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Issa Word. #FlyDuo⠀
A little something we put together last year for the boutique music firm, J'Vu Entertainment. This little beauty is built on our custom *Statamic website theme, PAPR.
In need of a beautiful website with a foundation to grow with you? Get in touch! Our PAPR and Luxe themes may be just what you need to get started. (🔗 in bio)⠀
*Statamic enables us to build amazing flat-file content management systems. ...Did you know that at FMP we use Wordpress 0.01% of the time? 😲 You heard right, and with good reason! Curious about why, or what other options are available? Let's chat! Feel free to shoot us an email. #FlyDuo
Is it Monday already? But we don't wanna... #FlyDuo 📷 @jessicanaziri
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Weekend Vibezzzzzz... #FlyDuo⠀⠀⠀
Cotton Candy 💕 #FlyDuo | "You do what you want when you poppin." - @i.slay.well
Today we’re giving send-offs and goodbyes a much needed hiatus.
May I offer you a glass of champagne, Mr. G?😜
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Need social media graphics for the upcoming holiday season? Hit us up, and we'll hook you up! Socially Chic Graphics is a flexible monthly retainer service for all your social media graphics and promotional needs. (No long-term commitments/cancel anytime, three price points to choose from.)⠀
Tell a cohesive brand story, and maintain a professional and aesthetically pleasing social media presence with fresh new, creative, and culturally relevant promotional graphics delivered straight to your inbox monthly!! (🔗 in bio). 💕 #FlyDuo⠀
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Do You 💕#FlyDuo⠀
Style is hard to define, but easy to spot. #FlyDuo 📷 @neffiwalker
A few of the many 💎💎💎 dropped during last week's #FlyDuoChat on Positioning Through Visual Aesthetic 🙌🏻🙌🏾 Click the 🔗 in our bio to peep the recap!! #FlyDuo
It's that new month, new week, wanna do our part type vibe. #FlyDuo⠀
We're so excited to welcome Diann Valentine (@diannvalentine) to the Fly Fam!! I've admired her dope style and impeccable work for a few years now, so to finally get the chance to work with her feels like a dream come true, dare I say “hashtag blessed”. 🤗💕 #FlyDuo ...stay tuned...
Huge thanks to this month's #FlyDuoChat sponsor: All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer, presented by Fashion and Wardrobe Stylist Mo Mckenzie.
The All Things Fashion & Beauty Networking Mixer will be held on 10/8 in Atlanta, GA. The event is designed to inspire all aspired fashion & beauty professionals and will include local vendors, fashion & beauty panelists, great music, and lite refreshments.
Early Bird tickets are on sale now! Visit @momckenziestyles for ticket info.
And be sure to join us tomorrow night for a conversation on how to position yourself using visual aesthetic to attract your ideal clients and customers. (🔗 in bio for deets)
Most customers judge a book by its cover; Wednesday night we discuss how through positioning, brands can use that to their advantage!!⠀
Please join us (FlyDuo on Twitter), this Wednesday, September 27th at 9:pm EST for a conversation on how to position yourself using visual aesthetic to attract your ideal clients and customers.⠀
This month's #FlyDuoChat panel includes: Marrin Costello (Marrin Costello Inc), Lea Alcantara (Bright Umbrella), Fatou Barry (The PR Girl Manifesto), and Sherri Johnson (Fly Media Productions) - Reuben will be taking over as host/emcee :)⠀
For more info, and to get to know this week's panel, click the 🔗 in our bio. Hope to see you there! 💕 #FlyDuo
Weekend Vibezzzzzz... photo: @neffiwalker
So Chic 🖤 #FlyDuo | "Subtly mixing prints and patterns can effortlessly elevate your look." - @janellelangford
Can’t wait to get stuck in to this!
💭 #FlyDuo | 📷 @bogdanaya