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👍👍Today is a good day to have a GREAT day!!!👍👍
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Es un gran dia para que cumplas todas tus metas👏💪✌
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Yes great chunk of wisdom. Good things don't happen to you they happen for you. #wisdom #inspiraitional #quotes #motivational #words #reason #entrepreneur
It wasn’t a coincidence when I kindly asked @cafecitowithlilly & @janetlaxa for a one-to-one meet up for my birthday that they’d both invite me to the @propelwomen holiday party last Thursday. I’m glad our washer at home broke, lol, so that I’d visit my mom’s to do laundry and then make my way to @eastlakechurch. 😊
Many of these women have been part of my spiritual journey for nearly two years now. I love how we continue to do life together, even if it’s an occasional check in here and there. It’s beautiful to hear the good work many of them are doing and starting. 😍

Thank you again to Lilly & Janet for inviting me. It was a great kick off to my birthday weekend. 😁🎉
Insurance isn't luxury, it is a necessity. 👌