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Watch Dr Bill Sears Sunday at 10 am on Marin TV's @ingeniousbaby show talking about how to raise a smarter baby and how nutrition can play a big role in that!
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My secret to getting healthy long nails and hair and amazing skin! HIT LIKE OR DM FOR INFO
Vegan Vibes
Give this recipe a try this holiday season! It's a great alternative to some heavier (unhealthy) options.
Incredibly moist and delicious chocolate brownies that are completely grain, nut, dairy and refined sugar free!

Method: 亟ither make your own date paste or purchase from a health food shop. To make simply soak pitted dates in hot water for 10min then blend until smooth. 隹dd all ingredients to a processor and process into a smooth cake batter. 俠ine a 22cm baking tin with baking paper and pour batter in evenly. 俟prinkle with any desired toppings such as pumpkin seeds, nuts or berries. 雨ake at 175C for 20-30 minutes depending on your oven. They should be firm but moist.


PS great for freezing in individual portions for wholesome lunchbox treats

PPS Ask me how to get more delicious healthy recipes from the JBT program!
Super excited for my family and I to jump on this health train!它 I have a lot of friends who do #juiceplus and rave about it but Ive never really given it a try until now. My friend @ironmomof4 reached out to me after knowing how sick Ive been and told me how much Juice Plus has changed her life. Its not a cure for anything but is an abundance of the fruits,veggies, and antioxidants we may be missing in our every day diet that is so important to stay healthy and well. 返 Shes a hardcore momma in training too like me and knows how tough we can be on our bodies! Ive honestly watched her come back to life after a bout of exhaustion a year ago and she swears this is what helped her. 綽Im so excited about getting my family involved as well, especially with cold/flu season upon us!之 Who uses Juice Plus and loves it?! I want to hear your thoughts! #heathy #familygoals #behealthy #healthyfamily #runnermom #runner #training
Gl羹ck ist, wenn man gesund ist... und wenn die, die wir lieben, es auch sind...
Gesundheit verschenken... JA, aber wie... Pr瓣vention梗梗
70 -80% unseres Gehirns besteht aus Omega 3 Fetts瓣uren...

Was an sich ja kein Ding ist...
doch wo steckt Omega drin???
Was & welche Menge m羹ssen wir essen???

Fisch... Ja welchen von wo muss er stammen, wie oft muss ich ihn essen 促roblem... unsere Fische aus der Umgebung k繹nnen uns nicht mehr optimal Versorgen
促roblem... ich esse keinen Fisch
促roblem... auf was soll ich noch alles achten...

Das es sinnvoll ist sich zus瓣tzlich mit Omega 3 zu Versorgung ist nichts neues, dass k繹nnt ihr selbst schnell im Netz herausfinden.
Da jeder google liebt habe ich einfach mal gleich eine der ersten Seiten genutzt um diese mit euch zu teilen

Wenn 70-80% unseres Gehirns aus Omega besteht, viele montan ihr Gehirn also gar nicht richtig versorgen k繹nnen... glaubst du wirklich, dass niemand eine Ver瓣nderung bemerkt bzw bist Du nicht auch der Meinung wir tun unserem K繹rper hiermit gutes???
Kommentiere oder schreib mir eine DM﹦﹦
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Puh. Das war anstrengend. Neben der permanenten Beschallung durch Werbung f羹r alles rund um Weihnachten, die Druckwelle durch den Black Friday. Ich verstehe nicht was wir in Europa mit diesem regionalen Ereignis in USA zu tun haben. Ich f羹r meinen Teil bin selbstst瓣ndig als Lifestyle Coach, vertreibe dabei sehr hochwertige Naturkosmetik. Aber aus diesem k羹nstlichen Ereignis habe ich mich raus gehalten. Zumal ich kaum in dieser Rabattschlacht h瓣tte mithalten k繹nnen.
Wie habt ihr das gesehen/wie seht ihr das?

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Weight gain
All of the above?
Do you relate to any of the above? Who is tired of feeling like crap? Who feels OK but knows that they could feel way better than they already do? I spent many years of my adult life taking my health for granted. I was literally abusing my body through unhealthy eating, unhealthy habits and straight up questionable lifestyle decisions. (Sorry, Mom!) I felt like crud on a daily basis but continued to make poor decisions until I finally WOKE THE F UP. That period of my life is over and for the past several years I have committed to a much healthier lifestyle. Ive made it my lifes work to help people heal themselves.
Did you know that the symptoms listed above are in many cases directly related to your nutrition? Did you know that the recommended daily servings of vegetables and fruits are 4 to 5 servings EACH?! I don't know about you but for me that is a lot to consume.

Is there really anyone out there that deep down doesn't want to feel good? Most of us want to get the proper nutrition but juicing on a daily basis can be seriously expensive and eating 8-10 fruits and vegetables is a lot. What if I told you that by consuming just three vegan capsules, two times a day, you would be provided with the juice powder concentrates and oils from 45 different fruits and vegetables? There is so much goodness including naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. It's cost efficient and it's SO worth it. Its not about completely replacing eating fruits and veggies but bridging the gap. If you know me, you know I would not feed you some BS. It either rings true on a deep level or its cast aside. This is the real deal and I want to share it with you.
What amazing capsules am I talking about?

Juice Plus+

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out!! I am here to help you. DM me or email me at info@yogaforlightworkers. Check out my site www.amymartinezvalladares.juiceplus.com (Yep, I got married and that is my new name ) ALSO
Join me on our SHRED10 December 4th to December 13th.
So excited! Thank you!
It would be rude not to get in on the Black Friday Sale!!! 休
Now that the festivities are over, it's time to get back on track & refocus those health goals! I am opening up 7 positions to my online health program! BUT if you tag your number #1 workout buddy, I will open up a second spot so that you can do the program together
You will gain access too;
Over 100+ nutritional recipes.
Free personalised meal plan
Meditation and yoga guides
Personalised exercise plan
Ongoing health challenges to keep you motivated and on track!
Whole food nutrition package suited according to your specific goals for the program.
What is the wholefood nutrition package you may ask? It's provided by an amazing company that we have partnered up with called Juice Plus to offer great additional nutritional value to our clients. It's 100% natural, no additives, vegan and GMO free, basically just fruit/veg/berries in a capsule!
Some of the possible side effects:
Increased energy, reduce fatigue
Better sleep quality
Improved immunity
Stronger nails/skin/hair
Healthier digestion
Comment below if you would like more information or for me to get in contact with you directly! Sale only valid until Sunday AEST at 7pm
Are you going to be a Christmas pudding or a Christmas cracker this year? I feel somewhere between the two right now but I will be a cracker in time for Christmas! Call/ text 07817785311 if youre ready to release your inner cracker before Christmas too!
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I am looking for just 5 People to take part in my
#BOOSTERCHALLENGE The challenge requires you to take our Fat Burning Boosters 休
For 90 days at the cost of just 瞿5 per week.梗梗 what I want to see is how amazingly you lose the unwanted weight and tone 返 All I ask for in return is your before and after pictures Or Feedback
Does this sound like something you would be interested in?? give me a Like or comment YES or pop me a

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