United Colors of Benetton – Italian style, knitwear and colors.
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21.01.2018 07:56:56
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20.01.2018 12:09:34
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We get up to all sorts. #Benetton #colors #SS18
19.01.2018 09:54:22
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Ribbons as pockets, #colors as companions. #Benetton #SS18 #kids #pufferjackets
19.01.2018 08:00:40
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Spring is a time for Spring cleaning. #Benetton #colors #SS18
19.01.2018 04:00:20
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The "Non fate i bravi" exhibition will be on display from today until January 21st at Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence. @olivierotoscanistudio #Benetton #pittibimbo
18.01.2018 10:36:36
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The photographs of boys and girls taken by Oliviero Toscani for Benetton are printed and attached onto a three-metre wide reel, which - like a DNA helix - unfurl among the columns of the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard. @olivierotoscanistudio #Benetton #pittibimbo
18.01.2018 08:39:57
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Until January 21st, 2018, during @pittimmagine Bimbo, Florence's Palazzo Strozzi will host an exhibition of pictures of children taken by Oliviero Toscani for United Colors of Benetton. @olivierotoscanistudio #Benetton #pittibimbo
18.01.2018 03:55:47