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I think cheetah ended up being my favorite things to photograph
I’ll always love sparklers😍😍
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It’s Saturday...the MSU football game is currently recording on our DVR that we can hopefully watch part of during a nap and the rest after baby girl goes to bed.
My endlessly helpful husband is currently trying to get her down for a nap after multiple futile attempts by me. He graciously came in and took over and I needed it. (Update: he’s currently holding her to let her sleep...) This stem of #gomphrena is the embodiment of our little family. Caroline is, by far and away the most important piece, while Tyler and I will literally bend over backwards to make her happy! It’s the best job there is.

Happy Saturday everyone from our little family to yours!

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We bought a house! Beyond excited to start this journey of our first home! 👫🏡❤️
Orange is associated with joy and sunshine. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation.
Adventure awaits.
Cleanest impala
Up in the clouds☁️⛰☁️
I know this is a really simple shot but I love these colors😍😍
QOTD: What's your dream car?
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