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Marinda Mercer (@missmarinda)
missmarinda 08:24 22.09.17

@therock  the aftermath of a storm truly exposes the foundation we are built on as a person and a people.

Hossein_Eftekhari_1827 (@hossein_eftekhari_1827)
hossein_eftekhari_1827 08:30 22.09.17

a love you rock

Hossein_Eftekhari_1827 (@hossein_eftekhari_1827)
hossein_eftekhari_1827 08:31 22.09.17

a love you rock

Tamara Marsh🇯🇲 (@tmarsh1103)
tmarsh1103 10:33 22.09.17

My son calls you The Rock Rock... I get it now .. Great words of encouragement..#therock4president2020👍 

rokib (@rokibrihad2727)
rokibrihad2727 10:47 22.09.17


Harish Kumar (@harishudupi1)
harishudupi1 10:53 22.09.17


NetttoBRN (@netttobrn)
netttobrn 11:56 22.09.17


alican tekkesinoglu👽 (@xdarknessgod__)
xdarknessgod__ 12:13 22.09.17


Jenko_2017 (@samp_jenkinson)
samp_jenkinson 13:50 22.09.17


Tylin Lilly (@tygefit)
tygefit 14:04 22.09.17

Hey great page!

Art And Stuff🌐 (@arinicornlikesfood)
arinicornlikesfood 14:13 22.09.17

Did someone say my name? (But seriously, we gotta stay strong)

kwizera danny trejo (@kwizeradannytrejo)
kwizeradannytrejo 14:15 22.09.17

God bless you

Gianluca (@gianzibar)
gianzibar 15:06 22.09.17


Azoz Ahmed (@bwd34124)
bwd34124 16:14 22.09.17


Azoz Ahmed (@bwd34124)
bwd34124 16:14 22.09.17


Azoz Ahmed (@bwd34124)
bwd34124 16:14 22.09.17

منور ضلع

Diplom Francés (@dermatologie_cosmetologie_)


Jayden Suriel (@jaygamez22)
jaygamez22 17:01 22.09.17


Beth Matias (@beth.matias.2004)
beth.matias.2004 17:05 22.09.17

Misericórdia 😍

Skerb (@jose.mic.rod17)
jose.mic.rod17 17:22 22.09.17

The hero we have and dont deserve.

Rhagan Thomas (@rhagan_thomas)
rhagan_thomas 17:56 22.09.17

Stay strong

АбдулЛах1 (@aliturpall)
aliturpall 18:59 22.09.17

brother would be better if you converted to Islam, Islam is salvation

joshua (@deadpooljosh95682017)
deadpooljosh95682017 23:18 22.09.17

I'm crying on the inside

Trevor (@trevorborgfjord)
trevorborgfjord 00:00 23.09.17


Zayne Mckelly Mock (@zayne_mock_)
zayne_mock_ 00:45 23.09.17


Sean Terrance McNamara (@seanmac623)
seanmac623 02:01 23.09.17

Way to make this about yourself

Angelius Vazquez (@vazquezangelius)
vazquezangelius 02:18 23.09.17


Jacquelene Elms (@jacqueleneelms)
jacqueleneelms 04:48 23.09.17

It's heartbreaking when Nature does that. Luckily we humans has the ability to overcome disasters, stronger than ever.

Asanda Dladla (@asanda_dee19)
asanda_dee19 05:04 23.09.17

Sad story man😑...but i'm glad ya'll managed to get back up

Vinzent Hoch (@vinzent_2)
vinzent_2 05:31 23.09.17


Vaneet Kumar (@vaneetkumar.1)
vaneetkumar.1 07:20 23.09.17


aditya rizki fizaldy (@press.core_)
press.core_ 07:29 23.09.17

Sirah po pelem jane 😂

Corey Matthews (@square1288)
square1288 07:33 23.09.17

Sorry brotha got people down in the lower states to

STAR SAINI (@star_saini_1)
star_saini_1 07:33 23.09.17


Rosa Silvia Gutierrez (@rosasilviagutierrez)
rosasilviagutierrez 08:49 23.09.17


Nguyễn Lê Thanh Tú (@_nltt)
_nltt 11:01 23.09.17


jahanvi parmar (@im_jahanvi)
im_jahanvi 11:15 23.09.17

Very sad........but vry vry happy to see u back and may god help u.....

Jess (@jess2twins)
jess2twins 11:37 23.09.17

Thank you for this @therock  I cried so much and this gave me more faith that my family in Puerto Rico will be alright.

