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We have officially numbered our 16,000th encouragement card!!!!!!! What is this life??!! Thank you for being a part of this journey. Thank you for sharing Love Everywhere you go. I am so grateful for you all!
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“Practice gratitude to access joy.” -@brenebrown
NEUES VIDEO • Im heutigen Vlog bin ich erkältet und will mich mit einem neuen Haarschnitt aufheitern 😱 Also kommen mal locker 15 cm ab! 😎
LINK zum Kanal findet ihr in meiner Insta Bio oder direkt zum Video: https://youtu.be/abr97xMYNPw 😘

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Rest and gratitude go so nicely together 💛🍁 Hope you’re all enjoying your day! 📷 by @thehipsterhousewife
Happy Thanksgiving! Last year our oven’s heating element burst into flames just as I was about to put the turkey in, but our sweet neighbor saved the day by lending us her kitchen for the day while she was out of town. We marched our uncooked turkey out the front door to our neighbor’s house to cook our thanksgiving meal, and then once it was cooked hours later we did a victory lap it around the front yard and had our own little Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in celebration that we didn’t have to go to Chili’s on Thanksgiving 😂 I’m hopeful that this year we won’t have any cooking snafus, and as I’m slinging a skillet today I’m reflecting on all the wonder and goodness in this life. I’m grateful for family, friends, love, kindness, joy and sloth videos on Facebook. What are you most thankful for this year?