Venus the Two Face Cat – Be different, be bold! You are 1 of a kind, Irreplaceable! 0% photoshop 100% born this way! #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #TNR
25 degrees F & snowing in Southeast Michigan - What’s the weather like where you are? ❄️🌨
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#fbf 2013 sitting with mama the day I came back from being hospitalized for a urinary blockage. A blockage rarely happens in females but it’s one of the most common things emergency vets see male cats coming in with. We’re so good at hiding pain that by the time you realize something is wrong it’s an absolute emergency. I spent days in an emergency vet and another few days with my personal vet hooked up to an IV and catheter flushing my bladder of struvite crystals. After I came home I still had issues to overcome like incontinence. It was an ordeal but I was fortunate to have a vet who went above and beyond for me!

Please do a google search on urinary tract infections (which can become a blockage as in my case) and familiarize yourself with causes, symptoms, and what to expect if it happens to your kitty.
We all wonder at times why “bad” things happen to us. It’s so rare that females get blocked but if it didn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t be able to share my story with so many of you. I’ve been told my many people that similar posts like this I’ve done in the past helped someone identify there was a problem and potentially saved their kitty’s life. It feels great to make a difference!! Please share to help spread awareness. 😺😺
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Hi friends! Remember this amazing fan art by @teaformanatee ?
Imagine waking up 2 days after Thanksgiving, as a talented artist, unable to see color out of one of your eyes which progressed to blurred vision and cloudiness. 😟

She has done amazing digital artwork of many of your favorite pet accounts & she needs our help.
Her doctors have told her it could be anything from MS to a tumor as they eye itself is healthy. This has not only caught her off guard emotionally but financially as well.
She is trying to raise money to be able to get any and all diagnostic tests necessary to find the problem and due to this affecting her vision she can’t even turn to her amazing talent to earn $ from her artwork.

Please follow her account @teaformanatee and help in any way you can even if it’s just to send her a little comfort or to send well wishes. Her Go Fund Me account link is in my bio if you’d like to donate. She’s not asking for much, just enough right now to figure out what the root cause is.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & a special thank you to those who have answered these types of calls for help in the past. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me and it’s breathtaking to see how together, with the power of social media and an amazing fan base, we can make a difference! Love to you all! 😽 XOXO
My attempt to keep my little humans from going off to school & leaving me.
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It was like an indoor cat tower 12 stories high! What a view of Los Angeles!
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Whether it’s morning or evening where you are, this applies! 🌙☀️
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🙀 Cute game alert! 🙀
Spilled drink? Tangled yarn? Tipped over flowerpot? 😼😼 Cat Crimes!!
A cat game that makes problem solving fun....that’s rated PAWsome on our scale! 🐾😺
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Cat tower fun #tbt
Waaaaay back to 2009
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In the spirit of #givingtuesday... an autistic boy needs his support kitty home! Can we join forces to help them? 🐾🙏
🤧 Get tissues ready....
Link to their crowdfunding page in their bio @simba.our.hero and also ours!

