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railfanmikey23.02.2018 00:33:51


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Jack Mario (@jackmario82)
jackmario8223.02.2018 01:43:48

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amanda adamovsky (@amandaadamovsky25)
amandaadamovsky2523.02.2018 02:08:55

Should post this artists other paintings of beheadings! ! #tasteless  #glorifyanything 

amanda adamovsky (@amandaadamovsky25)
amandaadamovsky2523.02.2018 02:10:45

Funny people call Trump racist but yet Obama had his picture done, by an "artist" who painted pictures of black women beheading white women...SMDH

🌞 (@reefcoral9712)
reefcoral971223.02.2018 02:34:16

@asherald  is the most racist pig around. I don't like to knock other artists, but your work sucks. Heavy ugly unrealistic depressing colors, all your art work looks flat and amature, my 5yr old could probably sell more art work then you. You're a disgrace & irresponsible, painting racist images of beheading white woman.....shows how creative and intelligent you are....NOT. Shows how thirsty and desperate you are , you paint nonsense, racist disturbing violent shitty paintings, bc that's real normal. Somebksy should evaluate you, Wack job. Id like to purchase all your "art" work for my fire pit, & burn it, where trash belongs!!! It's actually funny too bc it shows how miserable, angry

🌞 (@reefcoral9712)
reefcoral971223.02.2018 02:37:32

You are. Your whole Ora sucks #badvibes  #shittyartist  #racistwoman  #cantpaintforshit  #dontquityourdayjob.  @asherald  imagine if Trump hired a KKK member to paint his and his wife's photo. There would be 73926 VIOLENT marches across America. Get it together and tighten up you miserable #UGLY  human

🌞 (@reefcoral9712)
reefcoral971223.02.2018 02:39:18

@amandaadamovsky25  These People are so not informed it's sad. Imagine if roles where flipped and Trump hired a KKK painter to do his artwork. A kkk member famous for painting black people hanging from trees...the hypocrisy is so beyond

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thomaslarssonloanfirm23.02.2018 03:09:01

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Andrie Wu (@andriewu)
andriewu23.02.2018 04:48:25

Mr Obama,you are the most popular president of USA in the past few decades!please tell me you will go back to the oval office once more!

BROTHERHOOD ILLUMINATI (@illuminatihoodworldwide)
illuminatihoodworldwide23.02.2018 07:03:09


BROTHERHOOD ILLUMINATI (@illuminatihoodworldwide)
illuminatihoodworldwide23.02.2018 07:03:25


lynda shavo (@lynda_shavo)
lynda_shavo23.02.2018 07:55:56

ur the best

Zen (@zen860_backup)
zen860_backup23.02.2018 08:11:13

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Jack Mario (@jackmario82)
jackmario8223.02.2018 08:12:10

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dont_click_my_page_23.02.2018 08:34:32


Joanna Williams (@joannaslh)
joannaslh23.02.2018 09:13:28

Obama for president!!!!!

Mustapha Umaru (@mustaphaumaru)
mustaphaumaru23.02.2018 10:35:07


Gabe Schonman (@gschon23)
gschon2323.02.2018 10:52:26

@amandaadamovsky25  you can't be racist towards white people. Reverse racism isn't real

Shannon (@shannonmichellle)
shannonmichellle23.02.2018 11:44:36

@david.hutch  this could be you 😂

David Hutchinson (@david.hutch)
david.hutch23.02.2018 11:46:37

@shannonmichellle  HAHAHA omg now I definitely am going back to that spot

Crowe (@mericabird)
mericabird23.02.2018 11:50:36

@gschon23  I was literally beaten up by a group of thugs because I was white in a bad town. Please leave with your ignorance.

Crowe (@mericabird)
mericabird23.02.2018 11:51:30

Why does everyone get like 200 likes in this comment section.

Gabe Schonman (@gschon23)
gschon2323.02.2018 11:52:51

@mericabird  that's unfortunate. But systemic racism is the oppression of another group of people because of the color of their skin. White people have never been oppressed. America was made by white people for white people

Don't read my post (@dont.read.my.bio__)
dont.read.my.bio__23.02.2018 11:53:30

Dont read my profile picture

Gabe Schonman (@gschon23)
gschon2323.02.2018 11:53:45

@mericabird  and I doubt that the sole purpose of the "thugs" beating you up was the color of your skin

Gabe Schonman (@gschon23)
gschon2323.02.2018 11:55:43

@mericabird  whites were never enslaved in America and Jim Crow laws were beneficial to whites. Come on now.

