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🐉 + Subway x Nathan = the beastmode sub.
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Portrait of a Turkey Breast Sando, Unknown Sandwich Artist, circa 2017, mixed sandwich media, variable dimensions.
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#tbt to ~wrapping up~ #WorldSandwichDay 😜
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Subway Sandwich Artist Sean shows us his masterpiece. "The Doppelganger" features turkey, cheese, pickles, tomato, and sweet onion sauce. We give it a 10/10.
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There's nothing quite like that first unreal bite of an extra special #WorldSandwichDay sub #tbt
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Already feeling nostalgic after that first bite.
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Thanks to all who came out for #WorldSandwichDay! You helped us donate over 13.3MM meals worldwide, making our fave day even better.
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Alternative sub use: blocking out the haters.
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This #WorldSandwichDay, find your SubBAE 💚
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TFW the socks make the outfit 🙏 #WorldSandwichDay
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This pic could be yours, but you’re not at Live Feed HQ yet. Come hang for our global celebration of #NationalSandwichDay (a.k.a. #WorldSandwichDay for those who are in the know 😉)
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🚨#NationalSandwichDay is becoming #WorldSandwichDay TOMORROW. 🚨 We're partnering with @feedingamerica AND offering a sweet deal. Be there or be there. That's the only option.
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Tag the friend who you'll share your extra sub with when #NationalSandwichDay goes global on 11/3. Or just go to the restaurant with them. We don't know your life.
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You should have seen our faces when he walked into the restaurant #HappyHalloween
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On 11/3, it’s a sub’s world and we’re just living in it. #NationalSandwichDay is going global to become #WorldSandwichDay, and we’re partnering with @feedingamerica to make our fave day of the year even better. See you there!
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Carved this pumpkin in 5 minutes like the champs we are. You jealous? #nationalpumpkinday
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Sip, swish ✌️
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Fall Fridays. Make it a thing.
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Picnic level: Expert 💪