Kingsavage561 (@kingsavage5616719)
kingsavage5616719 12:46 23.09.17


SATINDER SINGH (@official.satinder)
official.satinder 12:46 23.09.17

Att look

follows you (@youngasian_god)
youngasian_god 13:08 23.09.17

He looks like obama

kittydog12345 (@kittydog123457895)
kittydog123457895 14:03 23.09.17


kittydog12345 (@kittydog123457895)
kittydog123457895 14:05 23.09.17

@superkawii2  so he survived A CATEGORY FIVE HURRICANE ANDREW AND UR SAYING HE LOOK LIKE OBAMA?!?! I'm kidding he actually kinda does except the beard

Brain Jones69 (@brain_jones69)
brain_jones69 14:10 23.09.17

100000000d dollar 💵

Hélène Donze (@helenedonze)
helenedonze 14:53 23.09.17

Remain in prayers for victims may GOD and us assist them⛪

@Camella_chee✨♥ (@you_know_nothing_30)
you_know_nothing_30 14:56 23.09.17

I cried on this video idk why...

Kunduz Myrzalieva (@mk.universe)
mk.universe 15:03 23.09.17

Stronger than ever.....Amin!!!! We live so far and never experience such a terrible dissaster . But I , and I hope everyone like me feel so sorry for victims of hurricane. I wish them to be strong as never before. I know God see and took all these into account🙏🙏🙏 My deep respect !!!

Macy Gorsuch (@starbucks_love_kinda_gal)
starbucks_love_kinda_gal 16:55 23.09.17


all*monylove (@mizmoniki)
mizmoniki 17:03 23.09.17

Indeed, brother!

MJ Kremer (@dabears2325)
dabears2325 19:55 23.09.17


gaia Boetti❤❤ (@gaiartistic)
gaiartistic 20:36 23.09.17

Tagliato la barba amore

Hannah (@ha.nnah640)
ha.nnah640 21:52 23.09.17

Love ya

saintginger_ (@saintginger_)
saintginger_ 22:50 23.09.17


GLNG (@mhammad.alfatih)
mhammad.alfatih 23:16 23.09.17


Adriana Souza (@nana.zenn)
nana.zenn 00:23 24.09.17


Asal2afm97 (@asal2afm97)
asal2afm97 01:24 24.09.17


Silvia Pilar Gastello_Munares (@silviamunares)
silviamunares 01:29 24.09.17


Angie Fay Smith (@angiesmith52663)
angiesmith52663 01:33 24.09.17

My prayers are out to all who are in the path of these dangerous hurricanes. May God be with you and your family through these tragic times. Stay safe and may you all get out of this alive.

Anton Gudkov 🇺🇸 (@anthonygudkov)
anthonygudkov 02:50 24.09.17


Jaden (@og_zephyr)
og_zephyr 03:24 24.09.17

Natural disasters are brought by an unstoppable force, but religious, political, and race problems are brought on by humans. That's why it's so important that we correct the errors in our ways.

Bhavin Banga (@bhavinbanga)
bhavinbanga 07:38 24.09.17

This is amazing

Ali Hasan ($unny) (@alihasan2221)
alihasan2221 09:25 24.09.17

Support from India.

shakey (@shakeystylez)
shakeystylez 09:29 24.09.17

@therock  Mr. Dwayne Johnson I just wanna let you know that the money you and others have donated was NEVER RECEIVED BY THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE HARVEY! 😔 Red Cross randomly picked people to receive $400 dollars, 70% of us were turned down! There are people who've lost their homes and still got denied. There are many who can't return to work because their jobs were damaged by floodwaters, therefore applying for unemployment. Texas unemployment is taking a whole month to process payments requested by many, which has forced us to fall behind on rent/bills and losing our homes. FEMA is turning most people down, and the few who have received are actually people who don't need it! Buying bullcrap like jewelry, phones, and other unimportant things. STOP DONATING TO CHARITIES LIKE RED CROSS AND FEMA! Donate to families face to face!

T ✨ (@teresiitabarrio)
teresiitabarrio 10:12 24.09.17

M encanta q me disparen @miiguel_5 

haleema ameir (@haleema_ameir)
haleema_ameir 11:59 24.09.17


Miguel Linares 🔥 (@miiguel_5)
miiguel_5 12:12 24.09.17

Jajajajajajajajajajajajjaja @teresiitabarrio 

NEVER GIVE UP !!! (@arash_shokri1998)
arash_shokri1998 12:53 24.09.17

Iran love u

Nutan Patel (@nutan3162)
nutan3162 13:21 24.09.17

I am indian and i love u so much The Rock...

