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Oh...at least it's Friday! We shall come back to this next week, yes, let's schedule a meeting to honor this current life characterization. Would not describe it any better than this! #corpratlife #corprat #ratrace #allmightygoogle #whenrealityhitsyou #friday #globalcompany #office #millennial #career
Generasi milenial kerap disebut gemar berpindah tempat kerja. Belum setahun, sudah 'loncat'. Hmm… Apa benar?
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Family doesn’t always mean blood ♥️🇺🇸🦃 #morgansmissing
We are staring down the barrel to December and I'm asking myself 'where has this year gone?!' I can still remember ringing in the new year and being so pumped for my new set of goals. The older I get the more I realise timd goes quickly, don't wait: tell people you live them, travel often, build a family, follow your dreams and be yourself. .
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How do you spend your waking hours of thought? Are you aware of what you’re thinking, when you’re thinking it? Or is your conscious awareness kidnapped by your mind? We must ask ourselves these questions. We must re-program the 95% of our thoughts which are running on subconscious programming developed in the first seven years of our life. A lot of our negative unconscious belief patterns: “I’m not worthy, “I’m not loveable,” “I need to prove myself to be loved,” etc. etc. developed then - and still run our minds today. Check out my friend Bruce’s book “The Biology of Belief” to learn more... oh, and share this with someone who is ripe to do this work!⠀

At the ripe age of 17, I wrote my college entrance essay on this...!
Don’t wait to tell someone how much you love them. Allow it to flow freely through you. Don’t wait to thank the people who give you support. Yep - this vid’s a cry-er! I went back to my old place of work and saw all of the Balinese staff who were integral to my survival there. It wasn’t until I hugged the cafe manager - whose conception of “first world problems” seemed to be sharper than the rest… and she could always sense the stress I was under. When I hugged her (and she mentioned following my journey on FB since I’d left), I broke down in tears - simply for the tremendous amount of love and gratitude I have for her. Had I kept it bottled up? I always said thank you and sincerely meant it, but clearly she’d touched my heart more than I was able to express.
In my e-book ‘Two Weeks to Re-Vitalize Your Life’, I give multiple gratitude activities. One is to gather with family or friends and say to/about them what you would say if this were their funeral. From, I know... but it often takes that level of extremity to extract our profound gratitude for the effect others have upon our lives. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Open yourself enough to that sensitivity (as death would do), to allow realization of how grateful you are for the people in your lives. Who supports the work you do in this crazy world?
👉🏽Tag below the people for whom you’re beyond grateful.... let them know now! (🦃 #Thanksgiving themed. No animals or indigenous people were harmed in the making of this message.)
Envision yourself as you've already reached the goals. Expect the positive outcome only and watch what happens.
With Thanksgiving out of the way, we all know what comes next: football 🏈 (go 'Noles!) & shopping 💳! I've laid out 7 ways to save your wallet this year for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, including tips on travel deals 😇 Check it out in my bio 🤓 What's the best deal you've gotten while shopping? •

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This mojito tastes like the summer break just started 🍹
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