Kevin Wallace – "Rest" I will not Rest until my good is better& my better is Best! I will not REST!
Our education system has been garbage since u became governor... this is your 8 year failing... u get a F! In report card governor
PAY 💰 THe TEACHERS 👩‍🏫 Governor... stop pussyfooting & bullshitting same time. U lit up a x mas treee yesterday so now it’s time to light 💡 up these teachers 👨‍🏫 Pockets..... y’all pulled this signature bull crap 💩 on the marijuana signatories also... do your job!
Zombie squad, red Pontiac
Always remember RappeRRR niggers wanna c u in jail after taking your knowledge instead of doing wuts right ! Because they forgot wut being broke is like
So the moral of the stories is YoungSTARS.... if u can’t rap , can’t play ball 🏈 🏀 ⚽️ or cant be a hard working man working minimum wage tryna get full time ,,, bitch azz niggeRRR rapperRRR thank u a lame ass loser piece of shit that needs to pay 💰 for pussy to fatten up they skeet1stask?’slater bitch azzez I suppose then.... so go ahead & support these weak azz niggaz that would want a hard working man who works part time to pay 💰 for u rich azz go go niggeRRR s & futuristic losers then... I guess part time hard working brothas iz supposed to pay 💰 for I rich niggers
History always repeats itself
Black Woman can only be queeens if u pick the right man that treat u like queens 👸, & being treated like a queen sometimes comes from a BROKE nigga with little dicks occasionally. Check y’all self b4 u fucking try to even test or judge me.... pick better. Trick ass niggas don’t treat u like a queen 👑 sometimes... they just got king size dicks u black queens get dick Dumb off of with kids u cNt afford at end is day.... then I guess a little dik nigga allegedly is supposed to save u dumb bitches ... yea ok 😆😌💰💵💰💵💰😂whatever... stop being dick dumb black queen 👸 bitches then please ... when will y’all learn your lesson... kids aren’t cheap. 200,000$ to 500,000 a kid . Don’t be a dik dumb black queen bitch for nothing... date outside your race if u wanna find true love .. or get tricked on & b a baby 🍼 mAma with 200k to 500,000 kid bills
If u niggeRRRR rappers was doing something then my community would not be broke with bad schools. Wut did u bitch azz niggeRRR rappers do govthis community & schools while y’all took my money ideas 💡
Rapper appreciation money 💵
True stories R the only real stories N life baby 👶 ain’t shit 4 free ...ain’t that wut u trick ass bitch ass skeet1stask?’slaterazzbitchazzniggeRRRRR’s say? Huh answer me that u bitch ass niggeRRRRs
I spent money 💴 & supported them when I could, but haters took my love & money 💰 that would of cane with it being futuristic losers& Go go girls deserve to win in America. America likes winners and all these losers are winners in America... Newton law too 🏈
Steelers always win snoop & rock, world 🌎 don’t need no more nice guys, fake men hate nice guys
All women are queens
Shout out to da gogo gurls mi....