Euro Elite
The 12 boys here in 🇫🇷 have not only got to know each other better during the week, but also met some new friends from other countries. Here it's Latsor from 🇫🇷 teaching the boys how to count to 10 in french 😀🔝
03.11.2017 01:39:55
Tim in the middle didn't play liked he wished to in his late night thriller and was extremely dissapointed in himself. Super proud to see how he was met by his fellow EuroElite Team mates after the match 🤝👬👋
02.11.2017 13:11:43
At the Tours we set a pride in exposing the players to players and coaches from different culture and countries. This morning it was Deni getting to know how the 🇬🇧 from @everyballtennis do their morning hit. Through out the week the players have as well practiced and played practice matches with players from 🇮🇪 and 🇺🇦
01.11.2017 08:43:25
Last match of the day is between 2 @euroelitetennis Players which means that today's theory is match charting followed by debrief to each of the players 🤓🎾
31.10.2017 15:31:42
EuroElite ADDS YOGA TO OUR Mini High Performance Camps!!! ALWAYS on the cutting edge of Junior Development with Match Concepts and Mentality and ALWASY in COOPERATION with Home Clubs, Academies and Federations:-)
31.10.2017 04:10:16
The guys at the @tenproglobaljuniortour is unstoppable and even when the dark has set in they are having fun and practicing their 🌭
30.10.2017 16:41:03
The whole @euroelitetennis Team at the @tenproglobaljuniortour after yet another great day where the team all together passed 35 matches on the first 3 days of the tournament with 4 more days to go 🎾💨💨
30.10.2017 15:05:33
Having the opportunity to go on court in between sets @tenproglobaljuniortour is a fantastic asset in the player development of all of the youngsters supporting the process goals and making the pre- & post match talks even more valuable 🎾💯🤓
29.10.2017 16:50:29
Today's late Night theory as Deni was finishing his match 12 hours after his first match of the day 🤓🎾🇫🇷
28.10.2017 16:02:15
Today getting 🍌🥕🍐 turned into a physical session in it self for the whole crew preparing for the Ten-Pro event starting tomorrow at @mouratoglou_tennis_academy
27.10.2017 15:54:28
Super nice to see how 9 young boys are talking with each other and having fun in between connecting flights without the use of any 🎧📱💻
27.10.2017 04:55:53
Leyton using his MACH PAPER during his tight 3+ hour 3 set match vs ITF #80 - Remember that it takes no talent to refresh your memory using one of the EE match papers while competing 🎾💨💨
13.10.2017 03:31:12
Girls MHCP Camp day 2 💃
08.10.2017 03:50:30
Euroelite Girls MHPC 💃💯
07.10.2017 12:04:07
Meanwhile the boys in 🇸🇪 are having theory getting wiser on basic playing patterns trying to spot when the pro's are using them as well 🎾💨💨
30.09.2017 14:25:12
At the Malaysia Trip everyone including Marcus was suprisingly relaxed 💯 ...until Marcus realized that the snake's tail was between his legs 😅
30.09.2017 14:18:15
Filip & Kristian during this afternoons 🥊 session in between 🎾 session #1 & #2
29.09.2017 11:14:02
Enjoying the Laver Cup 2017 in Prague from row #2

The players have watched both Federer & Nadal today. Including doubles action against Sock & Querry 🎾💨
24.09.2017 01:36:59
Mini High Performance camp in Trelleborg 🇸🇪 was finished with Lisa working out the boys 👉💪💯
18.09.2017 11:46:07
It's Davis Cup weeekend Globally, which was celebrated at Camp in Trelleborg with a tie between 🇸🇪 and 🇩🇰
16.09.2017 13:14:23