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Madness and caos
@seth_globepainter – ONO’U 2015 Tahiti
On peut remarquer quelques symboles décalés au milieu des symboles traditionnels de l’art polynésien, comme celui de la radioactivité ou un champignon nucléaire, en référence aux nombreuses années contestées d’essais nucléaires dans l’atoll de Moruroa ✔️
Miami building up downtown
| #Mural | Finito |Mural by @Gaiastreetart | Facilitated by Neighborhood Design Community • @_N_D_C_ provides free design services to local communities | Andrew Piscane is local muralist in Baltimore, who also operates International and Nationwide • Originally born and raised from Manhattan, NYC • As a child he showed interest in the Arts and with supportive parents he flourished • He later attended @MarylandInstituteCollegeofArt where he received a degree in Sculpture • At the age of 18 he considered his career to be an Artist and never looked back • He’s been doing murals for a decade now • He does one free mural a year usually in the community and this happened to the one • Introduced to the Miracle Street garden 10 years ago through MICA | Duncan Miracle Street Garden was founded in 1988 by the Pharaoh's Club, a local men association, as a way of saving the land plot from criminal activity • The area originally housed 44 outworn rowhomes,but now its a focal point and "the lungs of the neighborhood" • They also succeeded in closing the alley to transportation traffic and erecting gates • The garden went through renovation with the help of @ParksandPeople Foundation and @CivicWorksbmore in 2005; which enticed more community engagement • In 2010 garden was permanently protected by @BaltimoreGreenSpace • One of the pinnacle figures of the garden was the late Francis Brown and Lewis Sharpe • Over the years, Mr Sharpe has been actively maintaining the garden and is often looked at as the self-appointed caregiver of the establishment •The Broadway East Community holds him in high regard for the consistent beautification of the community | Facebook: Duncan Street Miracle Garden | • Curator • Founder • Photojournalist • Chief-In-Editor : @d3tconcepts / Art Director: @_dleidy_ |_________________________________________________ #thebmorecreatives #dmv #mybmore #baltimore #shotonmoment #d3tmag #streetart #graffiti #documentary #streetartistry #paint #travel #momentgear #inspo #iphone #iphonephotography #painter #painting #travelgram #architecture #graffitiart #travelphotography #portrait #portraitphotography #community