Zen (@zen860_backup)
zen860_backup23.02.2018 12:10:34

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The Big Picture (@bob_ross_boss)
bob_ross_boss23.02.2018 12:16:39

@barackobama  your not president anymore tho? 😂😂😂

Chargers & Airpods (@chargeitup_)
chargeitup_23.02.2018 12:22:54


Crowe (@mericabird)
mericabird23.02.2018 12:28:54

@gschon23  Systematic racism and racism are different, you said racism at first. And the thugs didn’t even steal my wallet.

dont_click_my_page_23.02.2018 12:36:32


Gabriel Petersen (@gabe.petersen)
gabe.petersen23.02.2018 12:56:35

Waste of good air

doğnun gençileri 21 (@dognun_gencleri_21)
dognun_gencleri_2123.02.2018 13:38:00

İki güzel eş

low-stakes genius (@jennystarpepper2.0)
jennystarpepper2.023.02.2018 13:55:32

@reefcoral9712  why are you so miserable and angry?

low-stakes genius (@jennystarpepper2.0)
jennystarpepper2.023.02.2018 13:57:02

@pmurtnod  no profile pic, comrade?

low-stakes genius (@jennystarpepper2.0)
jennystarpepper2.023.02.2018 13:58:36

@brunorobert87  popes arent prophets. Did you know that?

schemin.demon23.02.2018 14:12:35

Please come back obama we miss u

🌞 (@reefcoral9712)
reefcoral971223.02.2018 14:47:35

@jennystarpepper2.0  hypocrites. Not angry just blows my mind people would support such a racist ugly woman who's paintings really aren't good at all 😂

Holly of Holies (@jerusalem.1948)
jerusalem.194823.02.2018 15:18:47


Hollywoodcakes (@hollywoodcakes.emc)
hollywoodcakes.emc23.02.2018 16:11:54


Alex (@arod2342)
arod234223.02.2018 16:16:12

lol it's really ugly, good job setting the bad low

Kai (@imkaishing)
imkaishing23.02.2018 17:15:10

Painting is a failure just like his presidency

Kyle Shuff (@kyle_shuff)
kyle_shuff23.02.2018 17:27:50

@schemin.demon  yall miss livin on welfare

Khalifa bin Huwaidan Advocates (@advocat_dubai)
advocat_dubai23.02.2018 17:39:14


wvgg (@wvgg)
wvgg23.02.2018 18:04:43

Hussein you will never lead the United Nations ... Scum Corrupt ... Iran Cayman Islands hiding money !

Mariah 👑 (@satisfyingly_stupid)
satisfyingly_stupid23.02.2018 18:24:26

@kyle_shuff  you like living in an unsafe country?

Andrew Sacks (@andrew.sacks)
andrew.sacks23.02.2018 18:41:16

The artist is a racist, just look at his works

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 18:43:29

@bob_ross_boss  never been mine.

Zen (@zen860_backup)
zen860_backup23.02.2018 18:46:55

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natasha.r_h23.02.2018 18:57:54

@lowewerks  the worst painting of a worst person.

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 18:58:29

@electricsexlion  the worst portrait of the worst president.

dont_click_my_page_23.02.2018 19:23:59


⚡️Haley🌸 (@stormygrxy)
stormygrxy23.02.2018 19:45:10

You have 6 fingers

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 20:57:39

@shelby.d.sanders  this is why I tagged you. Lol!!!

IFB BAD VIBES🖤 (@yvngsavagechloe)
yvngsavagechloe23.02.2018 20:58:24

@kyle_shuff  I’m weak asfff😂😂

IFB BAD VIBES🖤 (@yvngsavagechloe)
yvngsavagechloe23.02.2018 20:58:57

@dont_click_my_page_  why did you have to do this to me

IFB BAD VIBES🖤 (@yvngsavagechloe)
yvngsavagechloe23.02.2018 20:59:51

Very interesting that you chose an artist who never paints out side his race but goes out of his way to paint a black women beheading a white women. NICE OBAMA!

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 21:10:44

@yvngsavagechloe  it’s shameful

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 21:15:35

@amandaadamovsky25  this shows how stupid the Obamas are. They destroyed america.

natasha.r_h23.02.2018 21:18:31

@imkaishing  🙏🙏🙏

SUZIECATS (@suziecats_jacob)
suziecats_jacob23.02.2018 21:48:40

@andriewu  NEVER!!!!

