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Be prepared to be misunderstood! One of the hardest things when travelling down your own journey in life and stepping outside of the norm is that the ones you love the most 99% of the time don’t understand it. It’s so hard to listen to people you love tell you to stop and take a normal path in life, but you have to ignore them and focus on you! At first they won’t see it, but after years of hard work eventually if you want it bad enough you will reach your goals and everything will make sense to them!
So aim to be misunderstood, never give up and always stay true to yourself!
Focus on you!
Find a message you are unforgivingly passionate about!
Surround yourself with the ones who are told they are crazy too..
Stop comparing yourself to other people!
On one hand social media is amazing, it allows businesses to market, it allows people to spread a message, it keeps people in touch with loved ones and friends. But all this being said it’s not how the majority of people use social media. I’ve been guilty of this myself, the amount of times I’ve came of social media on a night and felt terrible about myself, I used to sit there scrolling endlessly comparing myself to anyone who I believed had a better life than me. Unfortunately it’s became the norm for people to come off social media feeling sad, depressed and insecure. Believe me this is not normal!
If your reading this do these very simple tasks to start changing your mindset around this. 1) remove or unfollow anything or anyone that makes you feel anything but positive. 2) understand why you are on social media. Are you using it to just upload photos for friends or are you trying to build a brand for business. When you know why you are on social media you can then say for example ‘right im on here building my brand, the only people I should be looking at is my customers or inspiration to grow my brand’ then you don’t spend any time focusing on anything else. 3) delete it for a certain period of time, to start with try a week. At first it feels weird, you seem to have more time, you find yourself going on your phone to check your accounts then realise you don’t have them. It’s actually quite liberating, and anyone you need to be in touch with you have their number anyway so it’s cool. Try it for a week while you recondition your mind to focus on the right things on social media!

Your life is exactly where it’s supposed to be right now. Even if it’s really tough or really great right now, your exactly where your supposed to be! Stop looking at others peoples life’s and wanting more from yours! I guarantee you everyone you look at and admire is dealing with their own troubles and issues right now the same as we all are!
You were not born to compare yourself to others, you were born to live a happy life! And love yourself for everything that you are! ❤️
No matter what Shit life throws at you, always keep smiling!
Don’t let what people say offend you!

As you get older and you go through certain experiences you start to realise why people act in certain ways, when you are younger the opinions of others mean so much to you. When you are at school if someone called you a mean name it would bother you. You would go home and think about it for days. But as you get older you realise it means nothing. This is even more the case when you are trying to better yourself in life. I started to realise that when people said things about me it wasn’t about me at all, it was a reflection of their own insecurities and concerns. Most people who are trying to achieve things in life often get ‘hated’ on. Now what a ‘hater’ actually is, is someone who is trying to bring you down not because they dislike you, but it’s because you represent something to them that they cannot admit to theirself. It’s so much easier for people to try and bring you down than what it is to ask their self why they aren’t achieving what you are doing. It’s easier to say ‘look at them who do they think they are’ than it is to say ‘hmmmm that’s actually really inspiring, why am I not living my life to the full, Maybe I should work on that’ it’s easier to lie to the world than what it is to be brave accept your flaws and develop yourself! That takes courage, heart, strength, where as bringing someone down takes nothing. It’s the same people who follow all your posts. Screen shot what you are doing for the group chats and then discuss you all night, it’s the same people that deep down wish they had the balls to accept they are in control of their own destiny instead of blaming everyone but their self!

So if you are trying to achieve happiness in your life, and others are trying to bring you down, just remember, you are actually helping them. Hopefully as they get older they will realise life is short and see what is important. Keep doing your thing and never ever let words of others bother you! 👊🏻❤️
I can’t express how big of an issue this is!

I’ve been here myself, living a certain life style to impress certain people! Ask yourself do you really need that car? Do you really need those clothes? Do you really need to go to that place on holiday? Do you really need to spend that much on a night out?
Living beyond your means for a few years can leave you in a very bad situation and you will pay for it in the long run!
Life is very short but also longer than you think! Prepare for your future! Make a plan to get Out of debt, Make a savings plan, invest in long term assets! In 10 years from now you will thank yourself for the small sacrifices you are willing to make today!
And if the people around you don’t like you because you are living within your means, they shouldn’t be in your life anyway!
Do the right thing and think about yourself! 👊🏻❤️
What an unbelievable little girl! Such a gift! ❤️
Jump into the unknown!

When I speak to people and work with my Clients so many of us are doing things everyday we don’t want to do. Most of the time it comes down to a fear of something. And most of the time it’s a fear of judgement by others. I struggled with this myself for a long time and even struggle with it myself now from time to time, we are only human.
But it’s about putting yourself in a environment where people want to see you win and be happy. Where people want to see you grow in whatever way that may be!
If your current life circumstance isn’t where you want to be then ask yourself why is that? Why in this one chance you have on this planet are you not doing the things you want to do?
Who ever you are if you are reading this and at some level this is resonating with you then please listen to me, do not be afraid to remove yourself from your current surroundings to get to where you want to be in life! Do not worry about what others may say or think, seek out people who can help you achieve happiness! This is the most important thing you will ever do i life!

I believe in you!
Amazing night! Amazing speakers! 🔥
Stand tall and strong! Stay focused on your vision and the impact you want to make on the world! #sundaymotivation
What an amazing night for a truly unbelievable little girl! ❤️ Last night I was asked to speak at a charity event for a little girl with the biggest heart. It is her dream to go to Disney land next year. Maddison has a very rare condition which means literally any day could be her last. The confidence and personality this little warrior had amazed me! To be honest she was the happiest person in the room!
What a absolute honour to stand up and speak to raise money for this little girls dream! Sometimes life blesses us with amazing gifts, she truly is one of them! ❤️
Farr to many people tie up there identity in something they have done for a long time. They say things like ‘well this isn’t what makes me happy but it’s what I’ve always done, it’s who I am’ No that’s the story we tell ourself! We can change our path whenever we want too! If part of you is wanting more then explore different avenues, give 100% even when times are hard, and welcome failure! Do the thing that scares you!
Stop putting pressure on yourself! I see so many people loosing their minds at such a young age thinking they need to have their whole life figured out! The truth is that if it’s even possible to do you could be a old man or woman when you get clarity on your life. Too many people are looking for something external to validate their personal existence. Remove the pressure of yourself, aim to grow as a person, aim to build relationships, aim to help others become better, and just enjoy life!
Get to a point in life where no matter what’s happened in the past, all you want to see for people is success and happiness!
Everyone deserves to win in life! And I truly hope everyone does!
No matter what your going through, keep going, you have my support! 👊🏻 #sundaymotivation
It’s scary how fast time passes us by. Every single person on this planet deserves to live this one Shot they have at life to the best of their ability. So take risks, be passionate, stand up for what you believe in. And always follow your heart! Too many people will reach an age where they they wish they could turn back time and chase the life they wanted all along!
Have a awesome Friday! #fridaymotivation
@simonjwils was already a successful guy in the property world then realised it wasn’t for him. He then thought fuck it followed his heart and packed a suitcase up and went! He took huge action and took a massive risk.. it’s now paying off for him! People laughed at him but he ignored them and stuck at it! Follow your heart and take massive action!
Last night was such a good evening at @yenaglobal ! I personally know the shit Simon has been through to get to the stage he’s at now, but many don’t. It was so good him sharing his story with fellow entrepreneurs. It’s just the start for this guy and the things he has planned in the future is amazing!