Corey Graves – WWE Monday Night Raw/Smackdown LIVE ~ #SuperstarInk. Beer, Baseball, Rock'n'Roll...and dinosaurs.
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It's almost time for #SDLive featuring @wwegraves at the commentary table! #ConnorsCure #AlwaysKeepCrushing - Corey Graves (@wwegraves)
Püppä (@haxsam_dexi)
haxsam_dexi 19:05 05.09.17


Xochitl Hdez Lainez (@xoluciah)
xoluciah 19:06 05.09.17

#205live  💪

Angie (@angienellie1991__)
angienellie1991__ 19:06 05.09.17

Can't wait @wwegraves  really excited about you joining #sdlive  commentary!! Love your humor!

Evelyn💎 (@evelyn.marie.2021)
evelyn.marie.2021 19:06 05.09.17

Now you can hang out with Baron more😂😍

Becky (@pinkdewdrops)
pinkdewdrops 19:06 05.09.17

Can't wait to hear you screaming KINSHASA!!!!

Hardyz are my FAVES! (@the.broken.hardyz)
the.broken.hardyz 19:06 05.09.17


Jason Bailey (@jasonbaileywwe)
jasonbaileywwe 19:07 05.09.17

Can't wait to see you roast Saxton again

💙Jaylen💛 (@jaylensmoot)
jaylensmoot 19:07 05.09.17

I'm honestly so excited for you and smackdown live!!!

Steve V (@svillosio)
svillosio 19:10 05.09.17

Congrats man! Smackdown gets an improvement on the mic

Nick Passaretti (@nickpass)
nickpass 19:13 05.09.17

the new voice of the WWE! Congrats

@GrizzlyBruin's possessor. (@jokerofminds)
jokerofminds 19:15 05.09.17


Anthony (@aluck84)
aluck84 19:17 05.09.17

Please tell Saxton to shut up like the good old days

Abigail Ekue (@nativecreative_photo)
nativecreative_photo 19:19 05.09.17

Can't get enough of @wwegraves !! ✊👍🎙

Chris Hodkinson (@chrishod87)
chrishod87 19:21 05.09.17

@wwegraves  best of luck tonight 👍🏻👍🏻

Selasi (@mis_habada)
mis_habada 19:23 05.09.17

Finally!! Ive been waiting for this day 😭🙏 Thank you Lord

Jeffrey Abbott ( 19:30 05.09.17

All I need to know is if you'll still be on Raw too. Then everything will be perfect 😄😄😄

matt conteh (@matt_conteh91)
matt_conteh91 19:34 05.09.17

I'd like to say as a fan "good luck" but you obviously don't need it your commentary is awesome

Rollins girl ❤ (@bo_rollins_girl)
bo_rollins_girl 19:37 05.09.17


Jawan Farmer (@jawanfarmer14)
jawanfarmer14 19:41 05.09.17

Welcome to WWE SmackDown live

youngrichnigga (@naz_balor)
naz_balor 19:42 05.09.17


Todd Ludwig (@ludwigtodd)
ludwigtodd 19:53 05.09.17

Can't wait to hear you lay into Saxton!!! Good luck tonight!

Javier Velazquez (@thanatos_madtitan)
thanatos_madtitan 19:55 05.09.17

The man!!!!

Alicia McCool (@alicia_mcc)
alicia_mcc 19:59 05.09.17

Can't wait!!!!!!

Justin Lee Baker (@therealjustinbaker)
therealjustinbaker 20:03 05.09.17

Cant wait to hear you say Shut up Bryon

CLIFF (@ckcash30)
ckcash30 20:05 05.09.17

Congrats man! You deserve it!

Patrick Dineen (@pwdineen)
pwdineen 20:09 05.09.17

Welcome aboard!

Dangelo Rivera (@dangelorivera)
dangelorivera 20:20 05.09.17

Welcome to the great smack down live

Gian X (@giandolk)
giandolk 20:33 05.09.17

nice hair man

Tom (@imarinkrat)
imarinkrat 20:39 05.09.17

Corey is the best man for the job

Rowhan Wills (@rowhanwills)
rowhanwills 20:50 05.09.17

@wwegraves  congratulations to you

Paulina GL (@paulina_gl00)
paulina_gl00 20:51 05.09.17


🌹 (@rosie.flash)
rosie.flash 20:51 05.09.17

Will he still be on raw too?

justin roelfs (@mangsta)
mangsta 21:01 05.09.17

Please be a dick byron

Jesenia Garcia (@laindia299)
laindia299 21:24 05.09.17


Micah Gay (@themrmdg)
themrmdg 21:47 05.09.17

The suits are always on point! Keeping it 💯 all the time. Congrats! You are easily my favorite WWE commentator at the moment, one of the best EVER.

alexis lopez. 💞 (@blasphemy.alexis)
blasphemy.alexis 22:07 05.09.17

my favorite commentator 👏🏼❤️

Jesse Callaghan (@j2the_cal07)
j2the_cal07 22:11 05.09.17

Best commentator they have!