SUZIECATS (@suziecats_jacob)
suziecats_jacob23.02.2018 21:50:19

@leah.enelow  they tried to paint some class on her... still didn’t work

tom (@yourdaddyisone)
yourdaddyisone23.02.2018 22:03:42

Ear's are important to Mr. President lol

Aabid Syed (@aabidsyedphotos)
aabidsyedphotos23.02.2018 22:06:54

@imkaishing  i sense an uneducated "person"....

amanda adamovsky (@amandaadamovsky25)
amandaadamovsky2523.02.2018 22:15:18

@gschon23  oh yeah please then tell me why what it means when a black person calls a white person a cracker? GTFO

amanda adamovsky (@amandaadamovsky25)
amandaadamovsky2523.02.2018 22:17:45

@gschon23  you gotta be joking right?! Or you just are not educated, as I would've guessed lol you might need to go open a book or two and look back in history! Slavery did not only happen to black people only...there is thing that actually happened in history, Irish slavery😂 and many others...please do educate yourself

Ploopy boi (@plopeater)
plopeater23.02.2018 22:26:18

Aye y’all should check my sick new account

Made to sparkle ✨ (@iits.lia)
iits.lia23.02.2018 22:26:44


bella (@bellagibbons_)
bellagibbons_23.02.2018 22:31:06

Best panting I've seen😍

Cara (@cararrier)
cararrier23.02.2018 22:43:26

So lovely!!! Miss your style @barackobama  ❣️your positivity

adonicanunn.com (@adonicanunn)
adonicanunn23.02.2018 23:51:54

Very nice :)

Mystical✨✨AF✨✨ (@shraderboom)
shraderboom24.02.2018 00:17:11

@kehindewiley  is amazing!! ✨✨

Wallace parham (@wallace.parham)
wallace.parham24.02.2018 00:23:55

Great Portrait's!

Michelle D. Ivy (@michelledivy)
michelledivy24.02.2018 01:30:55

@barackobama  Not to offend your chosen artists, but can you get a redo? I do NOT feel the portraits do you or the First Lady justice!

elise:) (@leesy.life)
leesy.life24.02.2018 01:38:41

come back!!!

elise:) (@leesy.life)
leesy.life24.02.2018 01:38:50

We miss you!!

Mr Clark (@illuminateclub33)
illuminateclub3324.02.2018 01:40:57

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💋BlessedAndHighlyFavored💋 (@beautifulc365)
beautifulc36524.02.2018 02:24:55

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zoehh.xx24.02.2018 02:26:35


Donald Valluzzi (@donaldvalluzzi)
donaldvalluzzi24.02.2018 02:27:10

@illuminateclub33  I like how you guys got the back of the one dollar bill, nice adage and mysticism lol.

Joe Yabuki (@akihirosatou)
akihirosatou24.02.2018 04:05:19

You are the best president ever! I still respect it.

Herbert Muller (@mullarherb)
mullarherb24.02.2018 06:12:56

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👀 (@itsshaunchill)
itsshaunchill24.02.2018 07:53:14

hows life

jfeliciano☣️☪️🕉️ (@jfeliciano787)
jfeliciano78724.02.2018 08:16:40


Kai (@imkaishing)
imkaishing24.02.2018 08:51:01


Maureen Wilson (@maureen_wilson2015)
maureen_wilson201524.02.2018 09:57:42

Fab photo Mr President

Yedu Paul (@yedupaul)
yedupaul24.02.2018 10:19:31

@illuminateclub33  hmmm

Valentinus Rio Infani (@rioinfani)
rioinfani24.02.2018 10:35:40


Kyle Shuff (@kyle_shuff)
kyle_shuff24.02.2018 11:09:19

@satisfyingly_stupid  just the media bud

sunny3337924.02.2018 11:15:26

You ran this country and the world what we now lord have mercy please persuade Mr Biden to run 2020 please @barackobama 

Nutella (@the_kawaii_unicorn)
the_kawaii_unicorn24.02.2018 11:17:05

Please come back

╱ ╱ ⠀ 𝒎𝒊𝒋𝒐𝒐 ⠀  ̖́- (@silver.facade)
silver.facade24.02.2018 12:05:59

@imkaishing  why are you being racist for?

