50 Cent
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Cool kid Alert, thumbs up it’s a Go #denofthieves JAN 19
18.01.2018 01:34:15
40.4K 318
Den Of Thieves cool kid edition. #denofthieves Jan19 #theoath March 8
18.01.2018 01:21:19
112.7K 1.1K
SIRES first red carpet, he said Wow they all want my picture. l said yep they love you. #denofthieves Jan 19
18.01.2018 01:11:46
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Check me and my little man SIRE Out. #denofthieves Jan 19
18.01.2018 01:02:28
102.1K 855
l stopped to go visit Sharon Osborn, at the TALK today. #denofthieves Jan 19🔥
17.01.2018 19:53:46
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l went to the Conan O’Brien show to talk about my new projects coming out. #denofthieves 19 #theoath March8
17.01.2018 12:49:41
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If you liked HEAT, TOWN, or usual suspects your gonna love this movie. #denofthieves Jan 19 🔥
17.01.2018 12:09:47
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l learn something new everyday, I’m getting better at what l do. It’s a take over #denofthieves Jan 19 #theoath March 8
17.01.2018 10:16:49
273.6K 8.6K
Shout out to my man @ronaldinho just retired, one of the best soccer players ever. #denofthieves Jan 19
17.01.2018 09:45:24
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Yeah so after that shit I’m not wit it.🤦‍♂️LOL#denofthieves Jan 19 we lit 🔥
16.01.2018 12:14:42
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Ok now I️ didn’t think we were going to Win any awards. After being looked over for 5 years, but it feels good.#denofthieves Jan 19 🔥
16.01.2018 12:00:10
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The only way to top POWER is BMF, I’m just making sure no mistakes are made. COMING SOON !!! #denofthieves Jan 19🔥
16.01.2018 01:10:05
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@omarihardwickofficial won Best actor, Now l feel good. l told Courtney & Omari this would happen, when we started this.#denofthieves Jan 19 we lit 🔥
16.01.2018 00:11:18
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Told you she was no joke we WON, best drama POWER. NAACP AWARD, l know what Im doing this is just the beginning. #denofthieves Jan 19
16.01.2018 00:06:39
166.3K 2.2K
Here’s a pic of me showing the boys my sex tape. YOU SEE GUYS THIS IS WHY IM THE STAR OF THE MOVIE.LOL #denofthieves JAN 19 🔥
15.01.2018 14:21:36
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POWER fans your girl Tasha won 💃🏻NAACP, I’m so happy for @naturi4real she works hard this is only the beginning.#TeamTasha #denofthieves Jan 19 we 🔥
15.01.2018 01:51:53
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My movie Den Of Thieves Jan 19, My new original series THE OATH March 8 stream it FREE🔥Sony Crackle network.#sneakpeak
15.01.2018 01:32:43
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Catch my new series THE OATH March 8, On SONY CRACKLE stream it FREE. #denofthieves Jan 19 🔥
14.01.2018 11:19:47
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There’s Cops & Robbers but there’s no good guys in this movie. Go hard or go home in a Box #denofthieves Jan 19
14.01.2018 00:54:24
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5 days till we lit 🔥#denofthieves Jan 19 This is how I’m starting my year off.
14.01.2018 00:47:17