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Great post @cartergood it’s Christmas and most people are eating out more than ever, so make sure you follow these simple tips like I do when I go out for dinner 👏
Remember what you have already achieved!! Used that to keep you fired up to keep moving forward.
Why wait until the new year?! I understand the appeal, but why?? Start NOW!! Trust me by the 1st of January you could be well on your way to achieving your goals.
Not everything is going to go your way or work out. Learn from your mistakes and figure out why it didn’t work. Try it again or move on 👍 but never give up on the end goal! You might just need to change direction a few times to get to your end goal.
Walden’s Farm Order 😍 help me get through this month when all the sweet and naughty craving kick in 😉
Last nights dinner was a winner 😉😍 homemade 2% paprika and Garlic turkey burgers with sweet potato fries 👏🙌
Invest your energy into something that will help you GROW! In your business, relationships and yourself. Everything else can wait and isn’t actually that important!
Everything is about BALANCE! Without balance we can’t remain consistent at something. I used to forgot about balance and over work, never eat bad, never have fun and just focus on other things to much. The second I leant how to balance hard work, healthy eating and having fun all together I achieved so much more and of course I was much happier. Remember life is about balance and having fun, not just being strict on yourself.
The only thing that can change from now until tomorrow is your MINDSET! That’s what you need to focus on if you want to take charge or your actions and starting making progress towards your goals.
Struggle with what to have for an evening snack after dinner?! I would recommend this big time 🙌
What are you going to change this week that will help you get one step closer to achieving your goals???
Life is to short sometimes so make sure you make every moment count. Follow your dreams, achieve your goals and never give up on trying to improve yourself.
Does matter how small something is, if it’s in the right direction it doesn’t matter, it’s all PROGRESS! Well done and keep going, everyday 🙌
This is what I live for! Using all my experiences, knowledge and passion to help my clients make daily PROGRESS and maximise their GROWTH!
For today’s lunch I had enough food to feed 4 people, but it only added up to 600kcal, why? Because it’s high volume food choices.
Sweet potato, swede and carrot mash
Chicken breast
Red lentils with a hint of gravy

All this food will keep me full until dinner now.
Breakfast I had a protein shake and then this, so I’ve got 1000kcal still for dinner 😉 volume eating is the way forward.
Quick high protein, low carb protein pancake.
1 scoop whey protein
3 egg whites
Calorie free vanilla drops
Half teaspoon bicarbonate soda
Few splashes of almond milk 🙌
Add teaspoon of trivia or fruits on top for extra sweetness 😉
Nothing is impossible! Somethings are much harder to achieve than others but I believe with the right mindset, plan and consistency you can achieve anything 👏 STOP MAKING EXCUSES!
Sunday preparation is a must If you want a truly SUCCESSFUL week. Be prepared and watch the opportunity fly your way!!