Chris Bean (@cbean2024)
cbean2024 13:55 24.09.17


Deema_Abdalkareem🐐 (@deema_abdalkareem)
deema_abdalkareem 14:17 24.09.17


Chase Hawkins (@chase_hawkins141)
chase_hawkins141 14:30 24.09.17


Alenka (@alenka6703)
alenka6703 15:12 24.09.17

Ты прикольный )

Letícia da Silva (@lethi_asilva)
lethi_asilva 15:29 24.09.17


Alexis Neuhaus Spam (@alexis.n_spam)
alexis.n_spam 19:59 24.09.17

OMG I LOVE YOU!!👌🏻🙏🏻👏🏻

💋💋💋MARY💋💋💋 (@mary_njjj)
mary_njjj 20:54 24.09.17

Plz ask ppl to donate to Puerto Rico @therock  we need all the help we can get ... US Citizen are living without power, food etc

Jeemiah ひ (@thatniggajuve)
thatniggajuve 21:21 24.09.17

Become president already 🙏🏾

marysore (@rosemariebullag)
rosemariebullag 21:42 24.09.17


Jesús M. Santiago Nazario (@chu_sant)
chu_sant 22:17 24.09.17

@therock  Hurricane Maria Category 5 destroyed Puerto Rico 😢. We are now reconstructing but the path will be long. 💯power outage, no water, one of our damns collapsing, 13 deaths, heartbreaking scenario! People like you are our inspiration, don’t forget to shoutout and give us hope, plus some of your amazing energy and motivation! ❤️#hurricanemaria  #therock 

Jesús M. Santiago Nazario (@chu_sant)
chu_sant 22:17 24.09.17

Thank you DJ, for all you do and the Wonderful human being you are! Love ❤️ and admire you, Can You Smell it, what’s cooking 🥘 😁👏🏼👍🏼✊🏼👊🏼#hurricanemaria  #puertorico 

Liam Barker Jones (@liambarkerjones)
liambarkerjones 22:39 24.09.17

🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿all love

ਚੌਧਰੀ ਅਬੀ ਦਾਊ (@choudhary_abhi_dhau)
choudhary_abhi_dhau 01:05 25.09.17


Jordan Almeida (@jordan41598)
jordan41598 09:05 25.09.17

The Rock for 2020

SuzMarie Squires (@suzmariesquires)
suzmariesquires 15:41 25.09.17

God bless you rock you are a great person i love you

Petra Kultanen (@kultanen74)
kultanen74 15:46 25.09.17

So will be one month of my job and i live in Finland,So how i can help?

dmb (@pantherpride282)
pantherpride282 21:39 25.09.17


Kielon👌👌 (@dog_love559)
dog_love559 22:19 25.09.17


guadalupe paez (@guadalupe_paez_)
guadalupe_paez_ 01:22 26.09.17


Syd😚 (@sydney_trudo16)
sydney_trudo16 06:18 26.09.17


Lilly (@lilly6619)
lilly6619 06:45 26.09.17


Nancy Nash (@nannoinred)
nannoinred 09:47 26.09.17

Going thru it from Irma on Marco Island, our community has been one, one taking care of another, one community helping another until we are all ok, all safe sound fed clothed and cleaned. #islandstrong 

Dhan Lazaga (@dhan_lazaga)
dhan_lazaga 12:37 26.09.17


Ana Paula Pereira (@anappaula14)
anappaula14 13:27 26.09.17

Eu amo vc @therock  ! Eu amo o seu coração!

Andrew Moses (@andrew___0713)
andrew___0713 21:34 26.09.17

Srry giys i hope i didnt do to much

DAVID J. BENITES (@david.j.benites)
david.j.benites 15:27 27.09.17

@therock  The rock for president

Tristan Groberg (@tjgroberg)
tjgroberg 21:29 27.09.17

Dude are you okay make a video about what you did to rebuild your community

Landon Hutchins (@landonius2008)
landonius2008 21:59 27.09.17


Sri Krishna (@srikrish9677882360)
srikrish9677882360 12:54 28.09.17


♓ Meryl Pataky (@merylpataky)
merylpataky 01:34 29.09.17

Dwayne Johnson 2020?

Thakur Suryanah Singh (@thakursuryansh.71271)
thakursuryansh.71271 04:59 29.09.17

Rock plzpzlzpzlz call me 9131552217

Junior 🇵🇷 (@awesome_ends_withme)
awesome_ends_withme 14:16 29.09.17


Nanda Abrantes (@nanda_abrantes)
nanda_abrantes 19:59 29.09.17

@giulia_ssantana  Lucas, o guardinha de Mare

Nanda Abrantes (@nanda_abrantes)
nanda_abrantes 19:59 29.09.17

@giulia_sstantana  tô sem criatividade p criar elenco ke

Ryan Doyle (@ryanradicaldoyle)
ryanradicaldoyle 01:15 30.09.17


Christina Hale   🇹🇹 🇨🇦 🇯🇲 (@___oh_hale_yeah___)
___oh_hale_yeah___ 06:07 30.09.17

@therock  I have family who survived hurricane Andrew too, in 1992. They lived in Homestead at that time. It destroyed so much all around. I saw the lingering effects of the hurricane aftermath in 1993, when I went to go visit my family. It was crazy shit to see. I remember seeing a large cement slab on a lot with a pipe coming out of it....turns out, it was a house before hurricane Andrew hit, my cousin told me. Thank God your family and my family made it through that nightmare.

