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Lovely Yoga Session and photo shoot. #yoga #photography #yogaphotography #yogaperth #kizerphotography Photography by @kizerphotography
18.01.2018 00:49:44
Effort is Progress, No Effort is Lost. 🧘‍♀️🙏 🧘‍♂️ If you follow your heart ❤️ even those times when you feel like it was all for nothing, remember Any Effort is Progress. .
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18.01.2018 00:29:40
Bookings close on Jan 27th for the 3 week acroyoga course in Duncraig at @bloomyogaroom ❤️😊 #acroyoga #acroyogafun #acroyogalove #acroyogaperth #perth #perthyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaperth
18.01.2018 00:16:35
Why NOT 🤪
Two hours of cool AF moves as we TWERK & BOX through #konga and then get in the #zenzone with @pop_up_yoga_perth 😎
Details in BIO ✌🏻
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18.01.2018 00:13:05
We still have some spaces available in Sundays acroyoga master class in Duncraig at @bloomyogaroom ❤️ suitable for all levels including complete beginners 🙏🏼😊. #star #acroyoga #acroyogafun #acro #acroyogis #acroyogaperth #perth #perthyoga #yoga #yogafit #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaperth #duncraig
17.01.2018 23:31:21
Don't forget! The PELVIC POWER workshop with Renae Stevens is on this evening at 6pm.⠀

Renae will give you a wealth of information on your hip joint as well a good yoga practice. She has been teaching yoga to climbers over the last 7 years. Renae believes yoga is the perfect cross training for climbers and has seen yoga improve grace and power in climbing technique, help maintain conditioning during periods of injury recovery, ease muscle tension after climbing sessions and develop focused mindset for increased endurance ability and resilience in competition environments.⠀

The 2-hour workshop is specifically designed for climbers but open to anyone.⠀

Thursday 18th January 18:00 - 20:00: Pelvic power - free your hips⠀


Bookings through MindBody:⠀

NOTE: this workshop is not included in any monthly memberships.⠀

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17.01.2018 22:56:32
Best seat in the house 👍 #adhomukasvanasana #downwarddog #perthyoga
17.01.2018 22:17:07
Aloha WA tribe!
There’s just another couple of offerings I’ve got lined up before flying out to LA and Hawaii. This Saturday’s happening is at @yoga1byrne . It is sold out to maximum capacity but if you’d like to go on the waitlist please message Sue @yoga1byrne .
On Sunday 28th there are still spaces for a very special happening featuring Sounds of Samadhi @stackwood_
Get your tickets here 👇🏽💜
17.01.2018 22:34:45
We may or may not be acting on this tonight in class 🙊
There’s a mash up happening. Link in bio 🍑😎
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17.01.2018 19:57:49
More motivation for Thursday morning with gorgeous @jessicaolie
17.01.2018 19:16:21
What are we wanting from having a holiday or trip?⠀

Mostly we all just want a break from our jobs and day to day lives... ⠀

We can start having breaks and go on mini holidays all the time....you probably just need to understand what you really want and are seeking out of that initial feeling of wanting a holiday. ⠀

Let’s be honest we live in Perth so it’s sunny ☀️ all the time ⠀

Yoga retreats are designed to give people more of the benefits you get on the mat in 60 minutes but through a day or weekend event. There is so much to yoga that can help us in our lives off the mat than you may realise but the only way to start understanding the benefits of yoga is to seek out more about the practise. ⠀

To help give Perthian’s that feeling of escaping the city life and retreating to the Rottnest island 🌴 for the day to discover more about their yoga practice and some more.....YOGA + MEDITATION + HIKE + FOOD!!! ⠀

Coming this FEB 25th 🌑 NEW MOON 🌒 FLASH SALE ⚡️$169 includes Ferry ⛴ and Yoga Day ends today 😲BOOK Now link in bio so you don’t miss out ⠀ ⠀⠀
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Holding a pose for several minutes like in yin yoga, can provoke anxiety. But when we approach it with tenderness, the body acclimates. Surrender is a common theme in yin yoga, and giving up the need to control a situation is a lesson that we can carry with us into our day-to-day lives. The ability to adapt to the ups and downs of life and to manage change with grace can lessen our predisposition to stress.
17.01.2018 19:08:33
New Yoga Term Starts Soon, time to commit to you!
Sunsets over the Ocean. 5th of February for 10 weeks until you the 14th April 2018.
Where: Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club
Sunsets over the Ocean
MONDAY: Mandi with live music: sound healers 6pm - 7pm
TUESDAY: The ‘boys’ of yoga. Vinyasa with Lewy or Craig 6pm -7pm*
WEDNESDAY: Mandi with acoustic guitar 6.15- 7.15pm
Term rate is $185, 10 Class Pass for $220 or $25 casual at the door.
*Term rate is $175, 10 Class Pass for $185 or $20 at the door.

