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We had a wonderful afternoon painting “On This Winter’s Night” at the Spokane Arena. Cheers! 🎨🍷🍻
Tomorrow evening 7 pm, hope to see you! “Petals And Moss” oil, available on https://www.ineskrolopaintings.com/product-page/petals-and-moss #art #arts #artwork #painting #woman #oil #figure #paintings #colors #interiors #interiordesign #designer #artist #abstract #decor
A collection of small paintings that I did while in New Zealand. Маленькие картины, показывают Новую Зеландию, Японию, и Пекин. And a poem about painting. #paintings #poetry #Newzealand #Beijing #Japan What I Paint (2014)
Why approach things from the back as if a servant or a thief
A voyeur come to peek at girls without their makeup on
And bodies in their nude relief
Their moles and blemishes they’d rather hide
With little tricks and clothes of cunning fit
And cities do the same, dress up in gloss and glass
While you undo the coats and pick the robes apart
Flit blithely past the well-maintained facades
Like kids throw off their Sunday best and rush to join
The little rascals down the road
You linger in the alleys and the yards
Go gathering the weeds and search the streets
For cracked and faded faces, tumbled homes
A scavenger of ugliness, a poet of the slums
And painter of the cold, decayed and poor
The shabby old remains, the bits of life gone worn or numb
No different to the ruler who had so full a plate
Of beauty, women and their charms so fine
His heart grew bored and from around his lands
Brought in a set of freaks and hags with whom to spend his time
Until his appetite grew firm once more
And eyes could look anew upon the beauty from before
But no, I’m not a hippopotamus to wallow in the swamp
And revel in the warts and oozing sores
The pus of industry or poverty, our clashes and our wars
It’s more like I’m a kid there at the older people’s side
And see them turtle-necked and toothless but yet full of words
To which I’m meant to listen with respect, a vessel wide
of ears and silent of its tongue
A constant grandchild, I let them make my breast
their archive and their camphor-smelling treasure chest
And with my brush put light in eyes grown old
For later knowledge store the scenes before they crumble or they fall
In the autumn harvest cycle to the scythe or wrecker’s ball
Amidst their wrinkles and their grey I steal the gold
Not the hag-collecting empero
Here’s a little snippet if my father’s artwork. He’s been painting for 30+ years in Chinese Brush Painting and is continually evolving. He’s finally sharing his skills to the online world. Follow @yangsungart and check out the full video online. Link in my bio. #chinesepainting #chineseart #horses #brush #artwork #art #toronto #ontario #youtubevideo #paintings