I am Ana (@inspireme54)
inspireme54 08:40 30.09.17

Run for president! !!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Stephen Robinson (@stephen.robinson.1272010)
stephen.robinson.1272010 10:23 30.09.17

Insperational because of 2017 hurricane irma passed us just barely.we got 50 mph winds heavy rain and i pray for others who suffered in the storm #live  everday like its a new day. Love you rock super inspirational

Rill focen 🔥 ( 11:47 30.09.17

Follow me and like me

MM (@marnie.mendoza)
marnie.mendoza 13:20 30.09.17

Alot of people want you to run 4 POTUS, 2020 ---- I will help with campaign

Umesh Dalve UD(Rana) 🔴 (@umesh_dalve_ud.official)
umesh_dalve_ud.official 23:12 30.09.17

You are my God

junior brown (@rushonmiler0137)
rushonmiler0137 23:38 30.09.17

I love this #rock...good  speech and inspiration... God bless.

Leroy Heart Ndawana (@l33_roy)
l33_roy 02:44 01.10.17

DJ FOR 2020

Shavera Simmons (@chynnadollbaby322)
chynnadollbaby322 16:42 01.10.17


Emma Mcgrath (@emm4mcgr4th27)
emm4mcgr4th27 18:27 01.10.17


anderson kleriston p.silva Vaz (@andersonkleriston)
andersonkleriston 23:40 01.10.17

Important i love perfect

Cathy Mcdaniel (@catsam43)
catsam43 13:38 02.10.17

Im glad your here love you

DJHEARTLESS🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 (@dj_heartless_)
dj_heartless_ 14:55 02.10.17

@therock  just like trump since Puerto Rico is not a state it’s not worth to mention

Salvy (@salvy___)
salvy___ 15:30 02.10.17

Presidential bid coming soon

Men of All Shades (@men_of_all_shades)
men_of_all_shades 21:35 02.10.17

The Rock is the best!!

Quinn Jones (@quinnjones60)
quinnjones60 17:02 03.10.17

I liked your post

東東孟 (@pingpingmong)
pingpingmong 17:29 04.10.17

You are the best

Casey (@planetcaseyx)
planetcaseyx 17:16 05.10.17

@dj_heartless_  he tweeted about it

Constantin (@constantin_908)
constantin_908 08:24 07.10.17

O got 💔 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

**Romantica Viajera💙. (@karinaflorespavez)
karinaflorespavez 16:17 08.10.17


Hatechoe (@hatechoe)
hatechoe 23:16 09.10.17

Smell rock i cooking

Devinambriz (@devinsm8273)
devinsm8273 05:53 10.10.17

Rock is cool ;)

YOUR 🆕 FAVORITE 🎧 DJ (@djbone305)
djbone305 10:51 12.10.17


Ashish Pal (@pal4855)
pal4855 11:47 12.10.17

So nice

Valianthero#Godandfamily,Actor (@tysonheart7)
tysonheart7 02:23 14.10.17

Amen ..Puerto Rico also took a severe bad hit @therock  sending prayers and love to all

Valianthero#Godandfamily,Actor (@tysonheart7)
tysonheart7 02:32 14.10.17

@nati_nat23  Prayers for all our American brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico #onevoice  #unitedforpuertorico🇵🇷 

Melissa Alexander (@mhuff407)
mhuff407 05:27 14.10.17

BEAUTIFUL heart touching gotta have faith n pull thru

Aj Boyett (@boyettaj)
boyettaj 09:25 14.10.17

Thank you I was just in a hurricane in Texas when the hurricane hit

ॐ Nati (@nati_nat23)
nati_nat23 10:27 14.10.17

@tysonheart7  thank you 🙏🏼

💕🤘Maya🤘💕 (@aye_itz_maya_708)
aye_itz_maya_708 21:52 18.10.17

This is beautiful😭🙏❤️

allie.breanne.bogue (@allie.breanne.bogue)
allie.breanne.bogue 11:25 19.10.17

You are my favorite

anamaria cabral (@anapontescabral)
anapontescabral 03:43 22.10.17


Edna Neumann (@ednaneumann9225)
ednaneumann9225 10:10 26.10.17


mohammad (@nimakasiri2017)
nimakasiri2017 16:43 07.11.17


DT21 (@wendanakjr)
wendanakjr 12:58 16.11.17

Beliave and faith in Jesus Christ @therock 

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