╱ ╱ ⠀ 𝒎𝒊𝒋𝒐𝒐 ⠀  ̖́- (@silver.facade)
silver.facade24.02.2018 12:08:12

@pmurtnod  Tell Trump to hurry and fix it then. Y’all couldn’t wait for Obama to leave the office

Ange Bell (@angebellart)
angebellart24.02.2018 12:09:19

Stunning!!! ❤❤💥

Ahsan Naeem (@ahsan8999)
ahsan899924.02.2018 12:17:06


Leah Enelow (@leah.enelow)
leah.enelow24.02.2018 12:37:18

@suziecats_jacob  for the record that was a dig at the artist, not Michelle

Jillie (@jillieish)
jillieish24.02.2018 12:41:03

@imkaishing  I’m guessing you’re white. Everyone hates white people & it’s because of people like you lmao

Jahsey Onfroy (@xjahseyonfroyx)
xjahseyonfroyx24.02.2018 13:31:59

I post the same picture of XXXTENTACION everyday but each day something changes! Follow my journey! 😩😤😧🤤

Zen (@zen860_backup)
zen860_backup24.02.2018 14:23:46

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Nanda❤ (@tfernanda.jt)
tfernanda.jt24.02.2018 15:44:41


ᗷᖇIGGS ᗷᑌᖇKETT (@briggs_burkett)
briggs_burkett24.02.2018 17:27:47

Trump is actually helping our country

Joshua Yoo (@josh_yoo24601)
josh_yoo2460124.02.2018 17:47:01

Yes we can and yes we will.

Ajay Rain | Manchester (@wintertimecoldajay)
wintertimecoldajay24.02.2018 17:56:19

@barackobama  what did you do for the young black men of your state, Chicago ?

Nick Allen (@slicknicktheruler27)
slicknicktheruler2724.02.2018 18:24:09

We need you back!!!!!!!

Joseru (@joserucordero)
joserucordero24.02.2018 18:27:23

Follow me pls!!! 😊

Shirley Hayes (@shayes1117)
shayes111724.02.2018 18:42:13


dont_click_my_page_24.02.2018 18:46:50


Cookie (@cookiegollan)
cookiegollan24.02.2018 19:24:45

We need you now more than ever!!!!

Mariah 👑 (@satisfyingly_stupid)
satisfyingly_stupid24.02.2018 19:34:00

@kyle_shuff  yup, and it's showing you all the possibilities of what could happen to us lmao. Unsafe like I said

Teneka Travers (@tenekaleshawn)
tenekaleshawn24.02.2018 19:36:16

@barackobama  I work at the National Portrait Gallery, where you and Mrs. Obamas' portraits are. I wanted to be there to get a chance to meet you both or at least get a glance at you. But I just finished marrying my best friend, then celebrating his birthday, then getting our youngest daughter baptized. I say all that to say that I hope in this lifetime I get another chance to meet you and your wife. I'm not famous or anything like that but that opportunity would mean the world to me. God bless.

mylohe_24.02.2018 20:22:11

@cookiegollan  why

kelyn 🌈🏁🦋💓🥂 (@kelyn.o)
kelyn.o24.02.2018 21:02:02

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Zen (@zen860)
zen86024.02.2018 21:14:22

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Jason Bradley (@jason_bradley_winner_)
jason_bradley_winner_24.02.2018 21:44:06

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Sr. Feitoza (@jvictor_jt)
jvictor_jt24.02.2018 21:45:45

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Eric Santano (@eric_santano)
eric_santano24.02.2018 21:52:25


ALKAY D’Prince (@alkay_06)
alkay_0624.02.2018 23:12:52


Jennifer Ehret (@jenniferehret)
jenniferehret24.02.2018 23:50:12

Such class....

Swim To Survive Philippines (@swim2survivephilippines)
swim2survivephilippines25.02.2018 00:08:35

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luz marina herrera (@luzherrerarangel12)
luzherrerarangel1225.02.2018 00:41:27

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Zen (@zen860_backup)
zen860_backup25.02.2018 00:46:00

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dont_click_my_page_25.02.2018 01:04:59


Margaret Davis (@margaretdavis3)
margaretdavis325.02.2018 01:05:43

Great 👍

TASHI ⚜️ (@tashi_r1)
tashi_r125.02.2018 01:26:15

Love you, and Miss you Mr President. What an inspiration!

king arnice face book me (@king_arnice)
king_arnice25.02.2018 01:29:21

Track 5 man in tje mirror

king arnice face book me (@king_arnice)
king_arnice25.02.2018 01:29:32


Cloudy McCloud :) (@_happyclouds_)
_happyclouds_25.02.2018 01:49:59

I wish my wife was still alive

С Новым Годом! 😘счастья всем!🌹 (@verashevrikuko)
verashevrikuko25.02.2018 01:55:17

Russia❤❤❤💕💕💕❤❤ America 👎👎👎👎👎👎

ROSSIE TUTTI (@rossiettytutti_kamal)
rossiettytutti_kamal25.02.2018 02:30:58

@barackobama  apa khabar tuan presiden

Maladal Kalis (@maladalkalis)
maladalkalis25.02.2018 02:49:35

Da kam die Kunigstochter auch zu ihm heran

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