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#tbt oh it’s not Thursday ... Amelia’s belated six month bday party. She pretty much slept the whole way through it and threw up just as it was ending 😳. We made our way through 765678g of birthday cake sugar and I couldn’t do up my trousers today
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Nourish [Day 21]
Early on in this grief journey I stayed with nourishing practices but it did not take long for me to found destructive replacement behaviors. I am so thankful for a stronger return to positive, supportive and nourishing practices and a tribe that lives these with me. It is a gift to be reminded that our loved ones want to see us happy and healthy. Watching the sunrise with my tea and playing in the waves with a friend of 20+ years were amazing ways to feel alive, honor myself and be fully present in an amazing space of gratitude.
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So the other day Amelia turnt six months old. I remember just after she was born feeling like a new countdown clock had started and that we would at the most have six months with her. I used to feel like everyday we were edging closer and like never before wanted to slow down time. Now that time has passed and I can’t see any signs of her going anywhere. Party pending after everyone gets over their colds #sixmonthsold #birthdaygirl #trisomy18 #t18
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It’s an unreal feeling to lose a child... When we lost Kaiden I felt like I could’ve fuckin died, but I knew that wouldn’t help at all. I had to look to my support system and kind of refine myself and my way of thinking... This month is bringing awareness to any of us who have lost child so please keep people like us in your prayers. #proudpappa #trisomy18awareness #weallwegot #greenfam #BIOM
"No lo superas,lo atraviesas. No mejora, cambia. Cada día, al igual que yo, el duelo renueva su rostro." 17 meses desde tu nacimiento, dulce María Paz. Será mucho para algunos, yo sigo sintiendo tu cabecita suave y cálida en mis labios como aquel día de mayo en el que te di la bienvenida al mundo con un tierno besito maternal. #yonoteolvido #breakingthesilence #whathealsme #trisomy18awareness #captureyourgrief2017
Earth Love [Day 19]
If You Give A Mom A Moment...
She'll pack her mat and a reusable container for donuts and hit the road. Ha!
I am very proud of how well and often our kiddos care for the earth and its creatures. Just last night J & Al worked together to carry a bug from inside the house, out. And they are almost frightfully vigilant about picking up litter.
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The Grief Shift [Day 18]
The word (and experience of) 'Grief' has evolved so much for me in 6 years. I hesitate to articulate where I am in the process because it is a life long journey and thinking I have anything figured out has most often been the cue for a life lesson (and I'm tired). :) What I have learned is that there's lots of pain, lots of learning, lots of love & kindness, immense strength and lots of "best intentions" in grief. Brad's words about grief remain the one's that resonate the most with me. He (we) lost his dad 2 weeks before Ed died and in the wake of it all Brad described the loss like walking up the stairs and missing a step. Truth. You put one foot in front of the other and start to climb only to unexpectedly trip (or face plant) some days. And you start again.
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For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.
Make Believe [Day 17]
Today's project prompt felt tricky for me so rather than go down that rabbit hole of thinking I hit the trail with my littlest side kick. And it was another moment of "oh yea, remember when..." September 21, 2010 we learned we were pregnant for the first time. Since I had that day off I hit Shingletown and took this little being I'd just learned of for his first hike.
When J and I stopped to watch the leaves fall along our trail today I felt both boys with me; one holding my hand, the other my heart. That's the "make believe I'm everywhere" reality of this space. It was a gorgeous fall morning and I'm grateful I got to have this time with J as I have had with Al and Ed in the past.
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CAPTURA TU DUELO. DIA 16: GRATITUD CONSCIENTE: Decirle a una persona en duelo que se sienta agradecida es ofensivo, en especial si viene de alguien que no ha vivido la muerte de un hijo. No se puede forzar a una persona a sentir gratitud, del mismo modo que no se puede forzar a una persona a perdonar. Simplemente lo sientes o no. Sin embargo, hoy reflexionamos un poco más el concepto de gratitud. Aunque sea la idea del concepto. Cultivar la gratitud puede ser una poderosa herramienta de sanación. Cuando estamos agradecidos, nuestros corazones y nuestros ojos se abren a todo lo bueno de nuestras vidas. ¿Agradecen algo? ¿Qué opinan de este tema?
Yo me agradezco a mí misma por tener instinto de supervivencia y la iniciativa para buscar y "armar" mi propia esfera de contención. Una esfera donde me encontré y encuentro con nuevos amigos-una nueva familia- a quienes agradezco su apoyo incondicional. Agradezco a quienes conocí en este trayecto y, a quienes continúan acompañándome desde mi yo de antes. Por no endulzar mi pérdida con "peros" ni frases trilladas. Les agradezco por no minimizar ni desacreditar mi duelo. Por no pedirme que ya me olvide. Por ser sinceros conmigo sin intentar reparar lo irreparable. Por respetar mis formas y mis deseos. Por escucharme. Por no querer ponerle fecha de vencimiento a mis emociones. Por recordar a mi hija y mencionarla en sus días especiales, en mis días especiales, o todos los días. Por acompañar a mi marido y a mi hijo, y contenerlos a ellos también porque ellos también duelan a su hija y a su hermana. Por estos detalles y caricias, estos apapachos que llegan incluso desde el otro hemisferio en forma de foto, tarjeta, adornito,de flor, de anécdota, de misa, de oración, de abrazo...me honra porque la honran a María Paz. GRACIAS porque, quienes están en esta esfera, incluso sin haber pasado por esto, desbordan empatía y me llenan de amor y paz. #captureyourgrief2017 #whathealsme #breakingthesilence #trisomy18awareness #yonoteolvido
Wave of Light
Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance
Light for our sweet boy & those he would have called friends and family.
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Candles will be lit all over the world today at 7PM to form a continuous wave of light for the little, precious souls we hold dear and miss much. Sending love and hugs and prayers to all my dear ones who are remembering with us today. Photo art: @carlymariedudley
Sometimes the smallest people can have the largest impact. Remembering my precious Sage today along with all of the other little ones who went to heaven early. #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #pregnancyandinfantloss #trisomy18 #trisomy18awareness #october15th #angelbaby #runningwithsage
Día de la Madre en Argentina, Día Internacional de la Ola de Luz por las muertes gestacionales y perinatales: Agradezco la sabiduría, el amor, la pureza, y la enseñanza de mis hijos. #captureyourgrief2017 #díadelamadre2017 #whathealsme #breakingthesilence #trisomy18awareness
October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and today we remember our sleeping angles. Will you be lighting a candle? We will be for our precious little girl we lost. #pregnancyandinfantawarenessmonth #sands #trisomy18awareness
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