To buy a 10 Class Pass head to: http://buff.ly/2rbikth

To buy a term pass to Mandi’s classes on Monday head to: https://buff.ly/2r7l9iy

To buy a Term Pass to Mandi’s Wednesday night class head to: https://buff.ly/2revOYG

To buy a Term Pass to all Mandi’s classes on both Monday and Wednesday head to: https://buff.ly/2rbcc89

This is the perfect way to assist you through the week. For even more info head to my Facebook Page🙏🏽 #yoga #yogateacher #yogamoves #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #mandijnelson #yogaperth #perthyoga #perth #mullaloo #westernaustralia #australia #meditation #asana #spiritual #intention #movement #music #inspiration #indianocean #mullaloobeach #yogainspiration
17.01.2018 18:55:37
Drinking and dating can go hand in hand for some of us. Whether it’s catching up for a drink on the first date, or using alcohol for dutch courage or getting wasted with your other half and ending up in a huge fight (we’ve all been there). So the thought of not drinking for a year while still being a sensual being can feel a little daunting! Well, can I just encourage you by sharing that I have had the best orgasms of my life this year! Fuck yeah! And most of the ‘work’ has been outside of the bedroom... so I’m going to share some of it now cause sharing is caring and I don’t want anyone else to be missing out... -The art of receiving: There is a saying ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’ and this lesson is so powerful! If you can’t receive in everyday life you won’t be able to receive whole heartedly in the bedroom. Can you receive a compliment? Can you accepts someone’s offer to help? Can you receive the abundance, beauty and kindness that is given to you each day? This is a good place to start looking at what blocks you. It may be a feeling of vulnerability or weakness or feelings of lack of worth. What ever it is, a good place to start is to say ‘thank you’ when it is given to you! And remind yourself that you are enough! -Know thy self: The more you know yourself the easier it is to accept and love your desires, likes, quirks and fantasy’s. It also makes it a hell of a lot easier to express these to another person if you choose to share the experience! If you’re not sure, start exploring to find out!! I also recommend finding out your love language and sexual blueprint.If you have a partner get them to do the tests as well. You can find them using google.
-The scripts that play through your mind everyday will also show up in the bedroom. My favourite antidotes are ‘I am enough!’ ‘I am worthy to receive’ ‘It is safe for me to express’ ‘Just breathe and receive’ repeat these silently to yourself if you find your mind is racing and you’re taken away from the moment. -If you want a full body orgasm you have to learn to be present and relax!!
**continued in comments**
17.01.2018 10:58:49
The YOGA TENT ⛺️ new home 🤩 can’t wait to share this space with all my students
17.01.2018 09:45:49
Great teamwork! 😊❤️ we still have some space in the 3 week course for Wednesdays in Freo from Jan 31st. #acroyoga #teamwork #acrobatics #acroyogis #acroyogafun #acroyogalove #acroyogaperth #peoplescreatives #perth #perthlife #perthyoga #yogapractice #yogafit #yogaeverydamnday #yogaperth #freo
17.01.2018 08:58:34
Kids yoga 9 week course for 9-14 year olds begins Wednesday feb 14th. Early bird ends tomorrow. #kidsyoga #yogakids #perthyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogapeace #yogapeople #yogaperth #freo #treepose #vrksasana
17.01.2018 08:43:38
It’s usually this time after Xmas & holidays when you go back to work and the shine of time off has warn away, that you start wondering who am I and what am I doing with my life?!?!?!? Am I following my dreams, aspirations and desires or am I stick in a rut? The reality of being back at work & a busy routine can set in that ‘ground hog day’ feeling. All the best intentions made at the beginning of the year are out the window. This is the time to take a few hours out to think & re-write how you want your year to look, planning is everything. Setting intentions means you can brain storm around that idea & manifest the life you’d like to live. One of my intentions was to create space & make sure I have holidays booked so I am taking time out & giving back to me. What’s your intentions for 2018? #justanotherdayinwa
17.01.2018 07:43:26