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**It's a #conversation which happened yesterday between me and my friend when we were going for lunch.

There we saw a #Porsche #Panamera parked.** Me: Oh my God,how sexy this #car looks,see Dilshad.

Dilshad: Bro what's the use of seeing we can't buy it.we can't buy it in our life.

Me: Why?Why you can't buy it. It's all about #mindset.

Dilshad: Oh really!Then you only tell me what work should I do to buy it? **Then I thought like I should #influence him more.But then I realized I had already done that.** Me: It's not about the work right now. But the #mindset you needed to buy it I had already created in your mind.

Dilshad: How?🤔What are you saying?🤔 Me: See earlier you were saying I can't buy it in whole life but now you are saying "what #work should I do to buy it." Dilshad: What?😯Brother you really opened my eyes. ( Sometimes your 1% positive attitude towards particular thing can completely change the entire thought process.)
17.01.2018 13:15:10
"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag
17.01.2018 13:16:39
And they lived happily ever after 💕🍬
17.01.2018 13:15:57
17.01.2018 13:16:45
Major Lazer - Cold Water ft. Justin Bieber & MØ
17.01.2018 13:15:43