family..

OG (@big_joe_lightsoutfit)
big_joe_lightsoutfit08.12.2017 15:37:44

@c.t.ali.fletcher  You are motivation!!!! Hope you are recovering well! God bless. #fuckdeath 

Angela Prattis (@nappilyevaafta)
nappilyevaafta08.12.2017 16:09:56


Leron Mason (@healthy_shredz)
healthy_shredz08.12.2017 18:31:57

That lamp in the background is fly as shit.... Praying u get the new heart so u can get back to hollering and your new and improve self! Stay blessed @c.t.ali.fletcher 

thrashermagz08.12.2017 19:12:39

Get better man love you brotha

Usman hashmi (@usman_hash)
usman_hash08.12.2017 19:50:00

ct moutha fuckin fletcher always my fucking motivational ..fuck what they say .long live the king ✌

Chuck is Universal (@chuckygotit)
chuckygotit08.12.2017 21:16:55

Keep on keeping on champ. Get well Captain

Eric (@solon_31)
solon_3108.12.2017 22:53:55

You always motivate the shit out of me C.T.! I’m happy you still with us! It’s symfs!

The Alex Striz (@mr.striz)
mr.striz09.12.2017 07:27:18


The Alex Striz (@mr.striz)
mr.striz09.12.2017 07:31:13

The father of lifting himself..I’m missing half my back from a car wreck.. im not supposed to lift I weigh 161 I bench 335.. squat 315 and curl like no other. You my sir have been my inspiration to keep fighting even after I was told I could never compress my spine or workout at a high volume.. ha ha showed them, thanks for the inspiration and the incredible will power to see that anything is possible.. just takes Dedication & Love. @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Deadshot (@the_insane_biker_official)
the_insane_biker_official09.12.2017 07:35:12

@c.t.ali.fletcher  You have been the very reason I still lift with theses broken Bones, isymfs is always in my head no matter how sore this body feels,I get up each day and kill it each day. Get well soon my friend,speedy recovery 😘

DJ MENACE [Official] (@djmenacenl)
djmenacenl09.12.2017 08:01:07


SteelandIronTraining⛓⚔Zee⚔⛓ (@steelandirontraining)
steelandirontraining09.12.2017 08:31:06

Keep workin out But Maybe u should chill with the supplements and eat a lil healthier. . I mean that with love Bruh! Want u to live a long time! You're one of the people we can walk into the gym and mention ya name and everyone knows who u are ! Gym Legend ✊

Abd Rahman ✘⚫ (@abdxotwod)
abdxotwod09.12.2017 08:40:34


Rudd's Fitness (@ruddsfitness)
ruddsfitness09.12.2017 10:15:24

Praying for you. We need you around

Rudd's Fitness (@ruddsfitness)
ruddsfitness09.12.2017 10:16:41

@steelandirontraining  obviously you don't know about his heart conditions? Has nothing to do with his eating or supplements

SteelandIronTraining⛓⚔Zee⚔⛓ (@steelandirontraining)
steelandirontraining09.12.2017 10:33:37

@ruddsfitness  - Well I don't know him do I. . Just a suggestion from a fellow PT that trains A lot of people with heart conditions BRUH .. Last I checked I'm entitled to give a suggestion to someone I enjoy following on instagram 👌

Black Sunfower Samurai 🌻🎎☮🕉 (@airothebuddha)
airothebuddha09.12.2017 10:39:57

If something happen to this man, I'm going to cry and I haven't cried since my Dad died.

jrwavey09.12.2017 13:41:00


Corey Mickerson (@thetrainingday)
thetrainingday09.12.2017 17:36:46

@c.t.ali.fletcher  Get well brotha

AUTHENTIC (@kozen.saleh)
kozen.saleh09.12.2017 18:31:02

Prayers and blessings for you pops!!! Still THE BADDEST! @c.t.ali.fletcher  ❤💪

Christopher Villegas (@c_villegas89)
c_villegas8909.12.2017 18:40:09

@c.t.ali.fletcher  God bless!!! A TRUE MOTIVATION.

Carlos Garcia (@ceelosgarcia)
ceelosgarcia09.12.2017 20:51:17

@c.t.ali.fletcher  you inspire this young devil dog to work his ass off 💯 #isymfs 

KING (@kinglegend222)
kinglegend22209.12.2017 23:29:01

My inspiration.

Brad Munro (@bradmunro86)
bradmunro8610.12.2017 12:56:40

Get well you fuckin legend! 💪

efe akyildiz (@flying_airs)
flying_airs10.12.2017 14:29:10

Adamın giriş sesi muther fucker

XxXFitnessfreakXxX (@coachdiggz)
coachdiggz10.12.2017 19:54:14

Love ya pops FUCK EM!!! You blessed king 🙏💙 @c.t.ali.fletcher 

Oscar G* (@_okar_)
_okar_11.12.2017 01:49:32

Isymfs my man

Jamyl Moore (@titanup2018)
titanup201812.12.2017 04:26:50


Charles Farris Jr (@cfarris321)
cfarris32112.12.2017 08:06:43

@titanup2017  yea

Gary (@gmoney828)
gmoney82813.12.2017 08:37:01

@steelandirontraining  you do know he's now vegan right? Can't get no healthier then that 👍

PeakCheck💪🏼 (@peakcheck)
peakcheck13.12.2017 10:12:26

Lol. YOU FUNNY AF MR. 😜🙏🏼❤️

SteelandIronTraining⛓⚔Zee⚔⛓ (@steelandirontraining)
steelandirontraining13.12.2017 10:26:18

@steelandirontraining  - Good for him ✊ That's what I was getting at. But like I said I don't know him personally. . Was just a suggestion! He beat me too it 👌

Jακε Μαurεr (@_jmaurer17)
_jmaurer1713.12.2017 23:08:50

@bowtosebastian  this

Z Fit dubai (@zactive_wear)
zactive_wear14.12.2017 08:43:40

@c.t.ali.fletcher  love you man keep you’re spirits high you fly af #champ 

Bootsyano (@bootsyano)
bootsyano14.12.2017 19:00:56

@c.t.ali.fletcher  glad all is well unc continue to get better!

Mista Onehundid (@100percentselfmade)
100percentselfmade15.12.2017 18:07:05

@c.t.ali.fletcher  I'm so sorry to hear about your heart attack, even more I'm glad you're still here, maybe just maybe one day I can meet you. Yours, Mike's, Rob's, and Kali's videos start my day. Even though I know I've got mad love for @c.t.ali.fletcher  thanks for staying with us. One

سوگند  • sogand (@s0gand_)
s0gand_07.01.2018 12:30:58

You are so pure. God bless you. I hope you read this too 💞

miguelsams (@driven2excel)
driven2excel29.01.2018 21:52:09

Stay Strong CT!!!! We need you more than ever!!!! You are a Overcomer!!! Live like a Lion!!!! My Motivator!!! #supermanfromcompton  #isymfs‼️ 

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