#Repost @simba.our.hero ・・・
To those of you who don't know my story here it is...
I chose a family that consists of a mummy and her 2 boys, Luke who turned 16 2 weeks ago & Kian who's 11. Kian was born premature & has heart, lung, immunodeficiency syndrome, bone & soft tissue complications & autism. From the moment I went home I chose him as my human. I quickly learnt when he was struggling to breath even when asleep & would run & tell mum before he collapsed. I take him to bed every single night & stay with him til he falls asleep. If he wakes up I run and tell mum. Kian self harms so I lay on his head or put my paw on his hands to stop him-it works! Often Kian won't speak to anyone so I sit with him so he isn't lonely. Our life was perfect. Until...I got ran 7 weeks ago. Both of my front legs were broken & facing the wrong way, the skin ripped off of my left leg & the paw on my right. It hurt so much but when my family found me I just purred. I was so happy to see them. Vets told mum & Kian to put me to sleep, that they could get another me. Kian screamed/cried & even though I couldn't walk I used my back legs to push me across the floor & laid on his head to comfort him. Mum signed the papers to say goodnight to me but begged the vets to try. She didn't feel right about it so rang @fitzpatrick_referrals @supervet_nf & they said to bring me straight down. The rest they say is history. The wonderful vets, nurses & staff have treated me like a king. They have rebuilt my legs. Sewn my bottom hole & tube up when abscesses popped. I literally had poop coming through my skin. I've had skin grafts. Everyone kept saying I wouldn't survive, the shock would kill me..I'd give up. But here I am. Fighting. Staying alive. I don't scratch & bite like I've seen the other cats do-why when I can purr & get hugs.
I do now have some nasty bugs that means I can't go home but desperately want to!
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Goodnight! If you missed my last post & are from/near or know someone from/near Farmington Hills, MI please see it.
Goodnight everyone! XOXO 😽
❗️Please share especially if you live near or know someone who lives near Farmington Hills, MI. 🙏
I just learned about this tragedy that happened not far from where we live. 😿Despite losing everything in the fire, these folks are hanging onto hope that their cats made it out and are desperately praying someone sees them & reunites them. Two of them will stand out and would be hard to miss as they are 2018 Guinness Record holders. They are offering a reward for each cat returned and declining offers of donations instead, asking those who are offering, to donate to Ferndale Cat Shelter where they are actively involved with rescue, adoption, foster, & TNR efforts. 🐾
The more this is shared the more eyes they will have on the lookout.
In the meantime, please keep them and their furbabies in your thoughts and purrayers. I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. 😿
For more details and updates please check their account @starcats_detroit .
Please share, tag, re-post in the hopes we can reach more people in the Farmington Hills area and hopefully aid in bringing them some good news. 🙏
Thanks everyone and give your furkids an extra kiss tonight! 😽
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Happy #gotchaday Roo! 🐾 I can't believe you've been my adopted brother for 3 years now! Love you Roo! ❤️😻😽🐾
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A special #tbt. Photo is from 2011 but we adopted Roo in November 2014, exactly 3 years ago...happy gotcha day Roo! 😽😘
For those who don't know, Roo was born with genetic abnormalities & was rescued by someone who witnessed him cruelly being thrown into a lake. He was adopted out shortly after, still a kitten.
Three years later he was returned completely emaciated. He was missing patches of fur, skittish, & in an adoption room surrounded by gorgeous cats.
He sat at the shelter, skipped over for 6 months until we met him, and fell in love with all of the reasons that one person literally threw him away & another neglected him, returning him like a defective product. Where they saw deformities & some neurological challenges we saw uniqueness and a sweet personality that was dying to be loved... a cat that deserved a chance!
He has a condition called radial hypoplasia which is why his front legs are bent, & has abnormally large rear legs so he can stand up steady. He has crossed eyes, big ears, & a crooked tail but we ❤️ all of those things about him! We chose him for the very reasons others looked away.
He was very skittish when we first got him but he looks so much different & has gone from a scared boy to a very affectionate trusting/friendly boy who jumps at every chance to occupy lap space. His purrs are so self rewarding & a daily reminder of how one man's trash can be another's treasure. ❤️
We hope Roo's story will inspire you to consider adopting a "special needs" or "perfectly imperfect" pet. As much as we've changed his life, he's also changed ours. He has proven that something so beautiful can lie beneath an "imperfect" exterior. We feel like the lucky ones in this happy ending. Happy gotcha day Roo! 😺😃🐾💞 .
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When you realize your cat is a bigger gamer than you! 🎮📱🐾
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Which side do you like best? Orange or black? 😺😺
Thanks @cuddleclones for my personalized plush holiday stocking! 😻🎄 If you'd like to order a Cuddle Clone, stocking, slippers, or other fun personalized goodies of your fur baby, click the link in my bio......only 3 days left to guarantee Christmas Delivery! 📦🎅🤶🎁 Each Cuddle Clone product is made from scratch to capture all the unique qualities and markings of your furbaby. 🐾
Use coupon code VENUS for you a 10% discount if you decide to order. 😽😽 📦 Orders must be in before midnight PST on 11/15 to guarantee Christmas delivery.
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....When today's high wont break 30F.....brrrr!
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