Jesse Callaghan (@j2the_cal07)
j2the_cal07 22:12 05.09.17

On any brand

Jamel (@jamelmerritt)
jamelmerritt 22:16 05.09.17

Killed it as always on SDL Corey. I've waited for a long time to see you and Bryan on the same show again , time to put Saxton in his place again lol

Jennifer (@wwefanjenny)
wwefanjenny 23:09 05.09.17

Me say you back 2 raw and smachdown

FrankWhite. (@orchestraofwolves1824)
orchestraofwolves1824 00:06 06.09.17

How about you go aside and let one of the ladies commentators join the table. Sick of this force feed bs WWE likes to throw out way.

Danielle Lynn (@itsmeitsdanie)
itsmeitsdanie 00:18 06.09.17

So excited you are on both RAW and SDLive. You are a fantastic commentator. 👏🖒

Shizuka SN (@snshizuka)
snshizuka 00:27 06.09.17


talha naeem (@tnaeem10)
tnaeem10 01:13 06.09.17

Corey your one of my favorite wwe commentators! So glad ur gonna be the voice of SD live and Raw!! 😁

#BROKEN Ashan Deep (@iamashandeep)
iamashandeep 02:19 06.09.17


Katie Evelyn (@katie_evelyn88)
katie_evelyn88 02:28 06.09.17

Congrats Corey! Super stoked to get another night of you on commentary. You're killin it. 👍 Also excited to have you & Byron back together 😄

Jennifer Halt (@jenniferhalt)
jenniferhalt 02:32 06.09.17

Congrats @wwegraves 

Ashleigh Barlow (@ash.barlow)
ash.barlow 05:24 06.09.17

Seriously so good turning smack down on and seeing you on commentary @wwegraves 

Janus (@janus_visser_)
janus_visser_ 05:30 06.09.17

The Voice of WWE 💯💯💯

🌷 (@giorgospatsaek)
giorgospatsaek 06:01 06.09.17


Advanced Fitness of Tampa LLC (@advancefit)
advancefit 09:23 06.09.17

Congratulations bro. You've busted your ass to get here. Proud of you!

. (@vulgar_display_of_pizza)
vulgar_display_of_pizza 11:10 06.09.17

You are a future hall of famer, dude! This generarion is going to remember you as one of the greats!

Mike (@meezy_32)
meezy_32 12:26 06.09.17

You are the best since Jesse Ventura

Jessica May (@thejessmay)
thejessmay 15:19 06.09.17

Congrats on getting to commentate smackdown ❤️

WWE Fan Account (@rampaginglunatic)
rampaginglunatic 15:46 06.09.17

Yay congrats ❤️

Trinidad Alvarez (@alvarez.boi)
alvarez.boi 18:15 06.09.17

Lmao what r u guys congratulating him on?he just fucking moved from raw to sdlive just for one night y'all acting like he is the CEO or the gm or the commissioner @advancefit  @katie_evelyn88 

Advanced Fitness of Tampa LLC (@advancefit)
advancefit 21:26 06.09.17

@ghettobird_27  Dumbass I've known him and his fam "personally" for almost 10 yrs now. I've seen the struggles and the set backs. Go back to being a nerd and meme creations

ROHAN THAKUR ---Official--- (@roy_thakur_official)
roy_thakur_official 14:55 07.09.17

Looking Awesome

ROHAN THAKUR ---Official--- (@roy_thakur_official)
roy_thakur_official 14:55 07.09.17

Looking dangerous

Miguel (@m_barr84)
m_barr84 15:55 11.09.17

Bar far the best commentator today, I'm so glad to have you on Smackdown Live. Plus we'll get to hear yell KINSHASAAAAAA!!

Angel (@lycanzombie)
lycanzombie 21:14 17.09.17

Already one the best commentators ever😎🤘

🔪🌚🌸🖤 (@dark.olivia)
dark.olivia 23:09 09.10.17


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