Her Majesty The Queen opened the Great Court 17 years ago. The impressive roof stands 26.3 metres above floor level – that’s nearly as tall as six dou... - British Museum (@britishmuseum)

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Azah Al-Soufi (@soufiazah)
soufiazah07.12.2017 04:58:55

Wow!💜 it took my breath away😮👏👏👏

Claire (@arrogant0at)
arrogant0at07.12.2017 06:43:45

잘 기억해요^^ 그 천정!!

jarileo (@jarileo)
jarileo07.12.2017 07:27:53

@britishmuseum  Thank you for sharing! 🙌😊 And, above all, simply for existing! ❤️

Artissimo Web Gallery (@artissimo.web.gallery)
artissimo.web.gallery07.12.2017 09:38:52


Karyne (@karynecg)
karynecg07.12.2017 10:19:41

How I miss this amazing museum!

Dilenia (@dileniation)
dileniation07.12.2017 10:35:51

Issa cool 😎 my regards to the queen

Rangihīroa Panoho (@rangihiroa)
rangihiroa07.12.2017 11:57:23

Strange BM doesn’t name the architect Sir Norman Foster. It’s a little like looking at the painting ‘Guernica’, currently displayed at the Reina Sofia, Madrid and neglecting to acknowledge Picasso as the creator

Ginny Frisky 💃🏼 (@ginny_frisky)
ginny_frisky07.12.2017 14:44:56

I love this court. I always visit it when I’m in London 💖

JungeFreunde | Sprengel Museum (@junge_sprengelfreunde)
junge_sprengelfreunde07.12.2017 15:29:56

Great minimalistic!

Elizabeth Chen (@liznewchen)
liznewchen07.12.2017 15:59:53

need to come back to see all these new renovations! :)

pozzillo (@pozzillo6)
pozzillo608.12.2017 05:42:24

Soon ill be there... Gift tickets for Christmas?

Guillermina Masia (@guillerminamasia)
guillerminamasia10.12.2017 06:17:56


History, travel, cities (@sernaut)
sernaut13.12.2017 11:18:22

Wonderful place and stunning roof. The British Museum I miss you.

My Hotels (@myhotels_group)
myhotels_group22.12.2017 07:59:19

One of our favourite spots in London ❤️

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