Walking down a one way street.


We know you like to discover a place like us.

We plan and plan and research and research, but we arrive sometime... - Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)

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Vamos Elsewhere ✌🏼 (@vamoselsewhere)
vamoselsewhere08.02.2018 15:57:48

Looking good man! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 15:58:27

@vamoselsewhere  ha! Like we said, fate! 😊😊

Laura Claessens (@claessenslaura)
claessenslaura08.02.2018 16:03:07

Sevilla is everything! πŸ’•

CJ (@chocolatframboise111)
chocolatframboise11108.02.2018 16:03:29

Brilliant! Can’t wait for your blog post on Sevilla as I’m headed there for 5 days in April :)

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:05:26

@claessenslaura  it really is! Don't be surprised if it ends up being our home for a while next year... 😜

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:05:42

@chocolatframboise111  we'll definitely have it out by then! 😊

Laura Claessens (@claessenslaura)
claessenslaura08.02.2018 16:08:32

@alongdustyroads  Oooh yes nice plan! I still call it my second home 😊 Need to get back there SOON.

Loreta | Happy Rebel Life (@happyrebellife)
happyrebellife08.02.2018 16:10:49

The shoes seem to fit it pretty well too! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:11:39

@happyrebellife  those shoes have gone all over the world - it's amazing how many cities they fit with! 😁😁

NAOMI ALICE FOWLER (@theoraclesister)
theoraclesister08.02.2018 16:11:44


Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:12:02

@theoraclesister  thanks 😊😊

Loreta | Happy Rebel Life (@happyrebellife)
happyrebellife08.02.2018 16:13:46

@alongdustyroads  Great purchase then! πŸ˜‚

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:14:34

@happyrebellife  absolutely - just need to find a replacement now, either that or move somewhere that never rains! 😊

NAOMI ALICE FOWLER (@theoraclesister)
theoraclesister08.02.2018 16:15:40

@alongdustyroads  ✌🏼✨

Loreta | Happy Rebel Life (@happyrebellife)
happyrebellife08.02.2018 16:16:08

@alongdustyroads  I'm a sunshine chaser so my advice would be pretty subjective πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cassandra Lazareff (@foodloverglobetrotter)
foodloverglobetrotter08.02.2018 16:17:57

Love this set up ✨

J o e l l e β€’ E x p l o r e r (@thefootprintfiles)
thefootprintfiles08.02.2018 16:18:40

Ahaa that's literally what I do, resort to just having a wander ! I love this photo!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:19:27

@foodloverglobetrotter  seriously, every street corner was like this - yellow literally EVERYWHERE! ❀️❀️

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:19:57

@thefootprintfiles  thanks so much. Honestly, it's by far our favourite way to discover a place 😊😊

Sveta 🌿 Boston, MA (@sdamiani)
sdamiani08.02.2018 16:24:38


Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:25:08

@sdamiani  yay! 😊😊😊

Effie Smith (@misseffielou)
misseffielou08.02.2018 16:30:19

Ah! Love this post so much. Seville is one of my favorite cities in the world. Love all the twisting streets ☺️

Luke Martin | (@perpetualpaces)
perpetualpaces08.02.2018 16:31:14

Awesome shot guys

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:32:45

@misseffielou  thank youuuu 😊 yep, we've got sooo much love for seville, the sort of streets we could get lost in for days! (and weeks and month... 😊)

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:32:54

@perpetualpaces  thanks fella! 😊😊

David GenovΓ©s (@davison7)
davison708.02.2018 16:33:11

I told you about the 'color especial' but I wasn't thinking about Andrew's jacket πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sol πŸ”† Photographer of Travel (@themomentbehind)
themomentbehind08.02.2018 16:33:42

Love love love this!! And Sevilla is 😍😍

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:34:22

@davison7  yes you did! And yellow definitely is it 😊😊

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:34:51

@themomentbehind  thanks lovely 😊😊 and yes, yes it is!

NEEL WANDERS (@flunkingmonkey)
flunkingmonkey08.02.2018 16:43:37

I always think a mix of both plan and wander works best! I love seeing what I intended too but you can never compare it to the magic of finding the unexpected ✨

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:44:23

@flunkingmonkey  summed up perfectly sir! Ps How's Asia?

Helen Griffiths (@_helengriffiths)
_helengriffiths08.02.2018 16:46:38

Hahaha I love that happy coincidence!! Seville sounds like such a lovely place, hope you guys have a great time 😊

NEEL WANDERS (@flunkingmonkey)
flunkingmonkey08.02.2018 16:46:40

@alongdustyroads  I have no idea I’ve been home for a week πŸ˜‚ already planning the next adventure through! ✈️ ...its a bit difficult when you’re hella broke.

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 16:47:52

@flunkingmonkey  really? I didn't realise you were home. How come it was such a short trip?

β‡Ύ J A C O B ⇽ (@jacob.crompton)
jacob.crompton08.02.2018 16:51:58

I was there for a day and definitely thought I could live there!

CHARLIE & CHARLOTTE (@thewanderlovers)
thewanderlovers08.02.2018 17:00:00

Such a great shot! Love the rawness!

Alexis & Christos | Wanderers (@rogue_world)
rogue_world08.02.2018 17:03:38

Hahaha yellow is the best color πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 17:20:38

@_helengriffiths  we came back a couple of weeks ago, just posting our favourite photos now πŸ˜€

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 17:21:10

@jacob.crompton  we hope you can spend a little longer next time. Definitely feels like a very liveable city.

