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Hanging out, on a Tuesday 💪🏼
Did you know❓That using hashtags help you reach more people that will love your content? Yes, it's true! 😍 But heads up, when using spammy hashtags you're targeting people that are just looking for followers and not engaging with your content. Research what hashtags your ideal followers are in and use those for optimal success ⚡️ #TipTuesday | 📷 @kimkardashian
Social Media Tip: Give people a reason to follow your brand! 🏃You need to stand out amongst a very large crowd. Eye catching images and great content are just the start. Offer things via social media your potential followers can’t get by simply going to your website. Things like behind the scenes images, a sneak peek at a new product, exclusive deals only found on your social media channels and contests or giveaways, just to name a few.
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Are you still hesitant about putting your business on social media? Businesses must be active on social media in order to market themselves successfully. Socially Intuit can help leverage social media for your business success.
Art on the streets👒
EPISODE 73: How do you get people interested in your product or service? In the past, the answer has been adverts. Adverts with bright colours and exciting noises, or adverts with sleek sophistication and professional voiceovers. But today, we’re bored of adverts. So, what is the best way to get people engaged? What is the best way to resonate your ideas with consumers, and motivate them to buy? Give them things for free, of course. Learn how and why in this episode. #goodmorningmarketing #socialmediamadeeasy
Today I’ve expanded the video editing capability at the Santa Rosa emergency operation center by bringing in my iMac with Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. We’re still shooting a lot of things on smart phones, but this allows us access to better graphics and stock video for mini messaging.
A really simple #tiptuesday today- all about time, and the need to respect your own and other people's. Does this resonate with you? I'd love to know...