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Heavy back day. Still working on deadlift technique. Tried to hook grip with 5 plates, felt decent. Then did heavy pendlay rows. Form wasn’t perfect but wanted to move heavy weight.
Tried to go heavy today for chest. 5 reps and lower. Didn’t feel strong but worked through it and worked up to 140s
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Good Friday shoulder/bicep pump🔋💪🏼.
Heavy tricep day. Started with heavy dips. Stayed between 5-8 reps. Got up to 140lb🔋💪🏼. Then did incline bench.
Back day. Got up to 455lb for reps on deadlift. Still working on improving my technique and form.
Good chest day💪🏼. Stayed between 6-8reps on the main lifts, got up to 110lb on unilateral dumbbells, then finished with a burnout of dips🔋
Saturday leg day. Felt decent💪🏼
Good Friday pump🔋💪🏼, PR’d my 5 rep barbell military press with 190lb
Trying to grow the back and biceps with heavy volume💪🏼🔋.
Heavy volume chest day. Everything around 10 reps. Hit 225lb on incline and took the Hundos unilaterally for 10 reps💪🏼🔋
Good Friday arm and shoulder pump💪🏼🔋. Reverse pyramid 12-15 reps.
Tricep day. A lot of volume, 12-15 reps.
High rep leg day. 12-15 reps, reverse pyramid. 12 rep PR with 315. I did heavier sets first when energy is high, then worked down in weight.
Trying to Improve and strengthen my deadlift form. Stayed in the 10-12 rep range. Then meadows rows. And finished with 100 rep pull-ups, as many sets as possible to get to 100.
High rep week. 12-15 reps. Reverse pyramid. Hit 265lb for a new 12 rep PR. Then 275lb for 11, wanted 12.
Tried to work up to heavy deadlifts, wasn’t feeling it. So did accessory work with deficits and low rack pulls with heavy chains.
Chest day. Didn’t feel 💯, my shoulder and tricep were hurtin. Pushed through it though and got a decent workout in.
Heavy leg day. Trying to get stronger each week. Stayed around 6-8 reps.
Heavy shoulder and bicep day. Stayed around 8 reps