Corey Graves โ€“ WWE Monday Night Raw/Smackdown LIVE ~ #SuperstarInk. Beer, Baseball, Rock'n'Roll...and dinosaurs.
It's pretty cool to be a cartoon. Next stop, @bojackhorseman!

Check out my tale on #WWEStoryTime on @wwenetwork - Corey Graves (@wwegraves)
Michelle Schmitt (@michelleschmittartist)
michelleschmittartist 12:06 20.09.17

I felt for you! ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท

#BROKEN Ashan Deep (@iamashandeep)
iamashandeep 12:06 20.09.17


der_ell_ 12:07 20.09.17


Salem_Ash (@salem_ash)
salem_ash 12:12 20.09.17

Yours and that Jericho story were tops. Great stuff, man.

Dallas Snow (@dallyscott5)
dallyscott5 12:23 20.09.17

Dude, that show is lit!

Miss Esco (@miss_esco35)
miss_esco35 13:15 20.09.17

Hell yeah!

Pinnacle Wellness Center (@drdarrenkreitman)
drdarrenkreitman 13:19 20.09.17

Best commentator in years by far. Your injury was a blessing. You're the only one that makes me laugh and has some of the wit that I've missed since Jerry Lawler left. Plus the tattoos and separation of not looking like a weatherman from 1985 is great. That's all keep rocking it. @wwegraves 

Katherine Brandhuber (@fitkitten_)
fitkitten_ 13:34 20.09.17

@and_amayafit  omg this makes me so happy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ™Œ

Cameron Brown (@thebigcam_)
thebigcam_ 13:49 20.09.17

I would love to see corey graves in Bojack Horseman

Dahlia Alanna (@dahliadisaster)
dahliadisaster 13:53 20.09.17

Judah's replacement

Moses Felix (@moedogg33)
moedogg33 14:09 20.09.17

I just wanna hear @wwegraves  call a "double noggin-knocker" one time!

Jessica May (@thejessmay)
thejessmay 14:43 20.09.17

Iโ€™ve yet to watch this. โค๏ธ

Natalie (@whereistheline_1987)
whereistheline_1987 14:53 20.09.17

@thebigcam_  that would be so good

Vlad (@thevladjoseph)
thevladjoseph 15:46 20.09.17

@wwegraves : Lol! Amazing

โฅDiana || 12 More Days. ๐Ÿฅ€ (@exemplifyfatale)
exemplifyfatale 16:45 20.09.17

snail lmao jkjk king

alex_kindbud 18:07 20.09.17

Smartest thing WWE has done in a long time is have you commentating on both shows

Scott E McLeod (@scottemcleod)
scottemcleod 20:18 20.09.17

I just watched it @wwegraves 

Toby Bellow (@toby_bellow)
toby_bellow 04:11 21.09.17

Back in the 90's, i was in a very famous Tvvvvvvvvv shoow

Amber Troyer (@a_troyer1997)
a_troyer1997 09:09 21.09.17


Royal Rockstar Party & Events (@crystalkage)
crystalkage 09:57 21.09.17

Ah so cool! We've been watching @bojackhorseman  LOL

Tom - Too Sweet Toys (@toughtom)
toughtom 10:18 21.09.17

Video game, cartoon, and figure. That's about the trifecta of childhood dreams.

Tashiv Govender (@x.tashiv.o)
x.tashiv.o 05:28 23.09.17

This was fire

Brendan M. Asher (@wwe_no.1_fan_1102)
wwe_no.1_fan_1102 17:28 23.09.17

Is that camp wwe?

TheBlissEffect_12_4_16 (@phenomenal_fury)
phenomenal_fury 23:22 23.09.17

Byron is like a cubic zarconia. Everyone smiles but no on is happy to see you! AHAHAHAHHAHAH HAHAHAHHAHA

TheBlissEffect_12_4_16 (@phenomenal_fury)
phenomenal_fury 23:23 23.09.17

You're the best heel commentator!

4Livs (@4livs)
4livs 20:21 25.09.17

Even cartoon Graves rocks a suit like a Don.

masoood.khosravi (@masoood.khosravi)
masoood.khosravi 20:57 25.09.17


ุขุฃูŽุจูŒู€ู€ุคูˆู’ ุขุงูู„ู’ู€ู€ู€ูƒูู€ู€ู€ูŠูุชู’๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ’ช ( 07:57 26.09.17

Fuck you @wwegraves  suck my DICK , because u hate Enzo Amore ..u son of a bitch

Skylar Sitkowski (@skylar.miw.weirdo)
skylar.miw.weirdo 19:00 03.10.17


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