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Design days in the office. I've had such a busy year working on a brand refresh and we are so close to launch now. Very exciting and nerve racking . Could not have done it without the support of a fabulous team at tutti. Watch this space coming soon x
When you’re ready to be an entrepreneur.-
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If you’re not striving to be on top of the world, someone else definitely is.

Run with your ideas and abilities and execute!
May your week be strong and your attitude positive. Enjoy every moment. .
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#TakeMeBack to #Maui 😍 Should a trip to Hawaii be one of my 2018 #goals? 🌴🌺 I'm looking at the year ahead - are you? What are your personal and #business goals for next year? Let me know in the comments! 😘
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When we take time to appreciate the beauty around us, we step into who we are becoming, the essence of who we are. We embrace our uniqueness and as we shine, through us, other shine. In 1958 the Brazilian team played in the World Cup against odds as the disgraced nation, mocked by history for playing a game through their cultural roots. They were deemed the sinners across the world for having not conformed to expectation of how football should be played. Governed by rules, the country was divided. Told to conform to European ways, as that was how the game was played. Yet 24 hours before one of the most crucial games, a group of young men, led by Pele the youngest at 17, embraced their uniqueness. They showed the world the fire within them to bring their cultural beauty to the forefront of the world.
It was the difference that made them beautiful and united as a country.
A country rose from disconnection and disharmony to stand in their truth.
All walks of life united by a moment in time that made a significant difference to a country, to a world that changed the course of history.
With a shared vision and a servant’s heart, connection with the people of a nation was formed. So what made these every day men living in poverty bring the world to their knees and globally impact as influencers? How were they so different? They weren’t. They stood united, exuded confidence and played with precision. Lead with the heart, played in harmony and came alive.
The most beautiful game played in 1958 initiated a Brazilian movement to reconnect to their cultural heritage and play the game of life. They captured the heart of a nation and the game resurrected a nation.
Play life from your heart, from you. We all don’t play the same and don’t look the same. What works from one, will not work for you. So what was the gift that Brazil gave the world. GINGA - the art of moving individually. It is rhythm. It is creativity. It is grace. It is a dance. Above all, it is soul. Let the world see you just as you are.