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 17:22:00

@thewanderlovers  it was an abandoned building on a street full of very pretty ones, and the air was filled with the sound of an opera singer practising!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 17:22:12

@rogue_world  πŸŒžπŸŒŸπŸ€πŸŒβš οΈβ­πŸŒ»πŸŽ—οΈ

CHELSEA CHEN (@chelchen)
chelchen08.02.2018 18:10:51

omg i love this so much!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads08.02.2018 18:11:17

@chelchen  thanks!

Kerwin Sentillas (@kerwinescapes)
kerwinescapes08.02.2018 19:06:39

Love the vibe of Seville so far! Thanks for the photos!

Laura Osburn (@lauraosburn)
lauraosburn08.02.2018 19:45:02

Lovely photo! Sevilla is the perfect city to get lost in. I lived there for 6 months a few years ago, and completely fell in love with everything about this city. I dream of moving back someday!

Pedro Carreira 🌍 (@pepas95)
pepas9508.02.2018 20:14:11

Still have to go there ! Seems like such a stunning city and easy to explore 😊

Sarah! (@inquisitivebiscuit)
inquisitivebiscuit08.02.2018 23:24:54

I love Seville so much 😍😍😍

Dr. Sally| Live Your Best Life (@underthesakura)
underthesakura08.02.2018 23:27:55

wow! that's so cool! I never knew Sevilla had a special colour. I love the jacket by the way 😘

Taylor | Travel Outlandish (@traveloutlandish)
traveloutlandish09.02.2018 02:12:00

At least he’s going the right way!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:52:00

@kerwinescapes  our pleasure Kerwin! Enjoying your Barcelona throw-backs

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:52:39

@lauraosburn  ooooh, we totally need to ask you some questions about living there/Spain more generally!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:52:51

@pepas95  yes to all three of the above πŸ˜‰

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:53:12

@inquisitivebiscuit  not surprised at all! Best Spanish city for you?

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:54:22

@underthesakura  hehe, thank you! The jacket was an absolute bargain too, which always helps!

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 06:54:48

@traveloutlandish  dammit! Should totally have been walking the other way and made the caption all about that!

Scarlett | Travel Blogger (@petitesuitcase)
petitesuitcase09.02.2018 09:52:57

How perfectly fitting πŸ’›

Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
alongdustyroads09.02.2018 10:07:21

@petitesuitcase  πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

isabel (@thebeloftheblog)
thebeloftheblog09.02.2018 11:01:42

i love your photos😍😡

Hanna Louise Leila (@solarpoweredblonde)
solarpoweredblonde09.02.2018 13:06:47

I can’t wait to go to seville!

BonVoyageTravelers (@bonvoyagetravelers)
bonvoyagetravelers09.02.2018 13:31:19

πŸ˜‚ you fit in perfectly!!! Love it

Milly // Mini Adventures (@whoismilly)
whoismilly09.02.2018 15:16:52

Sometimes just walking around with no plan is the best way to find lovely things, right?

Suzanne Jones 🌍 Travel Blogger (@thetravelbunny)
thetravelbunny09.02.2018 19:48:03

Some things are just meant to be! πŸ’›

I am Rafiq Khan (@raerqkan)
raerqkan09.02.2018 21:48:25

β†•β†•β†•β†•β†•β†•β†•βœ΄βœ΄βœ΄βœ΄βœ΄βœ΄βœ΄ Nice beautiful pic

Rollo (@followrollo)
followrollo10.02.2018 06:28:46

Haha it's a great city but I wonder if you'd still say you'd live there after being there in the summer. 40Β°C and no AC, no thanks!

A r i s a  l i m (@arisellaz)
arisellaz10.02.2018 13:35:01


Matt & Steff / Travel (@sojourn4two)
sojourn4two11.02.2018 01:03:23

Is that why we always end up matching somehow when we get dressed for the day?? Haha. We’re loving the Seville vibes though!

Lee-Ann McKenzie (@befreewithlee)
befreewithlee11.02.2018 04:02:35

I love the colours in this shot! πŸ’•

Sarah! (@inquisitivebiscuit)
inquisitivebiscuit11.02.2018 04:43:53

@alongdustyroads  definitely! I felt at home there as soon as I arrived. Didn't get nearly enough time there, it am hoping to head back this summer 😎

Karen πŸ’‹ (@drivingmiss_daisea)
drivingmiss_daisea11.02.2018 09:09:29

Ha almost didn’t see him there πŸ’›

L A C E Y πŸ‘£πŸŒ (@laceysfootprints)
laceysfootprints11.02.2018 13:37:26

This is such a cool shot πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Travellers // Mark + Mim (@thecommonwanderer)
thecommonwanderer11.02.2018 16:11:26

Those streets, that jacket. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Daphne K. Lee (@daphneklee)
daphneklee12.02.2018 07:58:04

Now I’ll wear that same yellow to Sevilla πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Travel The World (@travelertimes)
travelertimes13.02.2018 01:48:57

nice Andrew and Emily

Juan Rivillas πŸ“· (@juanrivillas13)
juanrivillas1313.02.2018 07:08:13

Art πŸ“·πŸ”₯

The Fernweh State (@thefernwehstate)
thefernwehstate13.02.2018 12:46:51

Always with the most clever hats! Love iy

L A U R A (@laubayet)
laubayet13.02.2018 17:09:09

@lemaitrec  @sandrinecollet  @mariettevndr  @triadapolimeridis  Il a la bonne couleur de veste, lui! 🎢 'Le temps est beau...'

Mariette (@mariettevndr)
mariettevndr13.02.2018 17:49:32

@laubayet  respect sur lui

Yamando (@lemaitrec)
lemaitrec14.02.2018 01:40:20

@laubayet  trop le swag!!

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