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Smart Chic Hair Studio is officially open for business!! Check out our Grand Opening Specials on Sew-In Installs and Shampoo/Style. For questions or to schedule an appointment text (602) 576-5163. #smartchichairstudio #smartchichair #azhairstylist #phoenixhairstylist #tempehairstylist
18.01.2018 00:39:08
Love my girl @morgankcrawford || Thank you for trusting me every time you are in my chair || Cut @the_trillest_b #toniguy #toniguyusa #toniguysantan #azhairstylist #hairmodel #shorthair #girlswithfades #thetrillesthair
18.01.2018 00:09:55
Patience is a Virtue❤ When going from Dark hair to desired blonde ALWAYS remember that it's going to take sessions & patience if you want to have healthy hair, & Always make sure to do some home care hair treatments if not in the salon. This helps from breakage & keeps hair feeling soft & shiny. This is a before level 3 to a warm tone Balayage. Session #1 #balayage #haircolorspecialist #azhairstylist #ericka #balayagehair #hairartist #emarie2015 #thehairshop
18.01.2018 00:01:40
No filter needed 📷 used all @framar brushes and foil for her application. Did 1 million baby lights using blonde me premium lightener, melted her root, and toned for the most effortless blended blonde ✨
17.01.2018 22:59:42
We’re having a grand opening special! Traditional Sew In w/ leave out $100. Shampoo + Flat Iron Style $40. We have slots open this Friday and Saturday. Call or Text to schedule an appointment. #azhairstylist #tempehairstylist #phoenixhairstylist
17.01.2018 23:39:13
Do you ever feel like you’re going up the escalator when it’s going down? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m saying yes to the flow of life for a 24hrs challenge (thanks to my yoga instructor tonight!) Perhaps we all need to stop trying to control the uncontrollable and letting life flow into place because there is always a better plan. Life seems to form the best plans if we let it be✨
17.01.2018 23:34:16
B r i d a l 👰🏻 P a r t y G o a l s
17.01.2018 23:06:01
Teach in front of 1000 people ✅. Feeling inspired by my fellow hairstylists ✅
Ready to go home and squeeze the crap out of my family ✅
I hope you guys enjoyed the show and all the planning and work @joico has put in to the amazing #destinationjoi2018 ❤️Comment below if you were there so I can follow your hair journeys ❤️
17.01.2018 22:23:02
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