Steve – Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and etc.
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And now I can have coffee.
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I can hardly ever convince Bikini to just hang out and watch a movie. She prefers to doze off in an adjacent room and then storm in every once in awhile, just to disrupt the viewing. I can tell she finds this very amusing. Once she's become the center of attention she sashays back out of the room wagging her tail in a mission accomplished type manner. This is the 3rd or 4th time she interrupted this particular movie, and it wasn't the last.
(Sound on for full effect)
Thanks to a technologically savvy niece, I'm finally able to post a video from the recent New York interview at Petcon. You can see the whole thing here if you're interested.
And a special thanks to @sdelikat for putting a well thought-out clip together.
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At 17 Eeyore is my oldest dog and he was the first senior dog that I adopted after Wolfgang died, setting into motion what is now a house full of senior rescues. He came to me at a time when I really needed healing. I sought him out.

Stuart the rabbit was left in my front yard a little over 10 years ago. I had what I considered a full life at that time and no real interest in keeping a rabbit. But it worked out and he quickly became one of the family.

Blessings come into our lives whether invited or uninvited. We just have to learn to recognize them and to make a place for them.
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Edna's eyesight has started to decline a little with age. And I'm guessing, based on this picture, her sense of smell isn't what it used to be either. 😳
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I could probably get done with the Christmas decorating today...... if I didn't have quite so much help.
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You know how some men have the confidence and poise to pull off just about any type of clothing or accessory? Well, it turns out I am not one of those men. I'm taking Edsel to the Christmas parade of lights tonight with some friends and considered using this 'dog carrier' so I could get him into the bar afterwards. But when I grab it by the handle, somehow it ends up looking like a big orange purse, the type that Paris Hilton uses for dog transportation. It gives me the same painful, self-aware look on my face that you see on Edsel. I guess we both lack that certain kind of confidence, so Edsel will be in a backpack tonight.
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In my house you can always tell that winter is approaching when Bikini begins parking herself in front of the fireplace. As the temperature start to drop she practically hibernates there all winter long. If the fire is on she's quiet, and the house is peaceful. If the fire isn't on, she groans and squeals and grunts. So I keep the fire on most of the time.
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In honor of all the people stuffed into planes and cars, making their way back home from the holiday.
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As everyone starts preparing for Thanksgiving I wanted to share this picture of the original Pilgrims and their pet rabbit at Plymouth Rock. As you gaze upon the steely resolve of these early settlers you probably have some of the same questions I do. Why are some of the women dressed like men, could it be Amazon was out of the small size Pilgrim women costumes? Did one of their blacksmith forge that Restoration Hardware looking bench over the coals of a fire? Why is the rotund woman on the left naked except for the traditional Pilgrim Bonnet? And most puzzling of all, how was this picture taken 200 years before the camera was invented?
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Buttering up Englebert for our Fox News interview at Petcon in N.Y. Thanks @susiesseniordogs @fosterdogsnyc and @chloekardoggian for spreading the word about senior adoption and @thedogagency for putting on the event.
Photo cred @siriusly_black_cats
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Los Angeles in October, New York in November. I've heard the rumors floating around and I guess there's no denying it now. Engelbert is bicoastal. But doesn't Freud say everyone falls somewhere on that scale?
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2015 throwback. When everyone else is taller than you It helps to be well dressed.
Englebert and Enoch
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Got out the suitcase and started getting organized for my trip to New York this coming weekend. Engelbert is the only one that's really supposed to come with me, but technically the suitcase size qualifies as a carry-on and technically these five fit in it.
( There are few tickets still available. Info on link in bio. Use promo code WOLFGANG)

And no there wasn't a strong wind in the room, Melvin pulls his ears back like that when he gets excited. I like how you can see Melvin's different expressions through his ears, in contrast to Edsel who seems to have the exact same look on his face no matter what the circumstances are.
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Update: Petra has been adopted!! After just one day- amazing. Thanks everyone.💗
Once a month I work with the Maxfund rescue group in Denver to help them find homes for Senior Dogs in need. This month I'm featuring 10 year old Petra, the black and white beauty on the left side of the picture in the pink jacket. Petra is a hurricane rescue from Texas. (Too bad she never barks because I love a Texas drawl.) She has a delicate bone structure like a greyhound mix but she's really tiny, with a calm, sweet, gentle disposition. After hanging out with the dogs for awhile and being very patient getting her picture taken, she waited until she got outside to go to the bathroom. I can't find a single flaw with this beautiful girl other than she's too skinny. But unfortunately a lot of dogs lose weight with the stress of life in the shelter.
November is Adopt-a-senior-pet month and you're not going to find a better senior to adopt than Petra. Once you meet her I know you'll want take her home. So please call Maxfund and change this sweet girl's future.

Maxfund is open today and everyday except Tuesday. 1005 Galapago, Denver, Colorado. Call 303-595-4917 or email Kim
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This is Waylon guarding my front door. He may not look overtly threatening, but be warned. Almost invariably when he yawns he coughs, and when he coughs he immediately passes gas. It will keep anyone away from the perimeter.

This picture was professionally taken by my friend @shainafishman She's a commercial animal photographer and has taken a few of my favorite photos of these guys.
#yawnsandfarts (Kinda sounds like a law firm.)
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"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable "
-Mary Oliver
(Enoch, Loretta, Edsel and Stuart the rabbit.)
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I wonder if it ever crosses her mind that most pigs actually sleep in barns.
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Just about 2 weeks until Engelbert and I go to New York for Petcon and, you know, he's got to look his best. Luckily, my friend Tammi owns the Purely Organic Skin Boutique in Denver and she'll have him looking so good no one will believe he's old enough to be on the senior panel at the conference.
Hope to see you there, tickets and info available at Link in bio. (If you use promo code WOLFGANG when buying the tickets, there still should be some discounts available for the next couple days.)
Happy Halloween from Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and The Green Hornet (who said no to the mask and evidently spots trouble down below).